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A publication of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor

S. H. Sutherland, President

Ray A. Myers, Chairman of the Board

FEBRUARY, in the year of our Saviour

Vol. 51, No. 2

Nineteen Hundred and Sixty

Established 1910

Dedicated to the spirtual development of the Christian home

ACCUSERS OF THE BRETHREN — H. H. Savage ...................... 8 T IMO THY THE T IM ID — Vance Havner ................................. 10 THE HOLY SPIRIT — Merv Rosell .......................................... 11 FORGIVENESS, M AG IC WORD OF POWER — William Ward Ayer 12 CHR IST IAN EDUCATION — Helen Frazee-Bower ........... ........ 14 TEN REASONS W H Y YOU SHOULD STUDY PROPHECY — Paul Nevin ................................................................... _ 21 BARNEY THE BARNACLE — Kay Gudnason .............................. 32 M ISSIONS IN THE 49th STATE — Betty Stevens ..................... 40

O IL W I L L IA M CU LBERTSON P resid en t, M o o d y B ib le In stitu te speaks on the fundamentals of the faith. I n s p i r a t io n “Bible believing Christians hold to the inspiration of the Word of God. The word itself means to breathe in. ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of God’ (II Timo­ thy 3:16). Quite literally, all Scripture is God-breathed. “Various expressions are to be found throughout the Bible which make us un­ derstand that the writers claimed that what they were writing was God’s mes­ sage. The expression ‘Thus saith the Lord’ and its equivalents occur hundreds of times. The Lord Jesus put His seal upon the divine origin of the Old Testa­ ment: ‘. . . the scripture cannot be broken’ (John 10:35; ‘. . . one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled’ (Matthew 5:18). “The Bible has something to say as well, about the process of this inspiration, for it declares that ‘holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost’ (II Peter 1:21). We therefore conclude that God revealed His truth to these men, that He moved them to speak and write, and that—in the miracle of divine use of human instruments—there has been given to us God’s Word in deed and in truth. We insist that by providence, in their heredity, background, training and experi­ ence, God brought these men to the place in which He could use them—not as auto­ matons, but as servants whose personalities were wholly surrendered to Him—to give the sons of men the infallible, inerrant Word of God.” Every Christian should have a copy of Dr. Culbertson’s book God’s Provision for Holy Living, a happy blending of Bible study and practical exhortation. 112 pages, paper bound. For your free copy, write Moody Bible Institute, Dept. K-O-861, 820 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago 10. 111.

H YMN S YOU LOVE — Phil Kerr ...................... ............... 7 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX — Louis T. Talbot ................... 16 BOOK REVIEWS — Arnold Ehlcrt .......................................... 18 PERSONAL EVANGELISM — Benjamin Weiss ............................ 25 WORLD NEWSGRAMS — J. O. Henry ..................................... 26 SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE — Bolton Davidheiser .............. ...... 27 TALKING IT OVER — Clyde M. Narramoro .............................. 28 THE CHRISTIAN HOME — Paul Bayles ..................................... 30 UNDER THE PARSONAGE ROOF — Althea Miller .................... 31 CHURCH RECREATION — Jim Slevcove ................................ 35 ACCENT ON YOUTH — Ken Poure ...................................... 36 TALKS W ITH TEENAGERS — Betty Bruechert ............. ... ........ 37 A LU M N I NEWS — Inez McGahey ................... ............. 39 Cokmiu READER REACTION ..................................................... 4 JUBILEE CAPSULE COMMENTS ........................... 5 PEOPLE IN THE NEWS ......... 6 HOM ILETICAL HELPS ............................................................ 17 NUGGETS OF GOLD .......................................................... 29 TOWN A N D CAMPUS NEWS ......................................... 38 ( W The cover picture for our second edition of THE KING 'S BUSINESS during the 50th anniversary Jubilee year is taken off the coast of Massachusetts. It should serve to remind Christians everywhere that despite the conditions about us, we are to let our lights so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our Father which is in heaven. May our lives be built upon that solid Rock which is Jesus Christ. — All Rights Reserved —


J. RUSSELL ALLDER: Business Manager


Irene Boyd, Bolton Davidheiser, Arnold D. Ehlert, Charles L. Feinberg, Edward Hayes, James O. Henry, Martha S. Hooker, Al Sanders, Oron H. Smith, Gerald B. Stanton

