1989 ELMS

State University College at Buffalo 1300 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, New York 14222 Vol. 78


HERE WE GO AGAIN Back To Buffalo State College T he fall semester has returned and with it some routines. For freshmen, creating schedules, attending organizational meet· ings at Bengal Pause, and throwing out OP meal cards in the garbage by mistake is something new. For others, these are just minor details in an exciting collegiate ca– reer. There seems to be a long line for eve-

rvthinQ th\lt needs to be done. Food, books, registration, parking, and even bathrooms are inaccessable. However, the first few daYS CITe filled with enthu– siasm because everyone is seeing old friends and making new ones. Let's forge ahead through registration, midterms, and finals and show everyone the per– serverance of a Buff State student.


I ~

CULTURAL DIVERSITY It's a Small World After All

ing Cultural Diversity gives the students at Buffalo State a chance to not only learn more about the people who inhabit our earth, but we learn a little about ourselves too,

Buffalo State's theme this year was 'Cultural Diversity.' All the organizations have placed an emphasis on learning about and experiencing new and different cu ltures. Some of the aspects about different cultures to be recognized are music, arts, food, and general lifestyle. Recogniz-

ORlf:NTATION A New Beginning

workshops , take placement exams , meet their advisors, schedule their classes, and have a chance to make some new friends before the school year begins. Al– so, the new students get a chance to pre– view the college before the entire student pop– ulation is here.

Freshman orienta- tion is the beginning of the collegiate expe– rience_ This event of– fers new students an idea of what is needed in order to succeed in college , as well as showing how fun col– lege life can be. The program is con– ducted over a three day period . During this time students attend



GOOD TIMES FESTIVAL A Good Time For All T he 1988 Good Times Festival. fourth annual Community Day Picnic, drew quite a crowd in PErry Quad on Sunday, Sept. 11th. Be– ginning at 12:30 pm the festival be– gan with a performance by a local band named Little Shuba. The mu– sic that followed was provided by Gamalon, The Party Squad , and Sam Falzone and The Buffalo Jazz Workshop. Supervised games of beanbag tosses and parachute were provided for the children who attended, as well as jousting ex– hibitions for people of all ages. De– licious hot dogs and salads of all kinds were available throughout the day. The free music, food, and fun were graciously provided by the USG Community Relations Council. the West Side Business and Tax– payers Association, and the West Side Kuwanis Club.


HOMECOMING A Time for Pride To Shine Homecoming is a fairly new tradition here at Buff State: but receives a great deal of attention from both students and faculty alike. Homecoming weekend begins with a pride arousing pep rally - The Cheerleaders, The Bengal's Mascot. and the Football Team get psyched up for the big game. The rally gives all Buff State students the opportunity to express their school spirit.





HOMECOMING PARADE Buff State Takes Their Pride On The Road S pitited Buff State students could be found out- side on the sunny Saturday afternoon of Home– coming Weekend observing the parade_ Colorful floats representing many campus organizations made the circuit from Rockwell Road , down Elmwood, up Forest, and down Rees Street to the parking lot. This year's theme was Cultural Diversity_ All the floats were impressive, but Neumann Hall won first place in the float contest. Second and third place went to the fraternities named Sigma Phi Epsilon and Phi K.appa Tau, respectively_ The banner com– petition was won by Adelantes Estudiantes La– tinos_Placing second was Perry Hall with Omicron Omega Nu taking third.




MOONBALL A Homecoming Tradition M oonball, the perfect solution for college students who want to take part in mo– ronic behavior. Viewing from a distance, an illuminous yellow ball could be seen hov– ering over the practice field, Teams form dorms and various organizations compet– ed in this year's fourth annual moonball tournament. Moonball is very similar to soccer. Six players from each team try to move the six foot wide moonball across the field. The only problem is the players are not allowed to throw, grab, or kick the baiL Unlike years past, Mother Nature smiled on the Practice Field and provided a sunny warm day that is usually full of rain and cold winds_ This year's winner of the tour– nament was Phi Kappa Tau. Moore West took second place and Perry Pirhanas II took third_




Just Drinks

- 4 .. .. ,.~ - ~ . .




Rob Hillyard

Rob Hillyard


Linda Stravalaci


Linda Stravalaci

vuwn,I"{OIr/ r--




What's the center of the Buffalo State campus? You know, the Student Union! There is always something happening in the Union, whether it's comedy in the Park, munching in the Plaza, lounging by the Fireside, killing time in the gameroom, or shopping in the college store; the Union has it all. This year the Faculty Student Association provided the Union with directory signs for all of the different cor– ridors and room numbers as a service to students and faculty alike, The Union consists of four levels. The lower terrace holds the college store and the self - service pos– tollke. The ground floor contains the various eating establishments of the campus, an information desk, travel information, WBNY radio, the ELMS yearbook office, and the game/pool room. The third floor holds the various halls for assembly and social events, as well as commuter services. The fourth level holds all of the USG offices, student life, and the meeting rooms.

Linda Stravalaci


Rob NilJyard


Pot~, tpA$cku '; Todd


/I _

MaKgrA, flMIi, M;h G~.

Linda Stravalaci


Linda Stravalaci

Friendship is one of the most vital parts of college life; many of these friendships were created at a young age and have developed over the course of many years, but there seems to be a sort of instant bond between people who go to college together. The friends that we make during these years at Buffalo State will remain with us forever. Friends are met in some of the strangest ways; waiting in lines, in an elevator, rooming in the dorms, maybe it is just destiny. It isn't really important where or how we meet eachother, what is important that we are friends.

Linda Slravalaci



" I ItA rAlfliMIJ DVU~; if!lou rfotr,t IIfiMIi" It" rfotr,t~. "- RoIJ fAnyoek I

Linda Stravalaci


Living away from home for the first time in one's life can be a period of growth and adjustment; a newly found independence isn't always what it's cracked up to be, There comes a depency upon roommates, dormmates, and one's self for decision making and everyday con– cerns, Living away from home carries with it a great resposibili– ty for many students: self reliance,

Rob Hillyard






ll-1f " '"









Melissa Schwartz





I Whiti N I!JJJ

Rob Hillyard

Field House All around campus construction is underway, from the new field house, to the new sidewalks be– tween Bacon and Ketchum Halls. It is unavoidable and it becomes a part of life for the students of Buf– falo State. Commuters and resi– dents alike have had to make ad– justments in their usual paths to and from classes; all to restore and improve the beauty of our campus.

Parking Permits

AS Buff. State students retumed for the Fall semester this year, they were greeted with yet an– other campus policy. Inorder to park in any campus lots the stu– dents needed to purchase park– ing permits for the cost of $3 for the year. The permits were reg– istered with public safety and orange stickers were placed on all student vehicles; now, these stickers can be seen all around the campus. Failure to pur· chase a parking permit may lead to ticketing or even having your car towed away.

