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When Nolan and I took the reins from our dad after his retirement, we figured it would be a seamless transition.We’ve spent our lives in the shops, after all, and assumed we’d learned everything there was to know about running them. It wasn’t until Dad stepped away that we understood all the little things he did to make Brown’s Automotive a success. You see, Dad handled a lot of the stuff that you might call “invisible.” From his office at the Los Ranchos location, he worked on insurance, benefits, and other initiatives.This was the part of the gig he did largely on his own, and it was also the part that Nolan and I had very little experience with. When Dad retired, that responsibility fell on us. So I spent a lot of this winter holed up in that office trying to figure out how to do this stuff for the first time. Just like you never really know what’s going on with an engine until you pop the hood and get under there, you don’t understand how benefits work until you’ve tried to set them up for yourself. It took a little longer than I expected, but it was important that I did my absolute best. Hopefully, in coming years, I’ll have the process a little more streamlined. This story is just one example of the “learning by doing” that Nolan and I have been taking on in recent months. It’s amazing how you don’t notice all the little things somebody does until they are no longer there to do them. As a result of the transition, I’ve gained so much respect and appreciation for the way our dad operated as a businessman.We “As a result of the transition, I’ve gained so much respect and appreciation for the way our dad operated as a businessman. We always knew that he treated customers like family and was an ace at fixing cars, but we didn’t realize just how much he did to make Brown’s Automotive successful.” Learning the Ropes How Nolan and I Are Putting Our Stamp on Brown’s Automotive

always knew that he treated customers like family and was an ace at fixing cars, but we didn’t realize just how much he did to make Brown’s Automotive successful. In honor of Dad’s constant passion for providing the best to his employees and customers, we’ve been looking at new ideas to implement at the shops. One that I’m excited for is our new training system. I want to create an atmosphere of continuous learning among our teams. Not only do we need to keep up with all the changes in the industry but we also need to ensure that our fundamental skills never lag.That’s why we want to have regular training and education sessions with experts. Heaven knows I’ve been doing my fair share of around-the-clock learning, and it’s been hugely beneficial. I think providing our folks with the tools and knowledge they need to do their best work will make both them and our customers happier than ever. Spending so much time working on back-end operations forced Nolan and me to consider hiring somebody to give Brad a hand at our original location.We found that person in Leslie, who is just awesome, by the way. She comes with a wealth of experience and will be an awesome addition to our team. Be sure to say hello to her the next time you’re at the shop. While the transition to being in charge hasn’t been without a few bumps, Nolan and I are better for it.You’re never going to be able to run a business on your own until you have to.We’re just lucky that the man we’re replacing did such a phenomenal job.Thank you, Dad, for setting us up for success. Now it’s our turn to put our stamp on Brown’s Automotive. -Dustin Brown

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Breaking Through the TV Terminology 4K, HDR, AND OLED DEFINED

HDR High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a type of image processing.When an image is processed, HDR is used to increase or decrease the luminosity of the image. It means bright whites, deeper blacks, and improved colors overall. It’s been used in photography for decades and in video since the 1990s. Most 4K TVs have built-in HDR processing, resulting in better color quality, which translates to better image quality overall. OLED Short for organic light-emitting diode, OLEDTVs feature a microscopically thin layer of an organic compound that emits light when an electric current is introduced.Typical LEDTVs rely on a backlight in order to produce a lit, visible image.These backlights take up space, resulting in a thicker TV.The major advantage of OLED TVs is they are incredibly thin and light, and they produce deeper blacks for an improved color and image quality.

4K The TV buzzword “4K” has replaced “HDTV” and “1080p” as the go-to marketing term. In short, it’s a reference to the number of pixels on the screen. Standard high-definition TVs (1080p) have a vertical resolution of 1,080 pixels and a horizontal resolution of 1,920. Here’s where it gets weird. 4KTVs have a vertical resolution of 2,160 pixels with a horizontal resolution of 3,840. Marketers decided to swap the vertical resolution as their reference point with the horizontal resolution, because higher numbers are more impressive, right? But 4KTVs seem to fall short of the moniker. Regardless, these TVs have improved color and image quality over standard HD, but you have to have devices — such as the PlayStation 4 Pro or a Blu-ray player — or services that output in 4K to take advantage of the boost in pixels.

When you shop for a newTV these days, you’re greeted with a bevy of acronyms and numbers — marketing terms you can’t make sense of.These are terms like 4K, HDR, and OLED, just to name a few.TV makers leave it up to you to figure out what these terms mean.Well, look no further. We’re going to cut through the marketing speak and get to the point. Here’s what today’s popular TV marketing terms really mean.

