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Implants in the Next 6 Months Than You've Placed in the Last 6 Years!

The Gem Responsible for Helping More Than DOUBLE Our Revenue in Just 10 Months!

By Dr. Stephen Jarvie, GG12

Just over a year ago this month, I started my journey to seek out a coach to help me bring my practice back onto positive ground. I’d spent the last nine years trying method after method to bring my numbers back up, and I truly believe that if I hadn’t found Dr. Orent and his GG12 program, I might have lost my practice completely. While I consulted with at least eight other coaches, I found both Tom and Elizabeth to be the most genuine in their approach. They offered solutions that NOT ONLY helped my practice’s bottom line, but they simultaneously support my patients’ best health interests, my team’s abilities, and my personal life as well! If you’re a part of the Gems Family, then you already know that Tom encourages his GG12 members to follow the TOBI (The One Big Idea) EFFECT of focusing on just one Gem at a time. I started with the Team Bonus System, which was particularly fantastic because it brought my entire team in on the fun. We started the Team Bonus System in April 2018 and were seriously surprised at how easy it was to implement. “I can honestly say that I’ve fallen in love with being a Dentist all over again … and it’s all thanks to Gems!” This Gem helps every team member focus on his/her role, what kind of care they are providing, and — using Tom’s verbal skills — promote better dentistry to every patient who walks through our door. We enter collection and production numbers into a shared spreadsheet to ensure that everyone can see their goals and our progress — they can see what’s needed to earn their bonus! In less than a year, my practice has experienced dramatic results! Almost immediately, we saw a 15% increase in revenue compared to the previous year. Then in October — just six months after we started the Team Bonus System — we had earned 25% more than we did in the same month in 2017. As of February 2019 — less than a year

in — we’ve increased revenue by a whopping 60% over our previous record! We have more than DOUBLED our earnings in just 10 months!

In addition to helping my practice’s bottom line, the Team Bonus System helps my team members feel proud of all the hard work they do. The approach allows them to work autonomously toward their goals of educating patients about how to achieve better oral (and overall) health. The Team Bonus System made it abundantly clear which team members were 110% on board … and who was not (which Tom predicted might happen). In the end, I did have one team member who opted out and left … which was best for all involved. I’m now blessed with a team of passionate professionals who give their all to help our patients and our practice. Last (but perhaps most important), the Team Bonus System has helped revive my passion for dentistry. After feeling frustrated and stressed throughout the last nine years, I was starting to get burnt out. It seemed that no matter how many days I worked, my practice just wouldn’t get better. Since becoming a part of the Gems Family last year, I actually enjoy coming to work again. I can honestly say that I’ve fallen in love with being a Dentist all over again … and it’s all thanks to Gems!

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