UKPIA statistical review 2022

16 | Statistical Review | 2022

Import-Export Balance of Oil Products Imports Exports Balance Import-Export Balance of Oil Products, 2020 Million toe







Motor / Aviation Spirit

Light Oils / Spirits

Petroleum Gases

Aviation Kerosene

Burning Oil

Gas Oil/ Diesel

Fuel Oils Lubricants Other

Source: BEIS

Year-on-year, the product trade balance for oil products has not seen any substantial change. Most inwards trade balances have decreased – from 7.6 Mt in 2019 to 4.5 Mt in 2020 for aviation kerosene and 10.3 Mt to 6.9 Mt for diesel and gas oil. Comparatively, the outward trade balance for fuel oil has increased substantially, from 0.84 Mt to 2.5 Mt.

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