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MAY 2019

DANGEROUS ROADS Driving to Hana and Beyond

I didn’t just go to Maui for the beaches. As beautiful a destination as this Hawaiian island is, my vacation on this particular trip was also about the journey. When I went to Maui a few years back, I did it to experience a highway — the road to Hana. The 64-mile-long Hana Highway is an enticing blend of beauty and danger. Clinging to the mountainous northeast coast of the island, this storied route is filled with one-lane bridges and hairpin turns that wind through the vibrant Koolau Forest. The scenery is part of what makes this highway so dangerous. As one local website puts it, “The road is safe for drivers who keep their eyes on the road.” But when you have the shining Pacific Ocean stretching out to your left and incredible tropical waterfalls cascading to your right, even the most disciplined drivers struggle not to steal a glance every once in a while. It was the notoriety of this road that drew me to it in the first place. BMW had the Hana Highway listed as No. 5 on their list of most dangerous roads in 2015, the only U.S. route to earn the distinction. Being an avid driver and a bit of a thrill-seeker, I packed my bags and headed to Maui. What surprised me is how much the trip reminded me of home. Growing up in the mountains above Oregon’s Highway 26, I’ve always felt at home on winding, coastal roads. Sure, the scenery on the 26 was less tropical than Maui, but the forests were just as lush, and the ocean was just as vast and inviting. Of course, I didn’t have to contend with tourist- brimming buses on the drives of my youth. Still, feeling so at home on a stretch of road 2,500 miles away from where I grew up was a strange yet wonderful experience. I’d highly recommend the Hana Highway to any driving enthusiast.

winding through the Hana Highway, I’ve opened the throttle on the autobahn, weaved through the chaotic streets of Agra, India, and did my best to keep left in the Scottish Highlands. These drives not only connect me to my love of the open road, but they help me gain a new perspective on why the work I do matters. As thrilling as a winding coastal road can be, it will never compare to the stresses and dangers faced by professional drivers every day. A speed trap along the I-5 or an error in a log book may not sound comparable to sheer cliff sides for the uninitiated. But these are pitfalls that impact families’

These drives not only connect me to my love of the open road, but they helped me gain a new perspective on why the work I do matters.

livelihoods — just the threat of losing a commercial driver’s license can be life-altering. When drivers find themselves teetering on these dangerous edges, it’s extremely rewarding to be part of the team that can pull them back on the road.

Safe driving,

I’ve had the good fortune to see a lot of the world and take plenty of challenging drives. Beyond

–Mark Bigger

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