King's Business - 1911-04

good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple," 1 Cor. 16:18. See how much they must resemble the true teaching if they en- danger " t h e very e l e c t !" EVEN SIGNS AND WONDERS wiH be performed to seal the false doctrines. See II Thes. 2:9, 10; Rev. 13:13. God will permit such things to be done to try men's hearts whether they will heed His Word or not. Even the teachers themselves, being hoodwinked by the devil, are described as "deceivers and being deceived," I I Tim. 3:13. Therefore, no matter how good and attractive a new religion may be; no matter how genteel or even pious its votaries may be; no piatter what miracles it may claim, we must not be deceived by it. I t is not what of the teachings of Christ it may adopt and hold, but what of His teachings it denies or ignores, that distinguishes a true from a false faith. THE ESSENTIAL MARKS OF THE GOSPEL are these: The Authority of the Bible; the Deity of Christ; the efficacy of His Blood for the justification of believers; the necessity of the new birth, and salvation through faith by the free grao« of God, apart from works, to whomsoever will. ALL FALSE RELIGIONS DENY THESE, the very characteristics of revealed religion. The cornerstone of all is THE DEITY or OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. The Incarnation is the GREAT FACT and REASON of History and Salvation. The cardinal truth is "GOD WAS MANIFESTED IN THE FLESH," 1 Tim. 3:16. Those who deny this deny the rest. The "LATTER DAY SAINTS" (Mormons) deny it, and make our Lord a polygamous man. '-'Millennial D a w n" denies it, teaching that Christ did not pre-exist as God, and does not now exist as God. The " S e v e n th Day Adventists" deny it, bv teaching no existence apart from the body, hence the Lord did not exist while His body lay in the tomb; in which ease He could not,be God for God must exist ALWAYS. "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE" déniés it by teaching that "God is all, and all is Go d ." denying, thereby, the. unique Deity of our Lord Tesus, and teaching the manifest error that WE ARE GOD; "NEW THOUGHT," "FELLOWSHIP," ' ' THËOSOPHY, ' ' "SPIRITISM," etc., etc., all join thus " t o deny the Lord that béug'ht t h em ." -And though they should come' as angels of light, and bring "signs and lying wonders," we must have nothing to,do with-them.


" T h y Word is T r u t h ," Jbhn 17, 17. The Bible is a common-sense Book; you are a common-sense person. Read it for yourself. Do not read your notions into it, nor those of any other persbn. You will soon see that its language, its teachings and its God-glorifying spirit, are very different from those of any of the sects mentioned. It makes LITTLE OF MAN, and MUCH OF GOD. That is'the opposite of all man-made Gospels, or woman-made either. Of JESUS it is written, "Thfere is none other Name given under heaven among men whereby we must

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