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GRASTON TECHNIQUE Physical Therapy and the Performance of the

Graston Technique is a treatment that can be performed by a physical therapist during your treatment session. Each therapist at Priority Physical Therapy is a certified Graston provider. This entails the use of stainless steel instruments to help with soft tissue dysfunction. Research has shown it to be helpful in combination with exercises to improve musculoskeletal function. The Graston instrument detects any restrictions in soft tissue, much like a stethoscope amplifies the sound of a heartbeat. Graston can be used for tendon, ligament, or muscle pain, scar tissue adhesions, and swelling. When tissue is damaged, it often heals in a

fibrotic manner. Graston technique can help to improve movement and is a positive method of manual therapy that interrupts and breaks this cycle of pain and dysfunctional movement. Your physical therapist may incorporate the use of the Graston Technique in your individualized treatment session to improve your function and get you back to your daily activities without pain. If you feel like you would benefit from the use of this treatment, ask your physician for an order for physical therapy for an evaluation and a treatment plan that works for you. - Jordan Pautler PTA, LMT

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