Rob Hillyard


The Newest Edition To complete the construction and renovation of the campus, Buffalo State received a new marble sign at the front of the campus, The the new edition was the welcome sign on Elmwood Avenue. The marble sign greets visitors with the college's name and address; it accents the new look noe present on Elmwood, along with Rockwell Hall.


Rob Hillyard


I W~ Nw

This year's professional football season was very ex– citing for Bills fans; the team played excellent football both at home and away, The season ended with the Buffalo Bills gaining an Eastern Division Championship title and a spot in the NFL playoffs, The team went farther than most people ever imagined, stopping only one game away from the SuperbowL The team's suc– cess wasn't the only hot item to make the news; Bills mania was everywhere around the city, The fans broke attendance records and their support could be seen throughout all of Western New York, The Bills fever hit fans of all ages, Bills merchandise was on sale evp.ry– place, and a hot conversation topic, It was a great year for everyone involved; fans, players, coaches and the community.

Harry Scull


AFC East Champions!

Special thanks to the Buffalo Bills public rela– tions department for supplying slides and negatives.

Robert L. Smith

Rich Freeda



MOORE WEST front row: Kim Attea - R.D" Kathy Bowman, Dan Jablonski, Denise Maffia-senior R.D" Mi– chele Lauckem. back row: Jim Sarach-R.D" Nadine Szweda, Brian Thomp– son_

MOORE EAST Came Punning, Tangie Winfield, Verdene Lee, Joel Cardone, April Martin, Felicia Smith, Dian Nelson_

Rob Hillyard

PORTER HALL Nancy Day, Tammy Lou Maltzan, Patrick Nicosia, Regine LaForest. Heather Hewitt. Amy Kaemer, Me– lissa Olivett, Sabrina Brown, Mi– chael Heflin, Pamela Mosley, Ste– phen Hayes, James McGlaughlin, Evalyn Jemiolo, Dale Dulniak, Tra– cy Ackman, Catherine Marusza, Flourens Gachette_ missing: Linda Gilmore, Cindee Farmer, Charleen Aydt, Peggy Kel– ly.

Rob Hillyard



PERRY HALL STAFF bottom row: Rob Hillyard, Kathy Kroph , Barb Spies, Nancy Malecki. Monica Brown. top row: Kathy " skeeter" Laiose, Troy Conwell, Dino Giangrasso, Terry Bitka - R.D.

NEUMAN HALL STAFF front row: Pam Carper, Robin Ball– R.D" Jenny Amerian, Lisa Yinze . back row: Dave Rissetti. Raquel Smith, Mark Dungey, Jennifer Hoff– man, Sealt Robek.

The faces on these pages should be familiar to resident students. Buffalo State's Resl· dence Life Staff 15 more than just the group of people who sit at the front desk telling people to be quiet. They are full-time stu– dents who actively work to enhance the ac· ademlc and 50<:Iai envlronmel of this cam– pus. You may not realize the hours they put In. but those who do salute theml

Rob Hillyard


TOWER 1 bottom roW: Patti Sadauskas, Andrea DelDuca, John Normil, Jackie Nareau, Kristen VanHoover, top roW: Tom Whalen, Michael Jacob, Don Wilson, Lisa Padmore, Cherrie Hunter, Ka– ren Phillips - R.D" Pete Pal– lidino, missing: Damon Propst.

TOWER 2 bottom row: Maria McDonnell, Albert Martinez. top row: Bonnie Fuller, Tim Honley, Cesar Cabrera, Edie Greco, Debbie Domalski, Robyn Raspberry. missing: Paulette Taylor, Sabrina Harrison.

Rob Hillyard


TOWER 4 STAFF bottom row: Anne Marie Congel, Cheryl Morse, Kelly Nel· son. middle row: Christine Hurtubise, Heather Turner, Tina Woods. top row: James Corapi. Marc A. Batchelor, Mark Wilkow.

TOWER 3 STAFF Gina Angelo, Miguel Denis, Mary Clare Fahey, Greg Kosanovich, Tony Spina , Sally Derner, Dan Doctor, Nicole Pascucci , John Kranz.

Rob Hillyard




Ella Abadie Lancaster Business Studies

Anne Adams Tonawanda Political Science

Julie FronClck

Kennetb E. Albano Newburgh Interior Design

Seth Agatstein Plainview

Sally Adams Tonawanda Public Relations



Stephen 1'1. Allen Buffalo

Maureen Allen North Tonawanda Business Studies/Economics

Paula Alleca Sanborn Business Studies

Rene Alvarez Kenmore ISM

Gregg Altlmari Commack Fashion Merchandising

Nasser Alameddln Buffalo

Good Luckll

As this section Is complied so are the memories and experiences ofthe past few years. Being a senior represents alot of different things, being tbe hlgb man on tbe totem pole but also not wanting to get down. Being a senior means the end as well as an entirely new beginning. This is a time to prepare as well as to say goodbye. Being a senior maybe exciting but at tbe same time it may be scary and filled wltb anxiety. To all tbe seniors pictured on these next pages and to all those not remembered here tbls 15 our chance to say gOodbye. we will miss you. and good luck. - Mary Flaherty -

" . "

Phyllis Williams·Anderson Buffalo CRJISocioiogy



Diana Arroyo-Gonzalez Cbeektowaga CRJISoclology

Thomas Paul Asklar Niagara Falls Art Education

Mlu Atunrase Lagos. Nigeria CRJIPolltical Science

Mamie Ayleswortb Tully Psychology

Donna Baecber Rosedale Psychology

Mary Anne Bailey Oneonta Business Studies

Sanctina Barry Or-chard Park Dietetics



Jennifer Bauer Kenmore Psychology

Marc A. Batchelor Coram Business Studies

Rob Millyard

Casa Begley Buffalo

Josette Bavisotto Kenmore

Patty Benner Tonawanda

M. Bellinger Buffalo

Suzanne Belfour Depew Business Studies



Georgeanoe M. Benson Derby Elementary Education

Sue Petruccelli

Daneen Bentkowski Lackawanna

Amy Jo Benton Buffalo

Lauren Berkun Albany CUP Dietetics

Tbomas Big'll Lackawanna Business/Economics



George Block Buffalo Vocational Education

Timothy Blodgett Buffalo

Valerie Blanchard Gerry Elementary Education


T.J. Bloom Endicott Art

Mlndle Bloom Commack Fashion Merchandising

Diane BonJtatibus Lackawanna

Graphic Design!Art Education -- ~ ---

... ~ . ... ... "4- ......



