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WE OFFER: –– Over 110 years training engineers

EARN A CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY FROM SAE SAE multi-course certificates provide an outline of courses designed to extend your understanding in a specific technology area. When reviewing SAE education and training material, watch for the certificate icon. It indicates which courses are part of an SAE multi-course certificate program.

–– Formats to fit your needs: Classroom and Online –– Engineering-focused training for many industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and more –– Expertise from the top engineers in their field In addition to training and education, don’t miss the suggested Related Design and Engineering Tools & Methods Resources on page 84. We’ve selected key SAE books, standards, journals, and technical events to further your professional development and deepen your technical knowledge. THIS GUIDE INCLUDES COURSES THAT EXPLORE THE FOLLOWING TOPICS –– Management –– Leadership –– Strategy –– Cost and Finance

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WHAT IS YOUR LEARNING NEED? As the world’s leader in offering access to the most extensive, multi-sector source of knowledge and expertise, SAE International provides the mobility engineering training and education needed to turn your challenges into solutions. A DELIVERY FORMAT TO FIT EVERY NEED SAE International offers a variety of learning formats to accommodate diverse learning styles. Explore classroom, live and online, and on-demand courses. Many courses are offered in multiple formats to fit your exact need. Be sure to watch for the icons that identify the format available for each course. Seminars or workshops available as similar live, online web seminars or on-demand courses, will feature icons and information about the schedule and fees for all platforms.

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