2022 APEGA Annual Report


Although mandatory restrictions associated with COVID-19 have been lifted, the Board of Examiners (BOE) and its relevant committees continued to meet virtually for most meetings with in-person meetings held in June and October. In June and October, APEGA registration staff held workshops for all BOE members. A key initiative of the BOE was to establish a competency-based assessment (CBA) task force. Its mandate was to review the current CBA system for evaluating experience and develop recommendations for improving the tools and procedures to ensure the evaluation of experience is valid, reliable, and fair. The task force’s work will continue in 2023. As well, work continued on refining the academic requirements for registration. Throughout the year, the BOE worked with staff to update policies, procedures, and bulletins to ensure decisions made were consistent and fair, and promoted public interest and safety. In 2022, the Alberta government proposed new legislation that directly affected APEGA, including the work of the BOE. Bill 23, the Professional Governance Act , for which proclamation was put on hold, would bring the governing statutes of 22 professions under one statute with supporting regulations and several profession-specific schedules. We understand the need, whenever possible, of streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. The engineering and geoscience professions that APEGA regulates on behalf of the Alberta government are different from many other professions in terms of their impact on public safety. Over the past few years, APEGA has significantly reduced the time it takes for applications to be processed, and Bill 23 proposed reducing the timelines more. The public members only support such a direction if public safety is not compromised. We recognize the significant work of APEGA staff and the commitment of all committee members involved in constantly reviewing and updating the assessments for registration. Registration staff and the BOE continue to perform their duties well while focusing on the fundamental principle of public safety.

Leslie Beard Allan Mah Ernest Skakun, PhD Public Members

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