Linda Borgloll Cheektowaga Graphic Design



Jerry Bouche Amherst Broadcasting

Sue Petruccelli

Anna Bowman Oswego Elementary Education

Parke Brown East Aurora

Tina Marie Briganti Niagara Falls Elementary Education

Michele Brancato Amberst Broadcasting



Rene Buchholz Batavia Elementary Education

Glenn Bucello Buffalo

Oswald Bruce Buffalo

Maria Butera BulfaJo Social Work

r"fabeel Butt: Pakistan Business

I Tangela Burkbart Bulfalo Political Science

Julie Fronczek

Mary Cambria Kenmore Elementary Education



Julie Fronczek

Diana Lynn Caracci Chili CUF Dietetics

William Cardone Buffalo Criminal Justice

Robert A. Carbonaro Auburn Electrical Engineering Tech.

Melissa Capretto West Falls

cara Carillo

David Capriotti Buffalo

Elizabeth Carlberg Bemus Point Ilngllsh

Mount Kisco Exceptional/Elementary ~.



Arthur cerny Buffalo

Susana Carvallo Buffalo

Tina Carpenter Getzville

Rob Hillyard



Rob Hillyard

Yeemlng Betty Chan Hong Kong Business

Mel~wa Annie Chan Hong Kong Business Studies

Ken Chasin Buffalo

Patricia Chimento Buffalo

Ryan Christie Buffalo Industrial Tech/Graphic Design

Thomas Cizdel

West Seneca Electronic Engineering Tech



Kelly Elaine Comerford Fayetteville Broadcasting

DonnaCObn Conam Food Systems Management

Susan CobeD Buffalo

Holly Cooper Manhattan Broadcasting/Sports Medicine

Patty Conge) Syracuse Special Education/Mental Ret.

,.Anne Marie COnge) Syracuse Business Studies

Sue Petruccelli

Joel S. COrdone l'ulton Criminal Justice/Sociology



Genoveva COsta BulJalo Business/Economics

Julie Fronczek

Rosaida Cl'espo Buffalo Social Work

Meryl Camel' Buffalo

Kathy Craston Kenmore Business/Graphic Design

Patrice Crowley Mt. Morris ~dlology



Michele I. D'Alessandro Blasedell CFS/Fashlon Merchandising

Dale Russ Amherst Criminal .Justice

Wendy Danner Buffalo

Sally Demer Buffalo

Andrea Linda D'Auria Nanuet Dietetics

Betsy Dauer Depew Broadcasting

Melissa r.:. Schwartz

Kelly Day Kenmore Broadcasting



Melissa ~. Schwartz

Steven Dellicolll Rye Criminal JusUce

Michele DIBemadlno Angola Exceptional Elementary Ed.

Gloria I. Dickman Binghamton Elementary Education

Darcy Demmln r1ewfane Secondary Ed../Matb

Deborah L. Domalskl Depew Public COmmunications

Karla Dianne Dioguardi Rochester Sociology

lila DJerakas Buffalo



Kathleen Donlon Buffalo

Lori Donnelly Buffalo

IIyssa Dresher "ew Hartford Learning Bebavloral Disorders

Melissa E. Schwartz



Ronald B. Dynarski Sardina Electrical Engineering Tech.

Pamela A. Drinkard East Amherst Business Studies

Jeffery Edwards Fine City ISJII

Harold A.. Ehahuus Buffalo Chemistry Secondary Ed.

AnneB. Emme Williamsville Humanities/Liberal Arts

Wayne Elston Lowman Economics

Maureen C. England ~stAurora exceptional/Elementary Ed.



Cl'alg ~I'kus Buffalo Economics

Jeffl'ey Evoy Lockport Social Studies Ed.

Julie fronczek

Patricia Marie Farrell Syracuse Bl'oadcasting

Louis ~ze rUgeria Chemistry

• Ellzabetb Fidel Hambul'g Elementary Education

John Feyko Brooklyn Bl'oadcastlng

Hellen V. Fellows Ocean Side



Rob Hillyard

Wynnle Fisher Alden Secondary Education/English

Mlcbael FItzgerald Brockport Elementary Education

Donna PI. Flaberty Kenmore Elementary &lucatlon

Steven P. f'lumerfeJdt Elma

Robert Friedland Buffalo

Jill Franke Orchard Park Business Studies



Jane Fraser Tonawanda Exceptional/Elementary Ed.

Julie Fronczek lA>ckport Graphic Design

Rodney Fuller White Plains

Gregory I'ylak Mohawk

Flourens Gachette Spring Valley Broadcasting/French

Aaron L. f'urer Jericho Economics

Julie Fronczek

Dean Glangrosso Farnham Design



/ Beth Gladding Holocomb

Lisa Glo.-dano BatavJa Business Studies

David P. Gifford West Seneca Industrial Technology

Victoria GoJmerac Tonawanda Economics

Julianne E. Goodman Waterloo Social Work

Brad K. Goodstein Yannlngdale Criminal Justice

Maryann J. Oral Buffalo Criminal Justice

Steve Gordon Buffalo Blopsycbo sociology

Bruce A. Gordon Staten Island Graphic Design



Scott Gunther Freeport Industrial Technology

Marla Gumtow Elma Elementary Education

Beatrice Guerrieri Elma Elementary Education

Rodney Michael Gurney , West Seneca Industrial Tech./Tech Ed.

Melissa E. Schwartz

Faul Guthart Rye FubIlc Communications



Melissa E. Schwartz

Tim Halloran Clifton Park Engineering Tecbnology

Loretta Hall Buffalo

Jeffery Hall Itbaca Business



Jennifer Hancock Apalachin Elementary Education

Sylvia Hananla Buffalo

Mark R. Harmon Afton Economics

frederick E. Harrison Brooklyn Consumer Family Studies

Amy L. Hatcher Akron Elementary Education

Patricia Ann Hauser Buffalo Business


Melissa E. Schwartz

Rosemarie Hehr Depew



Kirsten S. Heintz Hamburg Engllsb

Audrey E. Held West Seneca

Toni A. Herliby Depew Exceptional/Elementary Ed.

Korrlnna Hettler Buffalo Offtce Administration

Rose A. Hernandez Buffalo Criminal Justice

Katbleen l'I. Higgins Hamburg Elementary Education

Dawn HlIt East Amberst Interior Design



Klcha£d Hoffman WIUlamsvtlle U£ban Regional Analysis &' Plan.

Jacqueline Holmes Buffalo Journalism

Joseph Holmes BullaJo Social Wo£k

Cheryl Horowitz Deer Park Math/Secondary Ed.

