Best of Touring Spring:Summer 2023 IG

North Africa & the Middle East

Discover a trove of experiences, where ancient cultures meet extraordinary landscapes and year-round blissful climes. You’ll have your senses enveloped: awakened by the moving sounds of morning prayer; invigorated with the scents of spices sourced nearby; and humbled by scenes of historic civilisations. Explore the lunar-esque landscapes of Egypt’s deserts that extend boundlessly. Yet, out of nowhere you’ll find the abundant, green banks of the Nile Valley as it snakes its way through these endless dunes of gold. Here, find Aswan, a verdant elysium boasting incredible historical sites.

Rose City. While time has erased much, these ancient edifices, carved over 2,000 years ago from the country’s rugged cliffscape, continue to leave people awe-struck. And we haven’t even mentioned Morocco. Famous for its ceaseless energy, Marrakech will hypnotise you with its labyrinthine streets and bustling souks. Discover intricately mosaiced riads, the azure majesty of Bahia Palace and the tranquillity of the Majorelle Gardens. Take a minute to cool your senses with a fresh mint tea and then… more adventure. _____ All this and more at your fingertips with Intrepid Travel. See their 15 day Discover Egypt & Jordan tour on page 32 and their 7 day Mount Toubkal Trek on page 47.

Rest and replenish in the mineral-rich oasis of the Dead Sea, where its crystalline blue water is surrounded by the stunning Negev Desert. Float and feel the weightlessness of the water, and for an even more restorative experience, coat yourself in the nutrient-dense mud (before washing it off, of course). From there? Navigate the deep canyon passageways of Jordan’s Al Siq and, before you know it, Petra will reveal itself before you. The


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