2022 APEGA Annual Report


“To be nominated by your peers and recognized for your capabilities—that’s like winning an Academy Award, to me. It’s absolutely amazing.”

– H. Dale Miller , P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.), Frank Spragins Technical Award recipient

Excellence in Education Award

Community Service Award

Early Accomplishment Award

Dr. Samer Adeeb , P.Eng. , FEC , for improving the academic success of civil engineering students through comprehensive online tutorials, quizzes, videos, and open educational resources

Dr. Kashif Hussain , P.Eng. , for his fundraising, community building, and volunteering efforts in Fort McMurray, Canada, and internationally

Dr. Hadis Karimipour , P.Eng. , for her research and achievements using artificial intelligence to enhance cybersecurity protection for critical infrastructure

Project Achievement Award

Research Excellence Award

Frank Spragins Technical Award

The 2021 NGTL System Expansion - Compression Facilities project, for its industry-leading modular fabrication strategy that increased safety while reducing construction timelines and costs

Dr. Derek Lichti , P.Eng. , for excellence in geomatics engineering, including the development of revolutionary 3-D laser technology that has increased grinding-mill inspection safety in the mining industry

H. Dale Miller , P.Eng. , P.E. , FEC , FGC (Hon.) , for his lifelong commitment to the sustainable management, control, and conservation of provincial and international water resources

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