2022 APEGA Annual Report


As the past few years have reminded us, change is inevitable, at times unexpected, and often fast moving. You can either embrace change or try to fight it.

EMBRACING ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION APEGA made many adjustments to help us endure the pandemic, including working from home. Our staff performed with excellence, steadily enhancing our work as a regulator and ensuring we remained on course. That’s why—after a safe and gradual transition back to our offices this spring—we introduced a new hybrid work model. Employees can work remotely for up to 50 per cent of each month. They work at the office for the remainder. I’m confident this flexible work model will position APEGA for future success, keeping employees engaged, productive, and happy. Another big move took place in Calgary as we settled in to a newly renovated office space. We’re still downtown, but the new location offers us a bigger, more modern space at a lower rate than our previous lease. It will help us meet our staff and registrant needs for years to come. DRIVING ALBERTA FORWARD WITH COURAGE AND INNOVATION It’s only seven words, but our new vision statement clearly conveys—to our registrants, staff, Albertans, and even the world—what APEGA aspires to achieve. We demonstrate courage and innovation through our everyday actions. For me, this means going beyond our regulatory mandate. By taking a holistic approach to engineering and geoscience governance, we’ll keep our professions relevant and develop future-ready leaders.

At APEGA, we choose the former.

We are forging a path of continual evolution to become a more impactful engineering and geoscience regulator. We’ve enhanced how we do business so we can protect public interest more rigorously, better support our membership, and become a more valued employer. This annual report highlights important changes we’ve made over the past year to reinforce our ongoing regulatory and organizational transformation.


APEGA’s efforts to update our governing legislation—a project almost a decade in the making—inched closer to reality in 2022 when the provincial government introduced Bill 23, the Professional Governance Act . This proposed legislation would govern APEGA and 21 other professional regulatory organizations in Alberta under one act. We focused a lot of our attention this year on preparing for the new legislation. At the same time, APEGA’s Council, volunteers, senior leadership, and staff kept sight of our existing mandate, under the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act , to keep Albertans safe by proactively regulating our professions. We updated our application review processes to expedite licensing approvals and meet timelines required by the provincial government. Big strides in other areas included streamlining permit holder reviews, updating our practice standards and guidelines, and enhancing our virtual registrant and permit holder portals. We also signed a joint letter, with other Canadian regulators, calling for the continued protection of engineering titles from technology industry violations. This partnership with engineering and geoscience regulators across Canada is important for continued consistency and interprovincial mobility for our registrants.

That’s something APEGA does very well.

Our K-12 and post-secondary outreach programs support the professional engineers and geoscientists of tomorrow. We offer professional development to our registrants to help them grow and thrive. Equity, diversity, and inclusion in our professions advance through our strategic initiatives to reduce barriers and create opportunities for all. To drive Alberta forward, we need to focus on the road ahead. Our route may change along the way, but we will keep moving in the right direction. We will strive to continuously improve all that we do.

Join me for the ride—it’s going to be an incredible journey.

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