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Reader R eaction HERBERT ARMSTRONG In your recent issue I read, “What Does Herbert Armstrong Preach?” I notice he is the editor of “ The Good News.” Is this the Good News Pub­ lishers of Westchester, Illinois? They put out condensed books under the Christian Reader’s Club. Laura P. Tweed, Clearlake Highland, California. E ditor ’ s N o te : There is no connec­ tion whatsoever. The Good News Pub­ lishers to which you refer is headed by a Christian leader, Clyde Dennis, w h o m THE KING’S BUSINESS would commend and recommend highly. The similarity of names is unfortunate. M AGA Z IN E IS PASSED AROUND I enjoy every issue so much. I give my copy to my neighbor to read and then to two other friends, so you see it travels ouite a lot. Mrs. Miller, San Diego, California. SEEKING CORRESPONDENTS Recently one of the preachers here gave me your address telling me that you might be able to help me find some pen pals. I would appreciate it it they would be my same age. I am 15 and my hobbies are stamp-collect­ ing, reading, and correspondence. Thank you for your help. Christopher Martin L'Brocy, 106-A, Wilkinson Road, Singapore 15. E ditor ’ s N o te : Perhaps some of our teenage readers will avail themselves of the opportunity of meeting this young man from Asia through corres­ pondence. DOESN'T LIKE COVER What is the KING’S BUSINESS? Is it not advertising . . . the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ? Magazine covers are great advertising mediums. Does your December cover photo ( Biola women students at La Mirada trimming Christmas tree ) tell the story of Jesus? Certainly not by displaying a fancy ornament ladened artificial tree. You state yours is “ The magazine dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home.” Let’s keep it that way. Clarence E. McDaniel, Paradise, California. SPIRITUAL CONTENT I have been pleased with the spirit­ ual uplift THE KING’S BUSINESS gives me. I was graduated from the Los Angeles State Normal School in 1893 when it was located at 5th and Hope Streets. I now have ten grand­ children and 29 great grandchildren and am now 92 years old. I have en­ joyed your magazine ever since taking it many years ago. Mrs. C. J. Walker, Long Beach, California.

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HOW CAN ANYONE REFUSE to help such lovely but needy children?

J j j B I L E f t



W illiam Culb<‘rison President, Moody Bible Institute THE KING 'S BUSINESS has had a valuable ministry for me over many

years. M y first acquainta nee with it dates back to t h e d a y s when I was in my teens a n d w a s a young Sunday school teacher in the church

in which I grew up. For the con­ stancy of your loyalty to the Lord and His holy Word, for the excellent ministry in connection with the un­ folding of the truths of that Word, many of us have reason to be ex­ tremely thankful. May your Golden Jubilee year be one of great usefulness and enlarged blessing to many. Fraeikliio F. FI Iis International Director Child Evangelism Fellowship As THE KING 'S BUSINESS maga­ zine approaches the fiftieth anni­

