2022 APEGA Annual Report

COUNCIL For many, 2022 was one to review how the world changed us, what to keep and what to reshape, and what to go back to. With its council of professional geoscientists and engineers, APEGA performed that same inventory, revisiting what it does and how it’s done to ensure registrants and APEGA have the tools needed to conduct business effectively well into the future. Over the year, APEGA remained on its journey as a respected regulator. At the Council level, this included continued focus on good governance and thoughtful preparation for changes in legislation. COVID-19 and its consequences will continue to reshape us all—how do we integrate work around the globe with differing regulatory landscapes? How do we build teams when staff members are not together? How do we connect the virtual and in-person landscapes? In 2022, we cautiously came back to in-person meetings. As we have all experienced, there is convenience and equality in meetings on screen, but there are benefits to being humans together working for the safety and protection of other people. After all, this is APEGA’s greatest responsibility. I am proud to serve as the public member on APEGA Council, and I look forward to the future. BOARDS & COMMITTEES

Mary Phillips-Rickey, FCA, FCPA Public Member

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