2022 APEGA Annual Report


Albertans expect engineering and geoscience professionals to keep them safe by meeting rigorous technical, ethical, and professional standards.

When registrants fail to meet their obligations—for example, by designing unsafe buildings, fraudulently billing their clients, or using an engineering or geoscience stamp illegally—we hold them accountable. APEGA and the registrant or company being investigated may agree to a recommended disciplinary order (RDO), which summarizes facts and recommends appropriate discipline.

A formal hearing is held if an investigated registrant or company does not agree to an RDO. At the hearing, a panel including professional engineers, professional geoscientists, or both, reviews evidence and determines what discipline, if any, is appropriate. Disciplinary decisions are published on our website to enhance transparency, build public confidence in our professions, and educate registrants about expected conduct.


27 total Publications

30 total Sanctions

44 total Sanctions


39% Fines and hearing cost issued 23% Letters of reprimand issued 20% Total courses 9% Potential restricted practice 7% Restricted Practice Overall Hearing Sanction Monitoring

Overall RDO Monitoring

81% Recommended discipline orders 19% Hearings

36.5% Total courses

36.5% Potential restricted practice 17% Disclosures to jurisdictions 10% Fines issued

2% Referrals to

professional practice

28 84


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