Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre_Parent Support Handbook

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MYTH: If a drunk girl/guy consents to a sexual act, this consent is valid. FACT: It depends on how "drunk" the individual is and whether they are capable of understanding what they are consenting to.

MYTH: Most victims of sexual assault can prevent the assault from taking place by resisting. FACT: Offenders commonly overpower victims through threats and intimidation tactics. Moreover, many victims lack the capacity to appreciate or understand they are being assaulted due, in part, to extensive grooming processes that often occur.

MYTH: Children and youth are usually sexually abused by strangers. FACT: 75-80% of children and youth are abused by someone they know i.e. family members, relatives and/or close friends.

MYTH: Victims commonly dress in a way that increases their chances of being sexual assaulted. FACT: Most offenders cannot remember what the victim was wearing.

MYTH: Sexual assault reports are commonly false. FACT: Most statistics show approximately 2% or less of sexual assaults reported as false reports.

MYTH: Children lie about incest/sexual abuse. FACT: Children do not have explicit sexual knowledge to enable them to talk about sexual abuse unless they have experienced it. Children do not have the capacities to make it up.

MYTH: Only young girls are the victims and survivors of incest/sexual abuse. FACT: Young girls and boys are equally vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

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