2022 APEGA Annual Report


PROTECTING THE USE OF TITLES, INCLUDING SOFTWARE ENGINEER The term engineer —including software engineer —comes with a licensed and ethical set of responsibilities and accountabilities. Use of this title has always been protected to reduce risk to public safety. With ongoing technology advancements, including artificial intelligence and software, public safety continues to be paramount.

There is an ongoing need to regulate software engineering and use of the engineering title.

“You would not want someone to operate on you in the province if they are not licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. By that same token, you do not want someone designing your pacemaker or self-driving car if they are not a licensed engineer. That puts people’s lives at risk—something APEGA takes very seriously.”

APEGA and other Canadian regulators remain unified in our efforts to stop reserved- title infractions in the technology industry. •In August, we signed a joint statement with 11 other Canadian engineering regulators and Engineers Canada to reinforce the position that use of engineering titles, including software engineer and computer engineer , must be restricted to licensed engineers. •We are working with the Alberta government and the technology industry to find common ground to protect public safety, grow our economy, and ensure professionals who use the title engineer are accountable and regulated.

– Jay Nagendran, P.Eng., APEGA registrar and chief executive officer


› Computer and software engineering are among more than 100 distinct disciplines of engineering. › APEGA has many licensed professionals who are software engineers. Without all software engineers being licensed, the public would have no way to know if someone using the title software engineer was professionally regulated or not.

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