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CBD After a Car Accident

Dr. Alejandro Blanco Weighs In

How does CBD work when it comes to treating pain?

s a personal injury attorney, I have the privilege of helping my clients seek justice after they’ve been hurt in an accident. The compensation from their cases can greatly help people in moving to the next stage of their life. However, while


“Cannabidiol (CBD) is found naturally in cannabis. Rather than make users high, researchers suspect that CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, reducing inflammation and providing pain relief by helping your muscles relax.” Is there still a stigma around medical marijuana and CBD? “By and large, the mentality around medical marijuana and CBD has changed. The majority of my patients who I recommend CBD to are willing to try it without hesitation. I have even had old patients request CBD because they have heard how well it works from friends and family members. There is still a stigma around cannabis, but that is changing with time. Many people are willing to try CBD because they want to avoid addictive narcotics.” “These days, you can find CBD in everything, from chocolate to bubble tea. When patients are dealing with pain, I’m glad to be able to offer them a few different options. There’s CBD oil, the form most people are familiar with, as well as creams, tablets, and even gummy bears. Depending on what kind of pain a patient is dealing with, there may be many options for treating it.” What if CBD isn’t an option for me? “There are many treatments to manage pain that don’t rely on narcotics or the complications associated with them. At my practice, Internal Medicine Partners, we can prescribe medical marijuana and offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to help treat chronic pain.” What’s the best way for patients to take CBD?

the money helps, it can’t solve all their problems. Many of my clients struggle with chronic pain from their accident, the kind of pain that hinders their ability to seek a better future.

I can’t help my clients with their pain, which is why I’m glad there are people like Dr. Alejandro Blanco here in Naples. Dr. Blanco is an internal medicine doctor who began treating patients for pain management after a friend of his suffered a car accident. “That experience showed me the need for doctors to be available who could provide therapies for pain management,”Dr. Blanco explained. “My focus is not pain management, but as an internal medicine physician, you have to deal with almost everything. When I work with patients who have been in car accidents, I want to offer them ways to deal with their pain, too.” This month, I talked to Dr. Blanco about a topic I know a lot of my clients have been asking about: Can CBD treat pain after a car accident? Is CBD effective for pain? “There is no silver bullet for pain. Every patient responds differently and what works for some might not work for everyone. However, 80% of my patients on CBD have at least a 35% improvement in their pain. For patients who need help managing their pain after a car accident, I will often recommend trying CBD.”

Thank you to Dr. Alejandro Blanco for taking the time to enlighten us on this topic. I know many of our clients have worked with Dr. Blanco in managing their pain after a car accident. It’s a distressing situation to be in, but it’s good to know there are people like Dr. Blanco in our community who know how to help. -Dr.Alejandro Blanco

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