King's Business - 1911-04

1:32, 33. 2 The Witness of the Works (Vs. 36). The miracles and wonders J which He wrought were positive proof of His deity. These works covered the whole field of pos- sibility, His power over nature was mani- fested by rebuking the winds and waves, and their obedience to His mandate, crouch- ing like a dog at His feet, Luke 8:23-25, cursing the fig tree, Matt. 21:19-21. Power over disease was shown all through His ministry. Even the incurable disease of leprosy responded to His word. No form of physical disbelief was able to resist His mandate. He had power over demons. They recognized Him and His authority and His right to judge them, Matt. 8:16-28-34. He had power also over death. (3) The Witness of the Father. There was the voice of God from heaven a t His temptation, Duke 3:22, and at His transfiguration, Luke 9:35, and again from the glory before His crucifixion, Jno. 12:2. (4) The Witness of the Word. The Scriptures breathe Jesus Christ from beginning to end. In sacrifice, ritual, type and symbol. *In the Psalms. and Prophecy, all bear testimony concerning Him. F r om Eden to the cross and from the Mount of Ascension to the Eden there is one cen- tral figure, o

Lesson XV.—April 16. WALKING ON THE WATER. John: 16:15f21.

Following the feeding of the five thou- sand, the people would have, made Jesus King. No doubt t he disciples would have concurred. H e resisted: them as; H e did Sa- tan. There is only one way to the King- dom and t h at is by the way of the cross. (1) Waiting and Watching. Here we have a picture of Jesus Christ as the H i gh Priest ma k i ng intercession for His own, Psa. 2:7, 10; Acts 1:6, 7; Heb. 4:14. 15. Our Lord had fed the people, b ut now H e seeks food f or His own soul. He waits on God in prayer, Mark 1:35; L u ke 9:18; Matt. 26:36. He is also watching His disciples. (2) Winds and Waves. Wh at a contrast between the toiling disci- ples and the calm and prayerful Savior. In the world we are to have tribulation, Jno. 16:33. Night h as come and the little flock are struggling on the water. Do they won- der whether He has forgotten t h em? (3) Wonder and Word. The Lord saw them, Mark 6:46. His eyes are upon the righteous, Psa. 34;15; P s a. 103: 14; 1 Pet. 3:12; Heb. 4:15. ( T he Egyptians have in hieroglyphics a. ma n 's feet on the water to represent the impossible.) Sudden- ly He appears. Calmly walking on the w a- ter. All events are under His feet. (4) Welcome and Worship. They gladly received Him, Matt. 14:22, 23. How good it must have seemed to have Him in their midst again. It is always night when He is absent. H ow soon the winds and waves quieted down in His presence. He is the Prince of Peace. They fall at His feet and worship, Rev. 4:11. H e is a sym- pathetic friend, but he is also Lord. I mm e- diately at land. How wonderful. Night is over, trials have ceased, the haven has been reached. Do our hearts leap with Joy,, konw- ing t h at He knows our struggles down here? Lesson XVI.—April 23, 1911. DISCOURSE TO THE PEOPLE. Jno. 6:22-40. Theme: "Meat for the Multitude." The scene is laid in the synagogue of Capernaum. The multitudes who had wit- nessed His miracle of the loaves and fishes the day before are now passing into the city to see and hear more of the new teacher who is filling all the land with wonder and amazement, and who is exciting the bitterest antagonism of the J e w i sh leaders. (1) The Want of Life (Vs. 26). The Lord charged t h em with selfish mo- tives in seeking him. They were a f t er the loaves and fishes. He recognized the uni- versal need of bread for the sustaining of the physical life,; but directs their thought to the higher corresponding need of the soul. (2) The Work of Life (Vk 27-29). To the question, "Wh at mu st we do?"-the Lord settles the question forever. The work of God which we mu st do is to believe on Jesus Christ—without faith -it is impossible to please God. There mu st be faith In Him, (3) The Wealth of Life (Vs. 33). There is bread for the world, life for all men. Wh at bountiful provision God h as made for the souls of -men. God has pro- vided a world Saviour and invites the world to receive His Son. (4) The Way of Life (Vs. 35-50). The life of God is to be appropriated— wrapped up in Jesus Christ. He mu st be accepted as the gift of God. The way Is simple. Take Christ as you would a gift of bread when hungry. (5) The Waste of Life (Vs. 36). "Ye will not come." This Is so sad and solemn. Jesus offering life and the Jews refusing. W h a t a lesson for two thousand years for them. Think of the length of it, the breadth, the fullness, the power of it. Wh a t a waste when His own people a p- propriate so little of it.

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