UKPIA statistical review 2022

Low Carbon Fuels

Low Carbon Fuels, including Renewable Fuels, are an important way to reduce carbon emissions produced by the transport sector. The large annual increases to the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) target have resulted in corresponding large increases in renewable fuel deliveries. With limited domestic production capacity, as the obligation levels increase, more renewable fuel will be sourced from abroad – in 2020 12% of Renewable Fuels delivered to UK markets were sourced domestically.

Biodiesel made up 69% of domestic low carbon fuel deliveries in 2020

73% of UK low carbon fuels are derived from waste- based feedstocks such as Used Cooking Oil and Tallow

GHG savings of 5.2 MtCO 2 e/year were achieved in 2020

19 | Statistical Review | 2022

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