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not being used and people who are without homes that are ready to take a step out of homelessness without a place to go. We don’t want to see the Eastside turn into Seattle. The things we are currently doing aren’t working and we need to try something different. One home in Redmond is not going to do it. We need to figure out how to make the program have legs and become sustainable. What were you experiencing prior to moving into this Redmond home? George: I lived in my car, was unable to find stable income. What has changed since you have been with the Smith family? George: I have a stable income, a savings, and stable employment. What things have you learned as part of your journey? George: To do better than before. I will not make the same mistakes I did in the past so I won’t end up in this situation again.

Homelessness is a challenge for the entire Puget Sound region and the Redmond community. As such, the City continues to seek innovative

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strategies that utilize resources available in our community. Recently, the Smith family* expressed an interest in offering space in their home to someone currently living without a home. They worked with Kent Hay, the City’s outreach specialist, to think through potential issues and concerns and then arranged to meet George.* The parties agreed to give it a go, and on September 1, 2017, George moved in. Continue reading to learn more about homesharing and their experience so far. What inspired you to open your home to a community member in need? Smith Family: We saw the need for it and had been part of conversations with the City regarding the need for more housing options. We know a lot of people in the community have homes with multiple rooms that are

What does the future hold? Smith Family: This worked for us, and we would definitely do it again. In the future, for ourselves and others that may be considering becoming a host home, we suggest collaborating with guests. Write a plan of action on how guests can be helped and clearly define barriers and how to break them down. Take time in between hosting new household members to reflect on how you can make the experience better. George: A bright future. A stable income, continued stable employment, and I want to own my own house.

For more information on home sharing, please contact Kent Hay at 425-556-2413 or

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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