Biola Broadcaster - 1953-11

~''''''''c'''''''''' { 1)~ '1//1/'Pttt!rA '~ '~ < "' ' ' '-"' ,, (. ,, ' ' (. "' '"' ' No one has ever found the hour that was lost.

What we are is God's gift to us Him is our gift to God.

. what we do for

Ask yourself: What kind of a church would ours be, if every member was just like me? • • • • A himself makes a

"If I could only live my life over ogoin " These were the words of o recent visitor who come into our office. They seem to be those of mony others who have olreody lived the best yeors of

their lives ond now seemingly feel that their lives have been somewhat of a failure. I have thought o greot deol obout this desire to relive one's life, ond I have concluded that there is a way. Why does he not invest his pro y er f u I support ond his money in the sending forth of a young ma.n or woman whose desire is to proclaim

the unsearchable truths of the Ward at God7 We have young people of this very colibre who ore now preparing to carry the blessed message of Salva– tion ta those who have never heord it. Would not you feel thot you were in o woy reliving your life if you had o port in one of these going out to serve our Lord Jesus Christ7 Your money can help in the troining of these men and women. And above all, your prayers are most necessory to uphold these as they battle O!lainst Satan's power in his attempts to threaten their proclaiming the blessed redemption story. You can live your life over through your proyers and the giving of your money in the sending forth of these young people into His service. ~ ~~~~~~@:ii~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE MATERIAL OFFERED For the past months of this year we have offered booklets to the members of our radio

audience. In checking our mailing department, we find we still have available a few copies of the following: "Radio Questions Answered'', "Blessed Assurances", by Dr. Talbot; "Prophecies of Centuries Fulfilled in a Day'', and sample copies of the King's Business, the magazine dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home. Send today for any of these free booklets.

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