2022 APEGA Annual Report



The new, twinned, 565-metre bridge was a record-setting feat of engineering. The bridge superstructure was propelled across a 125-metre span between two of its supporting piers—a distance never before reached in any structural, steel-bridge launch.

“When you consider the spans, the depths of the girders, and the harsh,

year-round conditions, there’s no question that launching this bridge was an incredible achievement of engineering.”

— Ken Tanner, executive for the Flatiron-Aecon Joint Venture

TRAVERS SOLAR PROJECT, VULCAN COUNTY Near the village of Lomond in Canada’s Sunbelt, this 1,335-hectare project was painstakingly designed to make use of every sunlit hour. The project’s 1.3 million solar panels power the equivalent of more than 150,000 homes. “The biggest challenges have been related to the overall scale of the project. But we’ve been able to plan and resource and use technology to overcome them. Kind of that ‘no problem is too big’ mantra.”

– Paul Walker, P.Eng., PCL

E3 LITHIUM, LEDUC Geoscientists are taking historic first steps to evaluate vast lithium reserves in the Leduc Reservoir. Their cutting-edge work could help Alberta meet skyrocketing demand for lithium batteries used in electric vehicles, phones, renewable energy storage, and more. “We’re diving into the unknown in a lot of ways. It’s incredible to be forging a new path for this resource in Alberta.”

– Natasha Morris, P.Geo., E3 Lithium

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