Audrey ~. Horvath West Seneca Elementary Education

Julle Fronczek

Denise Hosme£ Campbell Sociology/Criminal Justice

Nanel Hough Tonawanda



Patricia A. Hunter Buffalo

Mark R. Hout Buffalo

Jac.quelynn Ann Imlolo Buffalo Public Communications

Alan r4. Iberman Plainview Grapblc Design

Lorllsaaes Pomona



Joseph M. Jenkins Buffalo

Lisa Renee McMichael Queens Criminal Justice

Paul Jackson Syracuse Industrial Technology

Cathleen Anne Jones Niagara Falls Elementary Education

Rocbelle Jordan Brooklyn SOcial Work

Beth Ann Jeswald North Collins

Sue Petruccelli

David B. Judge Hamburg BiologyISecondary Ed.



Kitty Kane Orchard Park

Allyson Junge Hauppauge Business Studies

Meryl Kesten Inwood

Beth Kasten Staten Island ~lementary Education

Marian Klng Buffalo

Klmberly A. Kill Hammond Sport

Stephen Kocher Liverpool



Karen S. Kolepp Buffalo Elementary Education

Connie Kolek WllllamsvUle 'SIII

Melissa E. Schwartz

P'amela Lynn Knapp Kenmore Business Studies

Richard W. Knubbert Williamsville Industrial Tech.

Karen Kramholler North Tonawanda

Lianne Koepf Cheektowaga Elementary Education

Kimberly Koechler Bedford Hills Psychology



Sue Petruccelli

John Kranz Hamburg Criminal Justice

Amy Kretchmer Hilton English

Katherine Krezmien Cheektowaga Elementary Education

Savilla Kress rtlagara Falls f1neArts

Heron Hugh Laing White Plains Business Studies

Lynne E. laMattina Fredonia

Jackie Kurek Bemus Point Communication Disorders



Tanlto C. Lancaster Buffalo

James K. Lane Hamburg

Lisa Marie Lampke Derby Graphic Design

John LaScala Tonawanda Social Work

Erica Claudine Latak Lackawanna Social Work

Robert E. Lannen WlillamsvlUe Business

Julie Fronaek



Kelley Lee Grand Island

Michelle Lauckem l'tortb Syracuse Business Studies

Anthony Leckey Spring Valley secondawy Education/Chemistry


Karyn Lewis Amityville

Tennyson Lewis Buffalo

steve Levine Forest Hills

Clarice L1tueneld Frewsburg Exceptional/Elementary Ed.

Terrence Levy Buffalo

Sberyl Llssak Brooklyn Special Ed./~lementary Ed.





Emanuel A. Lopresto Buffalo Broadcasting

Ann Loesch Islip SOCial Studies Ed.

Jennifer LoeIDer l'IewClty Design



Virginia Lounsbury "',,"upac PubIic Communications

Melissa 1';. Schwartz

Christina Lukacz Kenmore Exceptional/Elementary Ed.



Sue l"etruccel1i

Nancy Lukas Clay Criminal Justice

Janice Elaine McCaster Buffalo Public Communications

Cyntbla Lyncb Islip Business

Suzette Lynch Rochester Consumer I:t Family Studies

SbeUy A. Mack Buffalo

Joanne M. MacPeek WeslSeneca Ilngllsb

Susan Mach Lackawanna



Thomas Malcolm Peekskill Social Studies Education

Patricia A. Maher Cheektowaga ExceptionaJ/Elemenatry Ed.

Denise Maffia Holbrook Business Studies

Melissa E. Schwartz


Arlelle Marantz Pair Lawn Elementary Education

Sberl Mangano Buffalo Business

Mark l"Ialkaslan Kenmore

Lisa Marinello Lewiston

Melissa E. Schwartz

John MarkJ Depew Graphic Design




Lori Matheis East Amherst ~ceptlonal F..d./Learnlng 8t 8eh. Dis.

Laura Masset Sanborn Elementary Education

Valerie Maslangoako Soutb Africa Science Education

Jonl Maxick Tonawanda

Maria Mattioli Cheektowaga

Jeanne Matteson Addison Art Education

Joan Meegan Buffalo Food Systems I'tanagement

Bryant Mcinnis Brooklyn Urban Planning

William J. McCann Jr. Oswego Graphic Design! Art Ed.



Bryan MendelsoD Brooklyn Business

Katby Meka Buffalo LBO/Early Cblldbood


Linda Mest Lackawanna Elementary Ed./LBD

Lynne Mendelson Brooklyn Elementary Ed.jFbyslcally Handl. M.

Marla Messina Cheektowaga Business Studies Mgmt.

Lisa Meyers Buffalo Food Systems Management

Famela F. MilkOWSki Buffalo Broadcasting



Michael D. Miller Cheektowaga Industrial Tech.

Brlka Miller Port Washington CPS/Human Dey. Family Studies

Sue Petruccelli

Susan Mitchell Buffalo Social Work

Katrina B. Minus rfewYork Sociology

Teresa Morales Buffalo

Theresa Montieclolo Buffalo Business Studies

Donna M. Mitton Middletown Social Work



Melinda Morris WeslSeneca Fasblon Technology

Pamela L. Mosley Massapequa Criminal Justice

Nancy Morgan Tonawanda

Lerato M. Mpbacbof

Melissa ~. Schwartz

Lisa A. Mraz



Matthew W. Murdock Scotia Political Science/Journalism

Mundeba·Wa·Mundeba Uvira, Zaire Mathematics

Chris Mulcahy

RandlNakken Lancaster Elem/Exceptlonal Ed.

Susan M. Nagel West Seneca

Patricia Murrer Rochester Food Service Mgmt.

carla "aU BuII'alo special Slud./BuslnessetOmce Admin.

Jacqueline K. Nareau Elma Graphic Design

Mary Jo Nanna Depew HI.toty



Rob Hillyard

Sharon N. Nell Montgomery Interior Design

AmyJ'llewport Averill Park

Vanessa A. Nichols New York Broadcasting

Christie Nolan Syracuse Secondary Ed./Social Studies

Cindy NussenblaU Brooklyn Elementary Education

Erin P. O'Brien West Seneca

Lea Ann "uwer Lancaster PsychologyIPhllosophy



Michelle Ogulch Grand Island Industrial Technology

Christina Paar

Karen O'Connell Buffalo


Mlcbael Pallsano Hamburg Exceptional Ed.tHental Retard.

Peter J. Palladino Jamesville Business 8t Dlst.-Ibutive Ed.

Relnaldo Pabon



Elyce Parker North Woodmere Fashion Merchandising

Cberyl Lynn Parry Sanborn Elem/Exceptional Ed.