S P © N S © 16 O N E O F T H E S E E 1 T T E E O N E S F O 18 O N E Y E I G H T D O E L A R S A M O N T H You may select your own child from the pictures aboye and become a sponsor of one of these dear Korean orphan children. (You may ask a friend to be co-sponsor with you—$4 each). Each child has a heartbreaking story. For instance, number 6B Pak Sung Jin was born May 19, 1955 in Kyong Nam. About a year ago her father died of illness. He left no money or property for the mother and child. After trying desperately to feed and clothe herself and Sung Jin, the mother suddenly disappeared, abandoning her child! Sung Jin was found on the street wandering, begging and crying. R E S C U E D F R O M D E S P A I R Now she is cared for in our Peace and Holiness Orphanage in Tong Nei near Pusan which is in desperate need of many new spsonsors. Each child is waiting to have an American or Canadian “Daddy and Mommie” ! For only $8 a month—just 26 pennies a day—you or your Sunday School, Bible Class, Junior Church, Ladies Group, etc., will help bring Christ to your chosen boy or girl and train him to be a Christian leader in Korea. This $8 provides all the needs of the child, including the school tuition which is not free in Korea. The ESEA is caring for over 3000 orphans, war widows and children of lepers. Many more are in desperate need, homeless, cold and hungry. Help us expand our 40 Homes. Each one is a real Christian institution. All Staff and Board members are earnest Bible believing Christians. Korea’s severe winter is on. Will you help us so that we may take many more children off the streets and into our Homes? Write or phone NOW! THE EVERETT SWANSON EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION, INC. 4848 North Leonard Drive Chicago 31, Illinois CLIP AND M A IL TODAY d □ YES I want to sponsor an orphan for one year. My choice is Number ......... ! If this child has already been "adopted," I agree to support another whom you J will select. With God's help I will send $8 a month. Please let me have my i child's name, picture, address and story. I understand I may continue after ! one year if I wish to. SEND FULL PARTICULARS. □ I cannot "adopt" a child, but want to help by giving $..................... □ Please send me further information. i Name ..................................................................... i Address ........................................ i i City ........................................ Zone ........ State ......................... \ i Gifts of any amount are welcome. Sponsorings are income tax deductible. THE EVERETT SWANSON EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION, INC. ! A Non-Profit Corporation Dept. K-2 4848 North Leonard Drive Chicago 31, Illinois J Telephone: GLadstone 6-6181 I

versary year I certainly want to take this op­ portunity to ex­ press my feel­ ing concerning the magazine. Ever since we moved to the west coast eight

years ago we have been regular readers of THE KING 'S BUSINESS It is a pleasure to take this op­ portunity tocongratulate you on the successfulcompletion of fifty years of publishing and to wish you God's richest and God's best in the years to come. W a lte r M . Montano Editor, Christian Heritage Magazine To you, faithful stewards of the ministry of the printed word, I send

my sincere con- g r a t u l a t i o n s upon the occa­ sion of y o u r Golden Jubilee. ^ I read T H E KING 'S BUSI- incoo regularly with keen en­ joyment. Its rich


material, its inspirational impact, its edifying Biblical messages keep the readers strong in "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." Your zeal, faithfulness to the Word, and witness for Christ our Lord have been a light unto the path of many countless children of God.





Cutter Academy Dedication

Richard Nixon and Bill Jones

by Milford Sholund . A young pastor, concerned with spirit­ ual values amid Sunday School “activity,” heard Miss Henrietta C. Mears say, “ I didn’t closely grade pupils, God did.” In a thoughtful article, he tells " X of Gospel Light’s L e a r n - / w rite \ in g -L evel ® Bible-teaching I FOR \ principle that revolution- I FREE I ized his Sunday School. V reprint J

Dr. A. W. Tozer, editor of the Alli­ ance Witness, will be one of the main speakers at the 12th annual Evangeli­ cal Press Association convention held January 26-27 in Minneapolis. Mr. Mel Larson, editor of the Evangelical Beacon, is president of the group. Dr. V. Raymond Edman, president of Wheaton College, has recently de­ clared, “We do not see why anyone should hesitate to stand up and de­ clare himself to be a loyal American.” The announcement was made in re­ sponse to all of the publicity recently given for support of the student loyalty oath asked by the National Defense Education Loan authorities. Dr. A. H. Ste­ this year. Dr. Stewart is a member of the Co-operating Board of Trustees of the University. Mr. Jack Conner, well-known marim­ ba and vibraphone artist, has been named special representative f o r World Vision, Inc. Dr. David Morken, missionary evan­ gelist, has completed a city-wide cam­ paign in Fukuoka, Japan, sponsored by the city’s 40 churches. 85 services, plus television and radio programs, resulted in the conversion of many. Dr. Merrill C. Tenney, dean of the Graduate School of Wheaton College, has had his new book released, “ The Word for this Century.” A number of evangelical leaders have contributed to the work which is based on the Wheaton statement of faith. wart, Bible teach­ er, will deliver the tenth annual Bob Jones Uni­ versity Lectures on Evangelism, February 8 - 12. The talks will be published later

