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It’s not an overstatement to say that social media has revolutionized the way we live our lives today. But with that massively powerful platform comes a massive responsibility, especially if you’re already in the spotlight. Athletes have taken the opportunity social media affords them to build their personal brands and engage in community outreach with the fans who look to them as role models, but there’s a downside to cataloging years of unfiltered thoughts on the internet. For better or worse, social media is here to stay, and we have full access to all the drama that unfolds for our entertainment. OUT OF THE DARK AND ONTO THE WEB The Golden Era of Athletes on Social Media

Despite the web’s potential for good, some pros can’t seem to get the message that every post falls under the scrutiny of the public. PR firms representing players have now made it a top priority to keep their clients’ images in line by scrubbing old posts that could be offensive and land them in hot water. Still, though, it seems like there’s a new controversy every week. One of the best examples comes courtesy of former football star “Johnny Football” Manziel. The former Heisman Trophy winner

was notorious for posting embarrassing images of himself partying when he should have been practicing, and he often blasted his private issues in public, seemingly with no filter. He’s out of a job now, most recently having been banned from the Canadian Football League. For every bad apple, though, there is a bushel of athletes who use their platforms for the greater good. Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, five-time Pro Bowler and NFL star, has used his social media “juice” to spread the word about his charity,

raising over $4.6 million for youth athletic programs and organizations.

Philanthropy aside, part of the beauty of celebrity social media is that the people who seem so much larger than life become accessible because of it. In decades past, you might have written a letter that, if you were fortunate, got a response from some unpaid intern. Today, fans can reach out directly to their favorite athletes. It is a personal connection unparalleled in history. What a time to be alive.


There is no greater compliment we can receive as a firm than referrals from happy clients. Our work is for you, and it means the world to us when you feel confident telling your friends and

trafficking criminals. They’ve also been able to rescue more than 49,000 people from bondage and other forms of violence. We are honored to be able to support this incredible organization, and we couldn’t do it without you. In March alone, we were able to donate $660, thanks to 33 of our clients referring a loved one to our office. That’s no small number, and we hope to contribute even more over the coming months.

family about us. And because of a new program, your referrals don’t just make an impact at our office — they help contribute to the greater good. Recently, we began donating $20 to the International Justice Mission for every referral we receive. The IJM is a global nonprofit that strives to eliminate the slave trade worldwide. Human slavery may not seem like a pressing concern to many Americans, but it’s a huge

We are beyond grateful to everyone who takes the time to spread the word about Bigger & Harman. We strive to serve our community and play our part in creating a better, more humane world. With your help, we can continue to work toward achieving those goals.

problem today, and as people who live in the most compassionate nation of the world, we can help. Through their work, the IJM has been able to aid in the arrest of more than 3,800 slave owner and human

So, from the bottom of hearts, thank you.

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