Elena PaslnskJ Alden

Steven Patterson Buffalo

Tl'acy Pearl Hamburg Business Studies

Tracy A. Peiffer Hamburg Business Studies

Lisa Ann Pelllttlerl Cbeektowaga Chemistry



Patrick C. Penfteld Buffalo Business Studies

Lynne Pennel1a WlJItamsvilie LBO/Elementary Ed.

Ronald Perry Buffalo

Andrew Pesner Plainview Public Communications

Thomas Petscbke Buffalo

Melissa E. Schwartz

Cbrl.tlne I'blUlp. Cbeektowaga LBD/Elementary Ed.

Kimberly J. PhlIlips Batavia Elementary Education



Scott Phillipson Tonawanda Distributive Education

Marie Sue P'lIeggl Buffalo

Ilia M. Pierakos Buffalo Biology Sec. &I./Earth Sci.

Daniel E. Piotrowski Lackawanna

Greg Pollack Merrick Business Studies

Pamela Premlelewskl Williamsville

Michele Prim Buffalo

Duane Freston Batavia Industrial Tech.

Linda protrowskl Buffalo



Mary M. Pullano Or-and Island Exceptional Ed/LBO

Patricia Rado Lkae Ronkonkoma Elementary Education

Ronald Rankin Hambur-g

Linda Ransom Rocbester– Business

Melissa e. Schwartz

Cannen L. Ray



Otto C. Reinhardt II. Tonawanda Art Education

Leslie Reczek Buffalo Broadcasting

David Retcblin

Nicole Resnick Holbrook

/ Jeff Richardson East Syracuse Mechanical Engineering Tech

Alan E. Reumann Pavilion Technology Education

Cberyl A. Hellinger Buffalo BiologyICOaching



Bernadette Rloelli Lancaster

Gary Ritter Buffalo

Rob tllltyard

Marco Kivarola Elmont Graphic Design

Benay Ritzer Buffalo

I Brian Rivers Liverpool lSI'!

Margaret Robinson North Tonawanda

Sharlene Roach Hilton Elementary Education



Marla A. Rondinelli Clarence

Jacqueline Roland Queens Broadcasting

Jay Rock Buffalo Broadcasting

J Ub.. K.OneK(U Jr. Depew Broadcasting

Mcllssa E. Schwaru

Lisa Ro090 Lockport Speech.Lang.Path.. &' Audio.



Diane Roth

John Rosenburg North Tonawanda

Renae Rosenbaum Brooklyn Elementary Ed/Early Child.

Darlynn Rulz Buffalo

Angelo Ruiz Buffalo

Donna Ruffini Lake Ronkonkoma Journalism

Patricia Ann Sadauskas Goshen English

Holly Rustowicz Buffalo Business Studies

Patricia Ryndak Nortb Tonawanda Economics



Steven Saslow Yonkers Broadcasting

AgusSald Palembang. Indo.

Deborah Saell Williamsville Blementary Education

Christine Scherz Syracuse Food Systems I'fgmt.

Paul A. Savage II Ausable Forks Criminal Justice

RJcbard E. Scboelles Tonawanda Industrial Technology

Brian l'I. Schmitt rtorth Collins Business studies



Peter Schwartz East l'1eadow

Douglas J. Schroeder Williamsville

Katherine Marie Schreck Tonawanda English

Lynette Scibetta

Peter Scoma Cheektowaga


Melissa E. Schwartz

Paul Keith Seeley Candor Art Ed/Graphic Design

Peter Seminara Williamsville



Veronderlette Sheppard Laurelton Industrial Tech/Tech &:I

Suzanne M. Sbattuck Holcomb Interior Design

Kana Shahld Eggertsville

Karen slegei Rochester Apparel at Textile Design

Caryn Sblnske North Babylon Journalism

Marybetb Shevan Niagara Falls

Thomas F. Skalski Depew Criminal Justice

Judy 1'1. Siplor Buffalo Speech. Lang. at Path.

Mary Sleroslawsld Depew



Denise M. Smith Holland ISM

Kelly Smith Angola Social Work

Raquel Smith Hempstead Criminal Justice

Elyse A. Smolin Huntington Station

Rob Hillyard

Terri Snider Sanborn Special Edu./Elem. £du.



William Spector Forest Hills Business Studies


David J. Snyder Pulaski Physics/Electrical EDgin.

Julianne Speranzo Deer Park Criminal Justice

Rob Hillyard

Craig SUUman Brooklyn Business Studles/Omce Admin.



Tricla Strauss Rochester Mathematics

Mark. Strauss Clarkstown Elementary Education

Theresa I'f. Stovell Bronx Except.Ed./LBD/Elem Ed.

Jodi L. Sunshine Spring Valley

Kimberly S. Sullivan Falr Haven Elementary Education

Dorothy R. Sullivan Buffalo Business Studies

Suzanne J. Thomas Orchard Park. Except. Edl Elem. Ed.

Kathleen R. Tassy Grand Island

Daniel P. Tasman Buffalo Urban Planning



; : J'.-" .': }');L: ,;,;/{~;t~

Audrey Thompson St. Albans Business Studies

Bryan Thompson Glen Cove Design

Lynn Toczek North Tonawanda Psychology

Paulette Tota WlUiamsvUle Graphic Design

Catherine M. Touma rUagara Falls Psychology

Bradley Towart BuJlaIo

R. Oary Trbovich Grand Island

Dawn Trent Buffalo Business

Sharon Trippett Buffalo



Evelyn Turton Buffalo Social Work

Kimberly Tuttle Buffalo Elementary Education

Wendy M. Tyler Clarence Center

Lynn L. Uher Cortland Art Education





Elizabeth Urbanski Buffalo Journalism

LIsa Valenti Bethpage Psychology

Marlene Valverde Buffalo Business Studies/Office Admin

Stad Vandenburgh North Tonawanda Exectlonal/Elem. Edu.

Robert Vanderwerf Tonawanda Criminal Justice

Can S. Vaughn Bellmore



John Vecchiarelli Buft'alo

Sharon Vener Albany

Rob Hillyard

Sal Vlavattene Buft'alo

Lisa Vinci Spencerport

Micaela Vitale Auburn

Debora Vltko Kenmore Elementary Education

Brian Vogel Orchard Park Mechanical Technology



.Joe Von Dohlen Rochester

Kalarani Vythillngum Buffalo Business Studies/Office Admin.

Kurt Thomas Wagner Rochester ISM

carl Wald Tequesta. FLA. Criminal Justice

Cynthia Lorraine Walker Niagara Falls Speech. Lang.•Palh. 8t Audio.

