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MAY 2019


Here’s Why!

Whether you’ve been a patient at Lake Oconee Dentistry for five years or 15, you might have noticed that, over the last year, I’ve been spending a little less time in the exam room. The truth is, since April of 2018, I have been slowly redirecting my focus in order to have a larger impact on our team and our patients.


As a dentist, I can spend three hours creating a crown for Mr. Smith, and that crown certainly impacts Mr. Smith’s life for the better. However, as a mentor, I can spend the same amount of time coaching and sharing my knowledge with our other doctors. By doing this, the knowledge I share helps dozens of their patients going forward. Patti and I are fortunate to have three great doctors — Dr. Shelly, Dr. Andrea, and Dr. Jamie — who have joined our practice. Each brings a unique set of skills and talents to the table. While all of our doctors are extremely competent, they still benefit from ongoing training and coaching. It ensures that they stay on the cutting edge of dental technology and treatment. It’s not just our doctors who benefit; our entire team needs this coaching, as well. For the last several years, our practice has been voted The Best Dental Office in the area, a tremendous honor. But, in order to keep providing patients with first-class service, our team must stay dedicated to learning. With this transition, I’m able to be a much larger part of that process. To be clear, I will still be seeing patients. But I will also be taking time, when not chairside, to focus on coaching and training. Legacy isn’t about leaving something for people. It’s about leaving something in people. I’m excited to share more of my knowledge with others, but my ultimate commitment is always to you, our patients. If you don’t see me in the exam room, it’s because I’m working diligently behind the scenes to ensure our patient experience is still the best around.

Let me explain.

Next March, I’ll turn 50 years old. Milestone birthdays have a way of forcing you to assess your direction and consider your legacy. I’ve been practicing dentistry for nearly 25 years. During that time, I have always made education a priority. While the average dentist is only required to complete 40 hours of continuing education every two years, I have attended hundreds of hours of courses a year in an effort to provide our patients with the most up-to-date care.

In fact, a few years ago, I received the Mastership Award from the American Academy of General Dentistry, which is presented to dentists who complete 1,100 hours of continuing education in a variety

“As I was considering all of this education and the knowledge I have gained, it began to occur to me that I might be able to have a larger impact by sharing my knowledge with others.”

of disciplines and pass a rigorous exam. Upon receiving this award, I joined a rather elite group, Mastership Award winners. The members of this group represent less than 2 percent of all general dentists in the U.S. and Canada. As I was considering all of the education and the knowledge I have gained, it began to occur to me that I might be able to have a larger impact by sharing my knowledge with others. I have always had a passion for teaching, and this passion has continued to grow as I’ve gotten older. I began to see that, by taking more time to share my knowlege with the practice as a mentor and teacher, I could potentially impact the lives of hundreds of more patients.


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