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Guidewire Inserted Chest Tube Procedure Kit

Fenestrated chest tubes with guidewires to facilitate initial placement and occlusion-free draining of fluid or air as an alternative to traditional catheters or trocar tubes. • Place using local anesthetic and sedation. • Single lumen, radiopaque, polyurethane catheter with multiple fenestrations. • Use for pyothorax, hemothorax, pneumothorax, emergency peritoneal lavage and pericardial drain. • Insertion using the Seldinger catheter-over-guidewire technique. • Normally closed bi-directional valve with luer adapters prevents air from entering chest. • Additional suture wing for secure adjustment and attachment. • NEW larger 12 French size with pre-loaded stiffening stylet and skin dilator in the kit. • Multiple drainage holes.

14Ga fenestrated up to 4cm or 8cm mark. 12Ga fenestrated up to 6cm or 15cm mark. 12Fr fenestrated up to 16cm mark. • Kit includes introducers, guidewire, dilator, catheter, suture wings and neutral displacement valve. DESCRIPTION

ITEM # CT1404 CT1410 CT1206

PRICE $31.00 $31.00 $32.00 $32.00 $42.00

14Ga x 20cm (8in) Fenestrated up to 4cm 14Ga x 20cm (8in) Fenestrated up to 8cm 12Ga x 20cm (8in) Fenestrated up to 6cm 12Ga x 30cm (12in) Fenestrated up to 15cm 12Fr x 30cm (12in) Fenestrated up to 16cm

CT1210 CT12Fr16

CT1404 - 4cm fenestrations

CT1410 - 8cm fenestrations

CT1206 - 6cm fenestrations

CT1210 - 15cm fenestrations

CT12FR16 - 16cm fenestrations


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