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Be Scared but Safe This Halloween HORROR FLICKS & SAFETY TIPS

Halloween Safety Tips Regardless of what your children want to be this Halloween, make sure they have reflective tape or glow sticks attached to their costumes. This will

Halloween is by far one of my favorite times of the year because it captures everyone’s imagination in one formor another. Kids can dress up as the very monsters they’re scared of, and for adults, it’s the perfect time to watch the best slasher flicks. Whether you’re getting your kids ready for the Halloween season or looking up the best horror films, here are my favorite recommendations and tips. Halloween Horror Classics The original“Friday the 13th,”released in 1980, is one of the first in the horror genre to set the stage for the slasher movie craze of the‘80s. The horror is so well done that when I watched the film for the first time, my date was spilling popcorn and soda with every jump scare! As the franchise continued, eachmovie was cheesier than the last, so I ventured to other classics like 1984’s“A Nightmare on Elm Street.” At the time,“A Nightmare on Elm Street”boasted cutting-edge horror effects that completely immersed viewers in the film, whichmade every kill and jump scare so muchmore thrilling. The storyline was enthralling, as there hadn’t yet been a movie that explored the effects of dreams in the way this movie did.“A Nightmare on Elm Street”and“Friday the 13th”may satisfy your slasher kick, but there’s one spooky movie you need to see before the end of the season too. “Ghostbusters,”while still a great Halloween flick, is more in the realm of Sci-fi. The special effects were groundbreaking for their time, and Slimer, the Ghostbusters’ mascot in subsequent spinoffs of the franchise, has entertained kids for decades. It still has all the usual Halloween movie trappings, but with Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray headlining the cast, the comedy will keep you laughing even after the credits roll. “At the time, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ boasted cutting-edge horror effects that completely immersed viewers in the film, which made every kill and jump scare so much more thrilling.”

ensure they can be seen from down the block even after the sun sets. Avoid oversized shoes or accessories that fall below the

waist, as they will be tripping hazards for your little ghosts. If your kids want to use Halloween contact lenses, avoid one-size-fits-all

brands and be sure to consult your doctor. Using oversized or poor quality lenses increases your risk of inflammation and infections, which can lead to eye disorders and possible vision loss. While costume safety is imperative, it’s essential your little Spider-Man orWonder Woman knows the basics of trick-or-treating safety. Make sure everyone has a flashlight with fresh batteries. There is nothingmore frustrating for kids and parents alike than to be lost in the dark on a chilly Halloween night. Make sure your kids know to avoid houses without the porch light on, as not everyone celebrates the holiday. Provide your children with two or three healthy snacks for the night out. This way, they’re less likely to get a sugar rush, and it will deter them from eating any of their candy so you can check it before the night’s end. Whether you’re going to be binge-watching your favorite movies or trick-or-treating with your kids this Halloween, I hope I’ve given you something to enjoy! If you like any of these classic movie suggestions, you can stream any of themonYouTube. If you have a favorite classic slasher film, let me know! I love sharingmy love of the classics with fellowmovie fans. —Shayne Harrell


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