Curriculum maps autumn Abbey 2019 v2

The Federation of Abbey Infant & Junior School Curriculum Map for Year Nursery 2019-20 - Autumn term For specific class information see For dates see

Communication and language

Communication and Language is a Prime area of learning in Nursery. The staff model good communication skills throughout the day by talking to the children, asking them questions and giving instructions. The children are encouraged to talk in a small group and to make their needs clear through speech and gestures. Listening games and turn taking activities also help support this area of learning.

Our topic is Amazing Me!

This topic is split into ‘All about me’ and ‘Celebrations’. During the first half term we will focus on settling the children into their new surroundings; during this time we will talk to the children about their families, their likes, interests and experiences.

Phonics & early reading

Physical Development

Early phonics in Nursery is all about developing their listening skills. This is achieved through activities such as going on a sound walk, identifying everyday sounds in the environment, listening to rhymes and joining in with nursery rhymes. We read stories daily and ask the children to choose a book they would like to hear.

This is a great way to start the new academic year as we all get to know each other and the children build excellent relationships with their peers and staff.

The children will be encouraged to be as independent as possible and will learn about going to the toilet and washing their hands, personal hygiene and healthy eating. They will be encouraged to dress themselves and put their own coat on. The children are provided with many opportunities for movement both indoors and outdoors, we have a range of bikes, scooters, climbing equipment and a weekly gross motor (big movements) session PE.

During the topic ‘Celebrations’ we will find out about different cultural and traditional celebrations such as Diwali, Bonfire night and Christmas. We will also talk about familiar events such as Birthdays and weddings.

Life skills, soft skills and bucket list experiences

Personal, social and emotional development


Expressive arts and design

For life skills children will practise dressing themselves during by putting on their coats independently, getting dressed up in the role play area and the Nativity play, they will be encouraged to maintain personal hygiene by practising the skill of washing hands and knowing the importance of being clean. Children will achieve their bucket list experiences e.g. Bhangra dancing, pumpkin exploration and a visit to see Santa. Soft skills are skills that are embedded in every day ‘vhild Initiated learning ‘and this will include making decisions, leadership, creativity, being a good team player, accepting responsibility and developing communicating skills.

The children will begin to recognise numbers, patterns and shapes in the environment. They will become familiar with the structure of the day through using a visual timetable and discussions about what happens next. The children will use ‘Numicon’ as an apparatus for counting. We will sing lots of number songs and have plenty of opportunities for Maths through indoor and outdoor learning.

The children will be provided with lots of opportunities to explore a range of creative materials such as paint, play dough, foam and collage. We will name parts of our bodies through song and experiment with a range of movements through music. We look forward to a visit from the Bhangra man who tells a story through dance and drama, the children always enjoy taking part.

During the first half term the children will become more confident to leave their Parents and Carers and go into nursery happily. Our key-worker system will provide your child with a safe, secure and familiar adult to build a relationship within the early days. It is very important that your child feels safe and happy; we will read lots of books about settling into nursery and want to make them feel as relaxed as possible.


Understanding the world

Characteristics of effective learning

We will be reading some of our favourite stories and will encourage the children to join in with repeated and familiar phrases. The children will look at books independently, beginning to recognise and discuss illustrations and familiar print within the environment. The children will engage in a range of mark-making experiences in order to prepare their fingers for writing! They will enjoy drawing, painting, threading, play dough and much more.

‘Amazing Me’ is a lovely topic to start the year off, we will talk about similarities and differences between the children and their families, we will draw self-portraits and learn about different parts of the body. During the topic ‘Celebrations’ we will talk about different cultures, beliefs and practices. We celebrate and respect all Religions and cultures and will find out about the children’s personal experiences.

The children are encouraged to be independent and think of ways to solve problems for themselves. We encourage the children to keep trying when they find tasks difficult and to feel proud of themselves when they achieve their goals. The children are given lots of opportunities to work as a team and make decisions together.

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