Mr. Bill Jones, leading West Coast Christian businessman, hosted a spe­ cial banquet in Washington, D.C. re­ cently at which time key governmen­ tal leaders and embassy personnel attended. Dr. Billy Graham addressed the group. Culter Academy, Christian day school in Los Angeles, with grades, 1 through 12, had a victory celebration recently with the dedication of its first new building. Left to right are: John F. Blanchard, Jr., president of Culter Academy, hold­ ing little Irene Dyk; Mrs. Alexander Kerr (for whom Kerr caning jar is named), donor of the property, wield­ ing scissors to cut ribbon; John M. Isaac, president of Culter Academy Board of Directors, holding little Nancy Arnold. Dr. Victor Buksbazen, general secre- tary of the Friends of Israel, Inc. has announced the organization’s new film, “ They Looked for a City.” The plight of suffering Jews in Europe during the last decades is graphically told in the true-to-life human drama. Dr. and Mrs. Bob Jones, Jr. will per­ sonally conduct a jet tour of Europe and the Holy Land scheduled for February 16—March 18. Countries to be visited include: Belgium, Switzer­ land, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Holland. Dr. Percy H. Harris, president of the London Bible Institute and Theologi­ cal Seminary, London, Ontario, Cana­ da, passed away recently at the age of 37 from polio. Rev William Patteson Nicholson, well- known Irish bom evangelist, passed away several months ago, however, word did not reach our editorial offices in time for an earlier edition. Bom in 1876, death came to the noted Christian leader in Ireland.



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that would provide two things—

Constantly Ab id ing Words and music by Mrs. William H. Murphy

At one time the Murphy family was quite wealthy, operating the largest poteries in Ohio. Mrs. W ill Murphy used her wealth and influence in the service of. Christ. She had many tal­ ents, — as a musician, singer, and public speaker, — and used them very effectively in gospel work. “ Constantly Abiding,” which she wrote in 1908, reveals her enthusiasm and deep con­ fidence in the Lord. The economic depression of 1929 led to the total loss of the family’s busi­ ness and wealth, resulting in the death of Mrs. Murphy’s husband. Stripped of worldly possessions, she spent her closing years with relatives in Bur­ bank, California, where she died of a heart ailment, March 30, 1942. A few months before her death this writer enjoyed a visit with her, finding that in spite of severe testings she main­ tained unusual serenity and inward peace, actually putting into practice the message of her song, “ Constantly Abiding.” Good N igh t and Good Morn ing Words by Lizzie DeArmond Music by Homer Rodeheaver Mrs. DeArmond, of Swartmore, Pennsylvania, was grieving over the death of her daughter. In the midst of her grief she seemed to be conscious of the Lord’s voice, “ Just as surely as you have had to say ‘good night’ here to your daughter, you will be able to say ‘good morning’ up there, after a while!” With that thought she was comforted, and, as a result, wrote the poem which was later set to music by Homer Rodeheaver. Incidentally, Rodeheaver sang this song some time afterwards at Mrs. DeArmond’s funeral, and also at the funeral of Billy Sunday. Strange to say, it was one of the two songs sung at the funeral of the notorious gang­ ster, John Dillinger. When in Southern California, attend the Mon­ day Nite Musicals with Phil Kerr held in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Also the second Sunday of each month at Biola in La Mirada.



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Write: Annuity Department

MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE 820 N. LaSalle Street * Chicago 10, Illinois Please send me, without obligation, complete information relating to: □ Moody Annuity Plan. Q Moody Deposit Agreements.

Q Wills.


