King's Business - 1911-04

Lesson for April 23, 1911

repair. For all the king's urgency the years wore on and nothing w as - done. These men were themselves so degenerated by, the cur- rent apostasy and compromises t h at they had no zeal for God. They were more con- cerned for their own- perquisites; and the people, seeing no adequate results from their gifts, had no heart to continue them. (3) "But Jehoiada the priest took a chest," etc. When prevalent agencies and me a ns fail it is the part of wisdom to employ new methods. It is often "the laity to the res- cue" but "some godly "priest" in lead. The people prove more ready to give when their money goes to a definite object direct to the field. They instinctively feel t h at there should be as few "middle men" , handling the Lord's money as possible. The chest was filled again and again; the money care- fully counted; duly attested; Immediately expended; and the work progressed as the money came; the money - came as the work progressed. (4) There is much here concern- ing giving and raising funds (compare 2 Chron. 24:5, 6). a. They were to "Go" for it; b. to -all legitimate sources ("all the cities"): c. to their "acquaintances"; d. to collect the a n n u al dues; e. to "gather all together"; to "bring it." The sources were a. Wh at men had vowed to the Lord (Lev. 27:9-25); b. "The money of every one t h at passeth the account" (Ex. 30:13—a poll t a x ); c. the men were "set at," the priests' esti- mate, as dedicated, or vowed; d. the spon- taneous gifts of grateful zeai, "the money that cometh Into any man's heart to bring." Th? latter is all t h at is demanded of be- lievers t u t it includes spiritually all the rest (2 Cor. 8:9). (5) When the workmen had done the work they were paid; paid every night (Lev. 19:13). It is common scandal t h at churches are notorious for contractors' liens, and unpaid debts. Let young Jehoash be better principled In his generation. It is, not due to intentional dishonesty, b ut to lock of svstem and "good business." . (6) Giving to the Lord never generates regrets but gladness; "all the princes and all the people rejoiced." Dedication day is always a eriad day .If there is no debt. (7) And all s%ld and done concerning the material t em- ple is the more urgent for , .the repair and upbuilding of the spiritual. III. RESTORATION OF THE SERVICE (2 Chron. 24:14). (1) And when they had finished It . . . they offered burnt offerings in the house of the Lord all the days of Jehoiada. "How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of Hosts." Let the imagination contrast the licentious and cruel rites; the unregenerate and degenerate worshippers of Baal, with t h e holy service of Jehovah! The smoke of the sacrifice ascends among the adoring mul- titude accepted of the Lord; clouds of sweet incense symbolize the prayers of the devout; the psalms of David resound through the hallowed courts, and pour their hopes, their prayers, and their praises over the Sacred City of the Great King. It is worth while to keep the temples in repair, the pleasant courts of the Lord's house, the buildina, the body, the soul, and the Church of liv- ing stones. IV. RESTORATION OF APOSTASY. (1) This blessed state was only "all the days of Jehoida." One godly ma n! Wh at a


Lesson IV.—1 Kgs. 11:21, 12:16. Key note: Restoration. I, RESTORATION OF THE THRONE. (1) Jehoshaphat's son married a. three Baalite sov- rens (Joram, Ahaziah, Athaliah) on the theocratic throne; b. the theocratic seed all but exterminated; c. a woman, an idolatrous woman^ on "the throne of the Lord" the Son of Man! d. the theocratic nation led into idolatry; e. the worship of the True God banished from the earth,. All through disobedience to the principle founded in, Deut. 2:9-11; 7:3, 5; .2 Cor. 6:14. (2). The Coronation of Jehoash was the restoration of theocratic rule i n. a son of David who "did right in the sight of the Lord." Atha- liah (ch. 11:1), Herod (Matt. 2:16), could have put out the sun and moon (Psa. 89:36, 37) easier t h an they could, the "lamp" (1 Kgs. 15:4) of David. Slay the last scion of David's house and God would have, and has, raised him f r om, the dead ones. The covenant of God stands sure; and this is the rock and hope of the children of t h at kingdom t h at lies beyond the temporary vic- tory of death (1 Cor. 15:55-57), in the times of "restoration" (Acts 3:19-21). II. RESTORATION OF THE TEMPLE. (1) Jehoash "did right" while Jehoiada lived. "But the high places were not taken away." T h at fatal " b u t" is always "butting i n " something always wanting in the best of men, and the best of works. T he "h gh places" were a persistent occasion of heath- enish worship. A full surrender, without mental or practical reservation, is the alone condition of full acceptation and perpetual security. Let none who share with Jehoash a good beginning be partners with him_ in a bad ending (2 Chron. 24:17-19). (2) The young king "was minded to repair the house of the Lord." No doubt the suggestion and counsel of Jehoiada were primary. But his mind mu st have been prepared by his pious foster parents to regard the decadent t e m- ple and its service with shame anl sorrow. It is hard' to see how any Israelite c»uld view with indifference the defacement of t h at magnificent monument of his nation s past glory when the building stood one of the wonders of the world and drew royal- ties from a f ar to admire its beauty and its holy service. It is equally difficult to un- derstand the indifference of professing Chris- tians to the neglected and shabby condi- tions of so many church buildings, indi- cative of the equally decadent spiritual life of the church itself. T h at the coming gen- eration may see a great revival and refor- mation in these ma t t e rs we mu st instruct and inspire every little Jehoasha to sing: "I love Thy Kingdom, Lord, The house of Thine abode, The Church- our blessed Redeemer bought W i th His own precious blood." (2) The priests and the Levites, the min- isters and officials of "the c h u r c h ,' were charged to collect the means needed i™»> year to year to bring the Temple into goSd Jezebel's daughter. .Result:

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