Sol\Ja Jeannie Walker Syracuse Exceptlonl/Elem. Education


Grant Walters East Aurora

Michael Want Buffalo Graphic Design

Stacey Ann Warshaw Spring Valley Distributive Education



Joseph Wasilewski Buffalo Music ~ Elementary Uu.

Kathleen Wasilewski Buffalo Music

Lisa Marie Watkins Kenmore Office Administration

Susan Weber Tonawanda

Adam Weiner Buffalo



Betb Wheaton North Syracuse Elementary Education

Thomas It. Whalen Orchard Park Business Studies

scott C. Western Jobnstown Elementary Education

Mark Wllkow Brooklyn Criminal Justice

Kimberly WhIte Dryden Graphic Design

Vernon L. Wbitaker Buffalo Industrial Technology

Janice A. Wolf Buffalo

Kelll L. Wojcik Lewiston

Cberyl Wojciechowski Alden Office Administration



John Wright Buffalo

TlnaWoocis North Bangor Business ~ Marketing Edu.

Wendy S. Wood Elma Elementary Edueatlon

Steven Zeltcblck Bellmore Business Studies

victoria Zaccagnino West Amberst

ADtb~:rn~::aDa Crimina. Justice

Cberyl L. Zolnowski Alden Business Studies

David ZOn Buffalo

Robin Zlentiek Buffalo Food Systems !'Igmt.




College Administration * RICHARD A. WIESEN, Ed.D•.. NEIL H. RUDIN, Ph.D•...... .. . . . Acting President . Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs JAMES M. CAPUTI, B.B.A. . . . . . . . • .. . .. Vice President for Finance and Management JAMES A. GOLD, D.Ed. . ............... Vice President for Student Affairs

Assoc. for Research , Development , & Evaluation .. .. . ...... .. ... Mario Yepes·Saraya, Ph.D. EOP Counselors .. Roslyn Berkovitz, Ph.D.; Alicia Granto, M.S.; Emma McFayden, M.S.; Michael Pirowskin, M.S.; Evelyn Rosario , M.A.; Jean Tassy, B.S.; Gwendolyn Wooten, B.A.; Ottilie Woodruff, B.S.Ed. Acting Dir., Upward Bound & Talent Search ... .. . . .. . .... . ... ... Dorothy Sawyer, M.Ed. Dir., STEP/ C-STEP ... Marvin Wilson, M.A. Special A••t. to Vice President . .. . Nancy J . Lund, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Applied Science &: Education ........ . . Barbara Sirvis Ed 0 Assoc. Dean .. . .. Ann L. Egan: Ph:O: Assoc. Dean. . . ........ Richard N. Hall, M.Ed. Dir., Center for Development of Human Services . . . . . . . . . . David P . Wegenast, O.S.W. Dir., College Learning Laboratory . . .. Crayton L. Buck, Ed. D. Chp., Business Dept . ...... . ... Benjamin D. Sackmary, Ph.D. Chp., Consumer Studies & Home Economics Dept. ......... . .. , Betty J. Cappella, Ph.D. Chp. , Criminal Justice Dept.. ..... . Robert D. Pursley, D.P.A. Chp., Educational , Foundations Dept. ........... T_~omas J. Quatroche, D.Ed. Chp., Elementary Education & Reading Dept .. .. ...... ..... .. Lawrence L. Smith, Ph.D. Acting Chp., Exceptional Education Dept. .. . ..... .Mark P . Posluszny, Ed.D. Chp., Information Systems Management Dept. .... . .... . .. Lawrence W. Scott , M.S . Chp., Nutrition & . Food Science Dept . . . . . . . . . . . . Dennis K. Ponton . Ph.D. Chp., Social Work Dept. ..... . Ellen T. Kennedy , M.S.W. Chp ., Speech Language Pathology & Audiology Dept. . ...... Dolores E. Battle , Ph.D. Chp., Technology Dept. ....... . Charles A. Beasley, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Art. & Humanitie. .. . ..... . . Charles L. Deihl, M.F.A. Assoc. Dean Chp., Art Conservation Dept. Chp ., Art Education Dept. Chp., Design Dept....... . Chp., English Dept. Chp., Fine Arts Dept .... ... . · .. Lee Ann Grace, Ph.D. .F. Christopher Tahk, Ph .D. .. Layman H. Jones Jr., D.Ed. · .. Richard A. Butz, M.F.A. . ...... John F. Dwyer, Ph.D. ." .Franke. Eckmair, M.F.A. · . Michael Johnson, Ph.D. Chp., Foreign Language Dept. Chp., Journalism, Broadcasting & Speech Dept.... ..... ... W. Richard IRik) Whitaker Ph 0 Chp ., Performing Arts Dept. . .. Myron H. Nadei, M:A: Chp ., Philosophy & Religious Studies Dept . · .. George T. Hole, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Natural & Social Sciences . Assoc . Dean