Name _____ Address ___



S ta te -



non-conformists to the established order. Of course, during the dark ages, the established order was the papacy, but accusations were so insistent and continuous that many sincere people believed them. Now what is the antidote to discord? and what is the answer to the “ Accusers of the Brethren” ? May I suggest two things? Both of them are very simple, and neither one of them costs any money. Those two things are TEARS and PRAYERS. Of course there are faults that need to be remedied. Of course there are lapses of faith where restoration should be made. Of course there are derelic­ tions in duty that should be reprimanded. A ll Scripture was not given exclusively for doctrine and instruction: it was also given for reproof and correction. But how should Scripture be used for reproof and cor­ rection? Certainly not in the destmctive and character annihilating method by which Satan carries on his heinous work as “ the accuser of our brethren,” (Rev. 12:10) and for which he will be cast out of heaven, but in the way that the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul dealt with the evils that were evident in their day. Oh, how Jesus wept and prayed over Jerusalem, even though it was there that He was despised, rejected, and crucified! And how the Apostle Paul wept and prayed over the faults, failures, and frailties of the churches that he founded! There are only two of the Pauline epistles in which there are no stains of tears on their pages, and these are the Thessalonian epistles. Seemingly this Church (if there were the first epistles Paul wrote) was too young to have developed discord as yet. This would seem to be the case according to II Thess. 1:3, “We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you toward each other aboundeth.” But even then, Paul pleaded with them to love one another more and more. I Thess. 4:9-10, “ But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another. And indeed you do it toward all the brethren which are in all Macedonia: but we be­ seech you, brethren, that ye increase more and more.” Suppose we examine the occasions when Paul either wept or had great sorrow. Writing to the people in the church of Galatia after they had disappointed him in their lapse into legalism, Paul cried out, “My little chil­ dren, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.” In spite of their failure to believe and to practice that “ Christ is the end of the law for righteous­ ness to every one that believeth,” yet how Paul loved them. No bitter denunciation: and no publicly adminis­ tered chastisement in a “holier-than-thou” attitude. Writing to the Church at Ephesus, where the losing of their first love must have been in operation while Paul was still there, Paul exclaimed, “Wherefore I desire

O n e of the outstanding characteristics of the early Church was its accord. They were all with one accord in the ten day prayer meeting just before Pente­ cost (Acts 1:14). They were all in one accord while waiting for the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2 : 1 ). Then they were in such accord in their daily worship that they made so favorable impression on all the people as to be leading many souls to a decision for the Lord Jesus Christ every day (Acts 2:46-47). And with one accord they gave testimony to their faith in the face of persecution, and prayed for even greater boldness to proclaim the Word (Acts 2:24, 29). This accord was so pronounced that multitudes were saved through their witnessing (Acts 5:12, 14). And then discord raised its serpentine head as the Grecians accused the Hebrews of taking better care of their widows, than they did of the Grecian widows. And the result has been that since then, accord and discord have been the marks of the Spirit filled Church as com­ pared with the spiritually famine stricken Church. So it was not long before certain men went down from Jerusalem to Antioch to accuse the brethren of unlawful practices which were contrary to the law of Moses. And these practices were unlawful on that basis, but the brethren from Jerusalem did not fully comprehend the fact as yet, that the Church was no longer under law, but under grace. As a result, the debate was long and acri­ monious (Acts 15:1-2, 7). Later on, Paul and Barnabas said some very sharp and accusing things to each other concerning John Mark, who had been a quitter on a previous missionary journey (Acts 15:37-39). Then, on Paul’s last visit to Jerusalem, just as his expla­ nations of his dealings with gentile Christians seemed to be satisfactory, some Asian Jews accused him of so many wrongs that they aroused the mob to a point where they were about to kill Paul. Had he not been rescued by the soldiers of the Roman garrison, he would have been killed (Acts 21:27-32). What about all of the accusations made against Paul by the Corinthians? What about those in Philippi who, in declaring their accusations against Paul, actually did preach the gospel. Paul, seemingly, chuckled over it because he said it made him rejoice (Phil. 1:15-18). But “ what shall I more say, for the time would fail me to tell of” (Neb. 11:32) missionaries and pastors and evan­ gelists and teachers and countless other Christian workers, who have felt the edge of the critics sword, have had cruel mockings and tongue lashings, and their purposes and methods have been tom asunder (Heb. 11:36-37). Just think of the millions of martyrs down through the centuries? Many real Christians, doubtlessly, were aroused by deceivers and false prophets to cry out against these



