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Assembly Instructions









1. Attach plastic feet to 4 uprights

2. Tap the side beams in at the required positions. Leave top two holes clear for upright connectors!

3. Tap in the face beams at the same level as the side beams using a rubber mallet.

Do not stand on shelves or climb on racking

Shelving must not be used to support objects

Not to be used in wet or damp conditions

Place heavy items on lower shelves

4. Attach the other 4 uprights to the top of the already assembled frame using the upright connectors.

Rubber Mallet Tools Required

5. Tap in the remaining face beams and side beams at desired levels, having one level at the very top.

6. Connect deck supports to each level as shown on the image, bend both ends of each deck support.

Safety Precaution

Two competent people wearing safety gloves , safety shoes and protective eyeware are recommended to undertake the assembly.

7. Place the MDF shelves onto all levels.

Max Bay Load: 1325kg

Max Shelf Load: 265kg

For maximum safety and stability, we recommend that the bay is fastened to a wall.

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