PRESIDENT Of THE COLLEGE (Ac:tIag) . . . Richard A. Wiesen, Ed .0. Secl'et.rt.1 Aaat. to tb. Preeldent . . ....... Anna Tiberia Eaec. A.al. to tb. Pre.ldent. . . . . . . .. Marianne Vallet-Sandre, M.S.Ed . Oir., Burchfield Art Center ... Anthony L. Bannon, M.A. Dir., Performing Arts Center .... Stephen A. Scott-Martin, B.S. Adviser to th.. Preeld..at .. DIr., In.titutionalAdvancement .... Glenn R. Nellis, Ph.D. Dir., Corporate Development & Annual Fund. . . . . . . . . . . .. Albert L. Cooper, B.S. Dir" Alumni Affairs .............. Joseph V . Flanagan, M.S. DIr.. PabUc Aff.In ................ Joyce E. Fink, Ed.M. Staff News Writer ................... Peter W. Askew, B.A. Editor/Writer . . . . . . . . James G. Koelmel, B.A. Affirmative Actloo Officer . ....... .. .. Sheila J. Nickson DIr., Adml..loa. . . . . Deborah K. Renzi, M.S.w . Assoc. Oir., Admissions . ............. Paul T. Collyer, M.Ed . Senior Admissions Advisers ... Paul T. Sink , M.S.; Lawrence E. Bynum, B.S ., Charles E. Oimidio , M.S. ; Linda T. Pinkard, Ed.M. Coo~d ., Information Systems .... Margaret M. Brown , M.S . VICE PRESIDENT ACADEMIC AffAIRS (Ac:tIag) ...... Neil H. Rudin, Ph.D. .A..oeiate Vice Prealdeot It O_D, Uade.graduate Stadl... . . . ... Neil H. Rudin, Ph.D . Asst. Dean, Undergraduate Studies .... Kathryn A. Moran, M.S. Asst. Dean & Dir., Lifelong Learning .............. Robert J. Stephen, M.Ed. Oir., Academic Advisement .. , ..... Leon Smith, Ph.D. Acting Dir ., Academic Skills Center .... Russell Macaluso, Ed.D. Dir., Academic Standards & Certification ..... . ..... Fred E. Chapman, Ed.D. ... Emil H. Hoch, Ed. D. A..oc. Vice Pre.ldent &: Deaa, G.. adoate Stadle. aDd Re.ea..cb ... ............ Gerald F. Accurso, Ed. D. Dir., Center for Assistance to Business & Industry ......... Jack C . Brueckman Jr ., Ed.D . Oir., Center for Studies in Creativity Dir ., Research Services & . . . . . . . Scott G . Isaksen , Ed. D. Administration. . .. Kenneth A. Cross, Ed .D. A••oc. Vice Pre.ldeat, PlaaalDg It Academic Support Sel'Vlcea . . Dewayne A. Beery , Ph .D. Dir., Butler library .............. George C . Newman , Ph.D . Oir ., Instructional Resources. . . . . . . Barry A. Herb , M.A. Ant. VlceP....ld..al ........... JeffreyJ. Wallace , Ph .D. Dir., Educational Opportunity Program ...... (Appt. Pending) Assoc. Director. . ..... Cynthia Green-Eggleston, M.S .Ed . Asst. to Dir ., Research. . . . ... .. .... lily M. Sink, M.S. Coord ., EOPAdmissions ... ... . .... .... Fa;ri Ansari, M.S . Asst. Dir., Counseling ........... , .... Audrey Garrett, M.S. Dir., International Programs Oir., New Student Programs & Orientation ................ Susan O. Zirin, M.Ed. Orr., Special Programs ...... . . .Wendel B. Wickland, M.S.

· . . Vern L. Bullough, Ph.D. .!. Joyce Swartney, Ph.D. · ... Harish C. Sikka, Ph.D. . . ........ Jill Nash, Ph.D . . . Bonnie M. Sampsell, Ph.D . · .Joseph S . Zingaro, Ph .D.

Dir., Great Lakes Laboratory . Chp. , Anthropology Dept .. Chp., Biology Dept . Chp., Chemistry Dept. Chp ., Earth Sciences & Science Education Dept. Chp ., Economics Dept. Chp ., Geography & Planning

.... Robert E. Horvat, Ph .D. . ..... Alex J. Ratkowski, Ph.D.

Dept..................... Elbridge A. Renning Jr., M.A. Chp .. Health , PhYSical Education & Recreation Dept. . . . . . . . .. . ... Donald E. Ban, Ph .D.

•According to Information available as of September 23, 1988.


AUXILIARY SERVICES - Faculty-Student A••oelatlon bec, D .... .................... . Gary E. Vickers. M.B.A. Dir., Dining & Vending Services ....... Peter F. Liberti, M.B.A. Dir., College Store ............... Louis J. Kaminski, B.P .S . Olr ., Personnel ................... Karen L. Wayman, M.S . Controller . . . . . . . . . . .......... Susan M. Hoadley, B.S. VICE PRESIDENT STUDENT AFFAIRS .............. James A. Gold, D.Ed. A••oc. Vic. Prealdent a. Dean of Studenta ......... Phillip Santa Maria, Ph .D. A..t. VIce Preald.nt .......... RichardJ . LeCastre , Ph .D. D ..... Stud..nt LIf.. ............. Kate A. Wallace , M.S .Ed. Coord ., Commuter Services ......... John S. Frederick , M.S. Coord ., Student Union ......... Donald W. Blundell, M.S.Ed. Coord ., Student Activities & Greek Affairs ............. Marsha D. Jackson, M.S.Ed. Coord ., Minority Student Services ........... Gail Wells, B.S . Dlr., Coun.eons ............. Edward A. Hattauer , Ph .D. Asst. Oir. , Counseling ................ Joan McCool , Ph .D. Counseling Staff ...... . ...... . Lebanon Arrington, M.S .W.; Ruth M. Campbell, Ph .D. ; Myra Gordon , Ph .D.; Susan Davis, Ph .D.; Susan O. Zirin, M.Ed. A..t. VIce Pr...ld..nt/ D ..... R••ldence LHe ........... . .. Stephen Faust, M.A. Assoc . Dir........................ Ronald George, M.S. Asst. Dir................... Cynthia A. Gilson·Slegel , M.S . Residence Life Facilities Management .... Cravane Givens, B.S . Housing Assistant .................... David Vytlacil, M.S . D ...., Stud..nt Health Center ... Winifred G. Mernan , M.D. Asst . to Oir. . . . ............... Mary T . Sullivan, M.S. Asst. to Dir. , Administration . ... . .. . . Joseph A. Luzio, B.A. Physicians, Part-time ............... Lester S . Sielski, M.D.; Susan T. Eluard, M.D.; Joseph D. Gentile, M.D .; Bohdan Kawinski , M.D. Nurses ... ........... . ... Helen Brooks, R.N.; Barbara A. Chapman, R.N.; Alice Sullivan, R.N.; Angeline Price, R.N.; Irene Kolber, R.N.; Josephine Terranova , R.N. Psychiatrist, Part-time ................. Anthony Foti , M.D. Ok., Career Development CeDter ...................... Cecile G . Biltekoff, M.A. Asst. Director ....... ..... . Stephanie B. Zuckerman, M.Ed. Counselors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlos Tejada, M.S. ; Alma Ferro, B.A. D ..... Stud..nt JudIcial SI/.t... . ................. Marsha D. Jackson, M.S .Ed . Du., latern.doDal Student Aft.1ra ......... Jean-Francois Gounard, Ph .D. D ..... lnt..rcoU..g1.t.Athl.tlctO ..... Fred J . Hartrick, M.S. Assoc . Director . . . . . . . . .... .. . Gail F. Maloney, M.S. Asst. to Director .............. Richard J. Bihr , M.B .A., M.S. Business Manager ................ Camille Spyra, B.S. Coaches ....... . .. MannyKoginos, Ph .D.; Don O'Brien, M.S.; James Ramos, B.S.; Anthony C . Sartori, M.S .; Jean Tassy. B.S.; Jerry Boyes, M.A.; Keith Bullion ;

Chp ., History & Social Studies Education Dept. . . . . . . .

. .... Monroe Fordham, Ph .D. . .... James E. Westrope, M.A.

Chp ., Mathematics Dept.