Srethern / by H. H. Savage

sinned by worshipping the golden calf: “Yet now if thou wilt forgive their sin, and if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book which thou hast written” (Ex. 32:32). How long since you and I have wept so bitterly over the sins of others? Do you know of any nmsionary any­ where who has a reputation for weeping-' Mo you know of any pastor who has such a burden for the people cf his congregation as to offer to go to hell :.i their behali? Do you know of any Sunday School teacher who is known to be a man or woman of sorrows and acquainted with grief? Jesus was. I am not thinking of those who are ex­ cessively emotional, and who weep at every heart stirring experience: I am thinking of those who are moved with deep compassion over those who are spiritually decadent. Of course, if anyone should be too much like Paul, or like the Saviour in this regard, he would be classified as “ fun­ ny,” or as a “fool,” or as a “ fanatic.” We had rather pride ourselves on doing things decently and in order. Then there is the New Testament pattern of prayer as being of prime importance in dealing with those whom we covet for a life of separation as the Holy Spirit may guide and instruct. James said, “ The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” I wonder if we have any spiritual consent to talking about others or to others in terms that we would not be willing to use while talking to God on our knees. Many times I have asked some one who was super-critical to get down on his knees and tell the Lord what a miserable person the victim who was being scandalized really was. Somehow such a procedure never takes place. Remember that when Peter’s faith was declining, Jesus told him, “ But I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not; and when thou art converted, strengthen thy breth­ ren.” What a blessed example! And Jude calls attention to the fact that Michael did not even give Satan a blistering tongue lashing, but instead, “ when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.” There is a command of the Lord Jesus Christ that is repeated several times in the Gospel of John, and inti­ mated several times in the Epistles of John, which is as follows, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, that ye also love one another.” What a pattern “ AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.” And notice that this is not a suggestion, it is a COMMANDMENT. Can you say? can I say? that our love for the brethren even approximates the love of the Lord Jesus Christ for us? If not, then to just that extent, we are disobedient children. But if, on the other hand, we are bitterly critical of the brethren, and constant accusers of the brethren, then we must admit the fact that we are following the example of Satan, rather than following the example o f the Lord. 9

that you faint not at my tribulations for you, which is your glory.” A declension in the zeal of this Church did not lead Paul to write scathing articles against them, but it did lead him to plead with them with all the earnest­ ness of one enduring terrific persecution, seemingly result­ ing in actual physical pain. How often has your body, how often has my body suffered actual physical pain in our intense concern over those who , are departing from the faith? Writing to the Church at Philippi where schisms and personal animosities were making their appearance, Paul testified, “ For many walk, of whom I have told you often,



ALTITUDE “ It’s safer flying high,” declared the pilot; We climbed another thousand feet or so; “ The higher up we are the better landing, Emergency airports ahead, below.” “ It’s safer flying high,” sometimes it echoes When conscience indicates the need of care, When tempted to some base or fleshly interest, And sin presents itself in colors fair. The sky way is the highway for the victor, For those who wish to live among the few. So evident in life as in air travel, The farther from the earth, the fuller view. “ It’s safer flying high,” says the apostle The world beneath, and God’s own blue above; Remember Christ is seated in the heavenlies, And you are with Him there, climax of love! How worthless then the world, how dull its glory, When you live high, and far enough away To get a sense of values, wise and proper; Then why not live your altitude today?

By Dr. W ill Houghton former President of Moody Bible Institute

and now tell you even weeping, that they are enemies of the cross of Christ.” When Paul had to rebuke those who were bringing discredit upon the message of the cross, he did it with tears in his eyes. Perhaps the most fervent of Paul’s concern over others had to do with his own people, Israel. Listen to him as he cries out in Romans 9:3, “ For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ, for ,my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.” Think of it! Paul was willing to go to hell if only the people of his nation could be con­ verted. This was also the plea of Moses when Israel had Dr. H. H. Savage is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pontiac, Michigan, and one of the Silver Anniversary Torrey Memorial Bible Conference speakers for Biola. FEBRUARY, 1960

