King's Business - 1911-04

J i ot es by the Way.

By J. H. Sammis.


Modern baptized infidelity has subtle abettors in many, in most, of our l e a d i n g

Orr is right! If one says belief in miracles is not necessary to Christian faith he de- nies the miracles of inspiration, incarna- tion, resurrection, and all the miracles, and cancels the only Light and Bule of justifiable faith. Such a one does deny the supernatural, or he would find no oc- casion to deny faith in miracles. And if he denies the reliability of the evidence of " b o d i l y" resurrection he does deny resurrection in both the Christian and common sense meaning. Dr. Orr is true! and the reviewer and his imaginary infi- dels (but they are real enough) are not true. They know well enough that the virgin birth is essential to the biblical and historical meaning of the Incarnation, but would befuddle us with new definitions of the Incarnate One. They know that to deny the essential need of faith in mir- acles is to deny the supernatural. But they discourse learnedly about God's "immanence in n a t u r e ," and of the dif- ficulty of deciding just where "the sky ends;" and how that "the supernatural" is all about us. Meanwhile they know that they are deceiving the unwary with a supernaturalism that other men call nat- ural, and a naturalism that other men call supernatural. They would deceive the un- wary also, and perhaps are themselves de- ceived (so much in charity to their pos- sible sincerity) by claiming to hold to the Lord's resurrection while they discard be- lief in His "bodily" resurrection. At the same time they know that we know that all know that there is no other resurrec- tion but a bodily resurrection in question! There is only one Book. Let none of these, or any (5th er, men, do the reviewing of that Book for YOU!


church papers. The reviewers commend to tBeir readers many volumes devoted to the advocacy of the "modern views," the "up-to-date scholarship." Here is a vol- ume by Prof. Jno. E. McFadyen, who does not know that Moses did anything defi- nite, nor just what was the original no- tion of Jehovah among the Hebrews, save that He was their tribal divinity, perhaps the god of thunder, but does know that Deuteronomy is a forgery, fraudulently at- tributed to Moses. But of his most recent book the "Christian" reviewer says: " P u p i ls in schools, teachers in Sunday schools, and divinity students, will profit by this admirable hand book." The safe-guard of the young and unin- formed is solid and systematic instruction by pastors and teachers that they may be fortified against such literature when it falls into their hands so highly recom- mended. On the The best of books are con- Other Hand demned and discredited by the same influential sources. Dr. James Orr's valuable defence of the truth in his "The Faith of the Modern Christian" is disparaged and modern infi- delity insidiously supported in the follow- ing examples. The reviewer says: " I f a biblical critic holds to the incarnation but questions the virgin birth, Dr. Orr assumes, that ne has questioned the incar- nation. " " I f he says that belief in mir- acles is no longer necessary to faith, Dr. Orr .classes him as a denier of the super- n a t u r a l ." " I f on critical grounds, with Dr. Lake and, David Smith (these Daniels come to judgment!) he that the resurrection stories are hopelessly con- fused, and the bodily resurrection not es- tablished by the evidence, Dr. Orr ima- gines that he has denied the-resurrection." Bight But Dr. Orr is right! Mani- and True festly right! If Christ were not virgin born, he was a nat- ural man, a mere man, the son of a hu- man father and mother, and not the Deity in the flesh, the Incarnation of God. Dr.

We Will Tell on You

A tribe on the Congo lately

challenged a group of mis- sionaries passing by: " I f you do- not, come to us- we will tell your God on y o u ! ''

"Scientists" and Bible

This is the way "Eddy-

ism" expounds the Bible: "Blessed are they wnose purpose is pure: for they shall see God in

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