The Mythical History of the Ferrari 250 GTO How It Became the World’s Most Desired Vehicle

If you look at a list of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction, you’ll find many of the most iconic brands in automotive history: Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar, and more. Ferrari, however, shows up far more frequently than any of its competitors. Of the 10 biggest-ticket vehicles to come off the auction block, six sport the famous prancing horse badge. Even more astonishing is that a single model, the Ferrari 250 GTO, holds the top two spots. How did the 250 GTO become the most desirable production vehicle ever made? It starts with scarcity. From 1962–1964, Ferrari produced only 36 250 GTOs. The two-door sports car, which boasts a massive V-12 engine, has both style and performance in spades, which is a combination every collector desires. Popular Mechanics went so far as to proclaim the 250 GTO to be the Hottest Car of All Time.

a 250 GTO sold for $38 million. Last year, another garnered $48 million. A third sold in a private sale for upward of $70 million. Needless to say, we won’t have a 250 GTO in our garage anytime soon — but that won’t stop us from dreaming.

250 GTO coming to market is an event. Over the years, it’s become the Holy Grail for car enthusiasts. Simply seeing one in person — let alone having the chance to drive or own one — is on the bucket list for many. The above factors add up to prices so sky-high you may experience vicarious altitude sickness. In 2014,

With so few produced and even fewer still maintained, the mere announcement of a

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Recipe of the Month

Everything Popcorn

Everything is the best bagel flavor. This is not a matter of debate. Sprinkle the seasoning on popcorn for a delicious snack that will have people asking, “What does this remind me of?”

INGREDIENTS • 3/4 cup popcorn kernels • 2 tablespoons flaky sea salt • 1 teaspoon black sesame seeds • 2 teaspoons white sesame seeds 1. In a small skillet over medium heat, toast sesame seeds. Shake skillet often and cook until white seeds are golden and fragrant, about 2 minutes. Transfer to a small bowl and add garlic, onion, and salt. 2. In a large saucepan, combine popcorn kernels and oil. DIRECTIONS

When Should Your Kids Start Working? Out of the Game Room and Into the Workplace When the dolls and baseball cards get pushed to the wayside for cell phones and movie dates, it may be time to gently nudge your child out from under your wing and into the workplace. It doesn’t have to be pushing shopping carts or spinning signs on the corner; working in any capacity during formative years builds character and gives your child real-world experience. Summer jobs teach the value of a dollar and give kids lasting memories, and after-school gigs lead to more pocket change for the weekends and less worrying for Mom and Dad.The hard part isn’t asking yourself if they should work; it’s asking yourself when they should work. In the U.S., most of us have about four decades of working to look forward to. Many start working in late adolescence and continue until retirement age. Now, that’s a lot of work to be had. So why rush it? Well, idle hands often spell disaster. Sitting around all day is a burden on both child and parent, whether they realize it or not.Those few years between hitting puberty and graduating high school are the sweet spot for your child to start their part-time career. There’s no shame in flipping burgers, stocking shelves, or mowing lawns. As of 2014, there were 16 million workers in the retail and food service industries, and the numbers have only gone up from there. But work ethic is changing among American teenagers. Just one-third of individuals aged 16–19 had a job lined up for last summer, compared to 51.2 percent for the same age range in 1997.While surviving on minimum wage as an adult is a topic of great debate, raking in around $10 an hour as a 14-year-old can seem like a king’s ransom. A few working hours here and there will do your grown baby a world of good and prepare them for the next chapter of their lives.

• 2 teaspoons granulated garlic • 2 teaspoons granulated onion • 1/3 cup canola oil • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

start to pop. Once popping, continue cooking and shaking

the pan intermittently until popping ceases, about 3–5 minutes. 3. Transfer popcorn to a large

mixing bowl. Pour in butter and toss to coat. Finally, add seasoning, toss again, and serve.

Cook over medium-high heat, covered, until popcorn kernels

Inspired by Food &Wine magazine

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How to MakeYour Sailing Dreams Come True

Set Sail for Vacation


for a bareboat charter. However, if you are inexperienced or simply don’t want a local guide at the helm, signing up for a day trip with a skipper and crew is a great option. DOA FULL CHARTER Short of owning your own vessel, chartering a boat for multiple nights is the closest you can get to living out your nautical dreams. Some of the most beautiful destinations on earth — from the Caribbean Sea to the Mediterranean — are best experienced from the deck of a sailboat. Letting the sea guide you to amazing snorkeling destinations, remote cays, and bustling harbors is the stuff of real adventure.

foot catamarans for rent as well. Catamarans have two hulls rather than one, making for a smoother, more spacious ride. If you’ve never sailed before, inquire about lessons. Most rental operations have instructors on hand who can show you the ropes.The great thing about sailing is that whether you’re in a 12- foot dinghy or a 60-foot sloop, the same basic principles, rules, and skills apply. TAKE A DAY SAIL Many day-sail charters exist for those who want to go out a little farther than a dinghy would permit. If you’ve captained a boat and are familiar with the waters, you can apply

If you’re lucky enough to have been aboard a ship under full sail, chances are you know the thrill and serenity sailing can give you. If you’ve never been but have always wanted to know what it’s like to get out on the wind and waves, there are many great options available for beginners. Here are some ideas to inspire your next waterside vacation. START SMALL For those who dream of becoming a skipper one day, a great way to start is by sailing dinghies.These one-sail, beach-launch boats fit 1–2 people and can be rented at most water sports shops. If you want to make it a family experience, shops usually have 16-

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