2022 APEGA Annual Report

WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Our members are recognized for their professional expertise and contributions to society. THE HOW OF WOW Engineers + Geoscientists make it possible. Every great endeavour begins with a question: How? How big can we go? How far can we advance? How in the world can we do this? How can we do this better ?

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Our public awareness campaign, The How of Wow, demonstrates how APEGA engineering and geoscience professionals and permit holders are raising the bar and making even the most unimaginable feats a reality. • Our howofwow.ca website features remarkable engineering and geoscience ingenuity, innovations, and advances underway right here in Alberta. The site had about 29,880 page views in the past year. •We boosted public awareness through advertising and billboard campaigns, which were displayed almost 51.9 million times.

51.9 million Impressions

GEOTHERMAL ENERGY PROJECT, SWAN HILLS FutEra Power is using waste hot water, harvested from the company’s oil and gas production wells, to generate geothermal energy for Alberta’s power grid. This co-production system—the first of its kind in Canada—will offset up to 31,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. “What we are ultimately doing is making something out of nothing by taking advantage of existing infrastructure and hot water reservoirs to deliver sustainable power and transition legacy oil and gas wells to green energy production.”

– Lisa Mueller, president and CEO, FutEra Power

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