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Dr. Cindy Wolt

wanted to be … even though I was very active physically, playing high- level volleyball and working out “at the gym” regularly. But that was easier than eating less! Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Today I weigh 172 pounds. Still 6 feet 2 inches at age 61. Still playing volleyball at a highly competitive level three nights per week against kids in their 20s and 30s. Playing nationally several times a year as well (upcoming tournaments in Connecticut, Ohio, and Utah). I still work out with a personal trainer. But my “TOBI” … THE ONE BIG IDEA that has allowed me to CHOOSE my weight … is controlling what and when I eat. Just showing up at the gym isn’t enough! Remember his 1962 speech? “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too.” The most successful Dentists CHOOSE to do the things that may be harder, may require CHANGE, but they CHOOSE to do these things because they know in their hearts and minds that their PATIENTS WILL BENEFIT and ultimately they will be rewarded with PROFESSIONAL SATISFACTION and the ability to BUILD WEALTH for themselves and their families. I received an email from Wayne, one of our Gems Concierges, regarding a member he is trying to help. He told me about an online screen share and phone consultation with the member and the doctor’s team. The doctor was concerned that finances were getting tight and asked Wayne what he might recommend they do in order to stimulate revenue growth. Wayne had already been working with them recently on their TOBI (“The One Big Idea”). So he asked the doctor and team a series of questions in order to determine why that particular Gem wasn’t "working" for them. On Planet Gems, we call these questions a “Strategy Debriefing.” Walking through the actions taken step by step, helps us to determine whether or not there may have been a deviation from what should have been done. I won’t list every detail of their conversation, but the result was that 5 out of 7 questions were answered in the negative. For example, “Did you meet with your team once a week to work on this strategy?” “No.” “Have your team members been role-playing the verbal skills?” “Not yet.” “Are you filling out the challenge form?” “Nope.” I could go on, but I’m certain you get the picture. The REASON they aren’t seeing the growth they yearn for is that they’ve chosen NOT to take the actions necessary to reap that growth. 3. HOW PRESIDENT KENNEDY LANDED US ON THE MOON A TALE OF TWO DENTISTS. BOTH GEMS MEMBERS. Dr. A. (real name withheld to protect the guilty)

Cindy and her office manager, Abbie, are still relative newbies here at Gems (landed a little over a year or so). Yet their results and growth have been stratospheric!

Here is a brief glimpse taken from a long email Abbie sent:

“I know you haven't heard from us for a couple of weeks — we have good reason — which I WILL be sharing on New Year’s Eve — you WILL need to sit down for it …

“So prepare the Gems team, Dr. Orent, and Lisa Weber: Old Abbs rocked out over $125,000 of treatment in eight days — not just accepted, but paid all patient portions in full!!”


The difference between success and stagnation is palpable. Whether you live at the Gems Retreats, are on the phone with their Concierge or Coach, or even communicate in an email … you can FEEL the excitement, the JOY, and the dedication expressed by Cindy (Dr. Wolt) and Abbs (Abbie, her office manager) as they share the stories of what’s happened recently in their practice. They are every bit as excited about their patients’ appreciation for better health and aesthetics as they are about the astounding financial increases they are experiencing. Of course, Dr. Wolt isn’t unique here on Planet Gems. Hardly. She follows a long list of doctors and team members who “get” that they’ve got to “do” some things in order to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Stay tuned for Part II in next month’s “New Frontiers of Dental Practice Success” Newsletter in which I’ll reveal a self-assessment quiz … an itemized “SUCCESS CHECKLIST” in order to ensure CRYSTAL CLARITY … and what YOU can do for yourself and your practice in order to achieve your goals and live your dreams!

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