Chp., Physics Dept. ..... James W. Wells, Ph.D. Chp., Political Science Dept........ Lawrence G. Flood, Ph .D. Chp., Psychology Dept. ............. Jerry F. Cataldo, Ph .D. Acting Chp ., Sociology Dept. .. Rosalyn A. Lindner, Ph .D. VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT .. James M. Caputi, B.B.A. A..oc. Vice Preeldeat a. ComptroUer .... . ..... Gary J . Phillips , C.P.A., Ed.M. College Accountant .. .......... . ... Christine Miller, M.S . Coord ., Business Services ........... Terry M. Harding , B.A. Asst. Olr. , Business Affairs .......... John H . Whelan , M.B.A. Bursar. . .... ................ Richard T . Augustine, M.S. Asst . for University Financial Analysis ... Michael Broderick , B.S. A..oc. Vice Prealdent. Budget & Information Service. . (App!. Pending) Asst. for University Financial Analysis ............ Rebecca J . Schenk, M.B.A. Registrar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark T . Bausili, B.A . Assoc. Registrar ........ , . . . ... Elizabeth C. Farrell , M.S . Assoc . Registrar . . . . . . . . . . . . ... Carole S. HarriS Dir., Financial Aid . . . . . . . . .. Daniel R. Hunter Jr. , Ed.M. Assoc . Dir., Financial Aid . . . . . .. . .. Archie L. Cureton, M.S. Senior Financial Aid Advisers ...... Aurea F. Drzewiecki, M.A.; Warren Hoffman , Ed . M.; Robert A. Macey, M.A.; Michael E. Woodruff, M.S . Dir., Payroll . . . . . . . . .......... Mary Ann Dekarz Dir., PurchaSing Dlr., Public Safety . . . . . . . . . . . Patricia A. Gordon .. La ....erne B. Anderson, M.S. Ed. .... Louis A. Ward A•• oc. Vice Pre.ldent, Facllltle. ................. . ... John J. Byrne, B.S . Acting Dir., Physical Plant ........... Gary H . Kent, M.B.A. Asst. to Dir., Physical Plant ....... . .... Joseph W. Ball. B.S. Coord., Facilities Planning ... JamesJ . Yager, M.B.A. Asst. Coord. , Facilities Planning ...... Steven E. Shaffer, M.A . Space Management Officer. . . . . . .. Thomas J. Peffer, Ed.M. A..oc. Vice Pre.ldent. Faculty & Staff Relation. . . ......... (App!. Pending) PDS Coordinator . . . . . ... . .. Barbara Meyer, B.A. DiT ., Personnel/ Employee Relations Asst . Dir., Personnel! Employee Relations .. Personnel Administrator Dlr., Computing .... Jeffre y A. Brandwine, J.D. ... Susan J. Earshen, M.B .A. . . .Emmanuel J . Hillery, M.S . . ........... Raymond A. Chamberlain , B.S . Assoc . Dir. (Systems) ........ . .Ronald N. Brown Jr. , B.A. Coord., Instruction & Research Support .. . Mary Ann Meyer, B.S. Coord ., Systems & Data Communications ....•. ... Joel P. Swisher, B.A. Coord ., Administrative Information Systems. . . . . . . . . .. Albert B. Santini, B.S. Asst. Dir. (Operations) . . . . . David L. Cummings, B.S. Coord., Operations .................. Ann Dennis , A.A .S. Coord., Remote Operations.. . ...... Jennifer D. McMahon Coord., Production Services. . . . . . . . . .. Marcy A. Zulawski Du., In.dtutional Reaearch . Stan Medinac, M.B.A. Research Systems Analyst. . .. . .. Judith B. Basinski, M.B.A. Asst. Dir. , Public Safety Coord., Environmental Health & Safety. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. David N. Miller, A.A .S. Service..

Sid Goodrich, B.S.; Sandra Hollander, B.S. ; Larry Bynum, B.A.; Paul Wheeler , M.S .; Christina Palmeri, B.S. ; Ed Harris, B.A.



Dr. James A. Gold Vice President (or Student Affairs

Dr. Richard Wiesen Acting President Buffalo State College

Dr. Barbara Sirvls Dean Applied Science and Education

Dr Vern BuUougb Dean Natural and Social Sciences


Dr. NeD H. Rudin Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Harish C. Sikka Director Great Lakes Laboratory

James 1'1. Caputi Vice President For Finance and Management

Charles Delbl Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Business Dept. Benjamin Sackmary. Chairperson Louis Canale


Constance Creveling Mary A,Davis John DeNisco Steven alttler Leonard R. Qraziplene

BaTaTa SilVis, Dean Ann l.Egan, Associate Dean Richard N.HaU, Associate Dean

Dale W. Janowsky Andrew J. Janiak Allan L. Korn Michael Littman

Robert D.Pursley Chairperson Criminal Justice Dept.

Consumer Studies and Home Economics Dept. Betty J. Cappella, Chairperson Ambrose Banks

Nancy Conley Ellen DeWind Colleen Frey Janet Herman Daewoo Ihm Julie Kusmlerz Jacqueline Pamitzke Andrea Shaw Lynne M. White

Betty Cappella Chairperson

Consumer Studies Home Economics Dept.

Thomas J.Morrisey Lewis Neisner Leonard L.Nleman Richard C. Pearce FredeTick Pease Daniel S. Ricigliano Lynn M. Scalia

Benjamin Sackmary Chair-person Business Dept.


Educational Foundations Dept. Thomas J. Quatroche, Chairperson

Elementary Education and Reading DepL Lawrence L. Smith, Chairperson Joan A. Amrozowicz

Donald E. Carter David T. Converse Frank P. Dlulus Charles E. Dixon Abel K.. fink Robert J. Glenn Albert Grande Frederick C. Howe Charles P. laMorte Rex T. Lohmann

Polly "shelman Eileen E. Ballard William J. Barnett John Beaver Marion H. Benz John J. Bruno Bryna R. Coopennan Henry S. Dowskl Ralph R. Dykstra Mildred J. flschle Marilyn M. flavin Richard F. Frazlta Steven Gittler Rebecca Harlin carol Hodges Glenn Hurst William Licata Russel Macaluso Donald O'Brien lois W. Pearson

Thomas J. Quatroche Chairperson r:.ducatlonal foundations Dept.

Criminal Justice Dept. Robert D. Pursley, Chairperson

George Adoff JamesG. fox James R. Gilham

Samuel Malslln Joseph Mattina fdward L. Morgan John Huey·Long Song James L. Tippett

Lawrence L. Smith Chairperson Elementary fd./ Reading Dept.

Richard J. McCowan Joseph J. Moran James Palenno Elizabeth G. Penn James D. Rotella

!"lark 1"'. l"'oslu8zny Chairperson Exceptional Education Dept.


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