King's Business - 1963-05

Souvenir Ball PointPenMailed


Yes, this beautiful pen, a souvenir from historic Valley Forge—home of THE GOLD STAR PLAN —is yours FREE, without cost or obligation. We offer you this attractive useful gift for letting us send you, with no obligation, complete details about the low-cost GOLD STAR medical-surgical plan for folks who don’t drink. Your gift will be mailed as soon as we receive your name and address on the coupon below.


IN RESPONSE TO OVERWHELMING DE ­ MAND FROM MEMBERS OF THE GOLD STAR HOSPITALIZATION PLAN FOR NON­ DRINKERS, GOLD STAR IS OFFERING A W O N D E R F U L N EW L OW - C O S T P L A N EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE PROTECTION OF TOTAL ABSTAINERS . . . THE NEW GOLD STAR MEDICAL SURGICAL PLAN . . . for just a few pennies a day, you can have this amazing protection that helps you pay doctor, nurse and sur­ gical bills for every member of your family! Since statistics show that approximately one member of every family will become hurt or sick this year, it is quite likely that you will have need of this pro­ tection some day soon. Even though you may already have hospitalization coverage, you will still need help with the surgical, nurse and doctor bills that pile up whenever illness or accident strikes! Gold Star gives you the kind of protection you need, with wide coverage and generous benefits at a much lower cost. For instance, Gold Star helps pay your doctors’ bills, (whether or not you have an opera­ tion), while you are in the hospital! And what a comfort it is to know that after you return from the hospital and are recuperating, you may have your doctor come to your home whenever you need him, as well as having a full time registered nurse to speed your convalescence . . . and Gold Star will help with these bills as well! Everything has been done to take the financial worry out of being sick. Just look at the benefits we’ve outlined for you! And be sure to read our uncondi­ tional money-back guarantee. You can apply for Gold Star protection at absolutely no risk to you!


Yes, even private nursing care is covered by GOLD STAR in this new Medical-Surgical Plan when you get out of the hospital and are convalescing at home! GOLD STAR will now pay yog $70.00 weekly (or $10.00 a day) for a full-time registered nurse to take care of you at home. AND you can receive this money for as many days as you were hospitalized, up to 70 days for each and every sickness or accident! NO AGE LIMIT! SENIOR CITIZENS QUALIFY That’s exactly what we mean, too. Whether you are 1 or 101, you receive the same liberal coverage. GOLD STAR helps take the financial worry out of growing old. And now, with this wonderful new added service for non-drinkers, Senior Citizens can have an ever greater degree of independence. SPECIAL LOW RATES As a non-drinker you deserve and should receive your Medical-Surgical protection at a substantial saving. Statistics prove that those who do not drink are sick and hurt less often than those who do. We believe that non-drinkers should not be made to pay the higher rates charged to cover those who do drink. Gold Star, by excluding all drinkers, can give increased protection and more benefits at substantial savings. ONLY YOU CAN CANCEL That’s right, the Company can never cancel your policy or change your benefits. Only YOU can cancel this special Medical-Surgical coverage! In addition, your present low GOLD STAR rate can never be changed, unless there is a rate adjustment, up or down, for all policyholders! NO LIMIT ON THE NUMDER OF TIMES YOU CAN COLLECT Since only you can cancel, you never have to worry about losing your protection when you need it most. You are not penalized for repeated illnesses, lust three months after the end of your confinement for any sickness or accident you may again receive full benefits for that condition AND you receive full benefits immediately for any new sickness or accident. So you see . . . no matter how many times you are sick, you continue to receive the same liberal protection and benefits! PAYS UP TO $300.00 FOR SURGICAL FEES Your Gold Star Medical-Surgical Policy pays you up to $300.00 CASH for surgical expenses according to a generous schedule printed right in your policy . . . TAX- FREE! And you receive this money whether the surgery takes place in or out of the hospital. For instance, you would be covered for fractures, dislocations, etc., treated in the doctor's office. Gold Star pays you even if your expenses are less, and pays you in addition to any other medical-surgical or hospitalization coverage you may nave. Claim checks are rushed to you AIR MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY. PAYS FOR DOCTOR’S VISITS Yes, that’s right! When you go to the hospital and surgery is not required, your GOLD STAR Medical-Surgical Policy pays you $4.00 per day for each day your doctor visits you. Not only that, but while you are confined at home after returning from the hospital, your policy pays you $4.00 per day for each day your doctor visits you (or you visit him at his office), for as many visits as the number of days you spent in the hospital! Gold Star will pay you up to a total of 80 visits for any one accident or illness— that's right— 80 visits. In addition, even though your surgeon was paid, under th^Surgical Benefits, while you were in the hospital, Gold Star will still ja y you $4.00 per day for each day your doctor visits you or you visit him at his office for as many visits as the number of days you spent in the hospital, while you are confined at home after returning from the hospital. Again, Gold Star will pay you up to a total of 80 visits for any one accident or illness! ONLY CONDITIONS NOT COVERED: Every kind of sickness and accident is covered except, of course, those caused by: the use of alcoholic beverages or narcotics; pregnancy; mental or nervous disorders; pre-existing conditions; any act of war; and where care is in a Government or Veterans Hospital. Everything else is covered!

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