2022 APEGA Annual Report



We publish practice standards, bulletins, guidelines, and frequently asked questions to help APEGA registrants make informed, safe, and ethical decisions. Publications are continually developed and updated to reflect evolving societal and professional expectations for conduct and competency in engineering and geoscience.

NEW PUBLICATIONS Practice Standard

JOINT PRACTICE PUBLICATIONS How APEGA and ABSA Legislations Interact •APEGA collaborated with the Alberta Boilers Safety Association, with support from Alberta Municipal Affairs, to answer frequently asked questions about how pressure equipment regulations in the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation interact. National Building Code (Alberta Edition) Schedules User Guide •APEGA collaborated with the Alberta Association of Architects, with support from Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council, to create a user guide to help engineers, architects, and licensed interior designers understand and apply significant changes to the National Building Code (Alberta Edition) Schedules .

Professional Practice Management Plan •This standard outlines the requirements for

creating and maintaining Professional Practice Management Plans and managing the practices of engineering and geoscience. Practice Guideline Field Reviews of Engineering and Geoscience Work •This guideline provides recommendations for conducting proper field reviews of engineering and geoscience work products during their implementation or construction.

REVISED PUBLICATIONS Practice Guideline Ethical Practice

•This guideline examines fundamental principles of ethics and describes how registrants should make judgements in a manner consistent with the values and standards of their profession. Practice Guideline Selecting Engineering and Geoscience Consultants •This guideline outlines the qualifications-based selection process for evaluating and selecting engineering or geoscience consultants.

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