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Many societies around the world have systems put in place by their governments to take care of the elderly when they can no longer take care of themselves. While the United States also has systems in place for this same reason, they’re not as efficient or affordable as they could be. That’s why many times, when someone gets to the age when they need help with their day-to-day responsibilities, their children or other younger family members step in and take care of their elderly loved ones. March 3 is Caregiver Appreciation Day, and to all the caregivers reading this newsletter, from all of us at Shuttlesworth Law, we just want to say thank you for the hard work you do and all the sacrifices you make. Caregiving in any capacity is often a thankless job. Caregivers often sacrifice their own care to take care of someone else. Some of them begin caring for their elderly loved ones in the midst of an already busy schedule, full of work meetings, kids’ sports practices, and other obligations. Caregivers have to run on tight schedules, and many of them don’t get the help or resources they deserve to make their job just a little bit easier. And yet, because they love their family, they take on that responsibility anyway. It’s a hard job, and sometimes caregivers simply can’t find a way to take care of their elderly loved ones on their own. When that happens, they often need the kind of care that can only be provided by a good senior residence or nursing home. Sometimes, their needs are so drastic that families have to bring their loved ones to end-of-life care facilities. When “CAREGIVERS HAVE TO RUN ON TIGHT SCHEDULES, AND MANY OF THEM DON’T GET THE HELP OR RESOURCES THEY DESERVE TO MAKE THEIR JOB JUST A LITTLE BIT EASIER.”

and if that time comes, if you’re their caregiver, you can still be involved in your loved one’s care by becoming their care advocate.

For example, imagine visiting a loved one, like your mother, in a nursing home but realizing something is wrong. You can see she’s lethargic, confused, or lacking an appetite. You assume your next step would be asking the nursing home staff about your mom, but they might brush it off. They might just say she’s having one of those days. However, it could be that they gave her the wrong medication, that she’s dehydrated, or that she’s facing some other kind of neglect. It might be hard for you to know what to do in that scenario if you were your mother’s caregiver for years before she went into a care facility. Even though you may not be in complete control of her health care anymore, you can still help them if you know how. If you’re a caregiver and your loved one is in a nursing home, we want you to know you’re not helpless in the face of abuse and neglect. On the Shuttlesworth Law Firm website, you can download a free copy of our book “Nursing Home Neglect,” which will walk you through the steps of effectively advocating for your loved ones. The nursing home staff might not take your concerns seriously, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. If you think your elderly loved ones are facing abuse or neglect at their nursing home, read our book and give us a call.

–Perry Shuttlesworth

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