by Vance Havner E v i d e n c e abounds to prove that young Timothy was a timid young preacher who needed more than one admonition to brace him up. To the Corinthians Paul wrote, “ Now if Timotheus come, see that he may be with you without fear.” And he exhorted Timothy him­ self to war a good warfare, to let no man despise his yputh, to stir up the gift of God within him, to endure hardness. He reminded him that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Whether or not Timothy had stage fright I do not know but it is likely that he did. Hambone, the negro philosopher, said, “When I stands up, my mind sets down.” The only real cure for this affliction is to be so Spirit-filled that it is not we who speak but the Spirit, to be so impelled and compelled and propelled from above that we cannot but speak. This does not come easily to the flesh and is not learned in a school of expression. It is a matter of heart more than of art. The disciples did not ask the Lord to teach them HOW to pray but to teach them TO PRAY. Pray and you will leam how! Let the bone-fire burn, and you will leam to be “ weary with forbearing and cannot stay.” “Woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel.” When a man feels like that, he must preach and he will! Timothy, with a godly mother and grand mother, and with Paul for a spiritual father, was off to a great start in his spiritual life. He had unfeigned faith him­ self. But he needed to be set on fire. Was there just a litle danger that he might be ashamed of the testimony of the Lord? Certainly he was admonished to stir up the gift, to kindle the fire of God within him. The Scriptures tell us of PREACHERS WITHOUT THE FAITH. PREACHERS WITHOUT THE FACTS, and PREACHERS WITHOUT THE FIRE. Our Saviour asked, “When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” He will find some ministers without faith, for He Himself said, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Timothy was not without faith, but there have been others who, for all their godly ancestry and their teach­ ing and training in the Scriptures which are able to make one wise unto salvation, have nevertheless possessed a head knowledge of Bible terms without a heart knowl­ edge of Bible truth. Nothing is more perilous than a superficial acquaintance with the language of the Chris­

tian faith from childhood. There always lurks the deadly danger that, like Absalom, one may dwell at Jerusalem and never see the king’s face. John Wesley had a godly mother, was trained at Oxford, prayed and preached, and a zeal and love for souls after a fashion, was desperate in his search for truth, but all the time was without an experimental knowledge of sins forgiven.' Thomas Chalmers was a preacher long before he had an “ original experience of Jesus Christ.” There are not only PREACHERS WITHOUT FAITH, there are PREACHERS WITHOUT THE FACTS. Apollos was eloquent, mighty in the Scriptures, instructed in the way of the Lord, fervent in the spirit, speaking and teaching diligently the things of the Lord. One would think that sufficient for any minister. But while Apollos was faithful to the light, he had not enough light until Aquila and Priscilla instructed him. The preacher deals with facts: Christ died for our sins and rose for our justification, according to the Scrip­ tures. These are historic facts, but there are preachers who do not believe the record God gave of His Son. John 3:16 depends upon Second Timothy 3:16. One may be a Christian and not know much doctrine, but no one has any business going out to preach until he knows and believes the facts of the gospel. But a preacher may also be without FIRE and this, I think, is where Timpthy comes in. There was indeed fire within him, but it needed to be kindled into flame. Too often the minister has a bed of coals in his heart covered with a lot of ashes. There are others who sub­ stitute fire and stage fire for Spirit fire. Painted fire is not Pentecost fire; it will not bum. Wesley said, “ Get on fire for God, and somebody will come to watch you bum.” The cure for timidity is to be filled with the Spirit. “ Perfect love casteth out fear” and this love is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. (In the Congo, chimpanzees have been known to imitate the white man by carefully laying great piles of brush and setting them in perfect order, but they cannot start a fire. “ All is vain unless the Spirit of the Holy One come down.” ) May Thy rich grace impart Strength to my fainting heart, M y zeal inspire. As Thou hast died for me, O may my love to Thee Pure, warm and changeless be, A living fire!



U p o n the wall of the Woodland (Negro) Christian Church of Kansas City, Missouri, is inscribed this curiously interesting motto: “WAKE up, SING up, PRAY up, PAY up, STAY up, and NEVER GIVES UP, or LET , UP, or BACK up, or SHUT up, until the cause of Christ in this church and in the world is BUILT up!” But how can it be done? “ The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak.” Now, God has never laid out a job for us to do without providing the power and plan by which to do it! When He ordered Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, He provided the ram. When He told Moses to march, He held back the waters of the Red Sea. When He commanded Joshua to march about Jericho, He felled the mighty walls by His heavenly power. When He invited Peter to step out of the boat, He made the Galilee water sustain each footstep. Abraham’s job was to carry Isaac up the mountain, God did the rest! All God expected Moses and Joshua and Peter to do was to just step out on His command and believe for the guaranteed power! Today our job is to determine God’s will . . . then do it . . . knowing He will provide the power who works through the Christian in this age of grace. If we are to

this vital truth . . . while they continue to live, day after day, an unsatisfying and unfruitful life void of all spir­ itual dynamic. Christian, hear me now! Let us not get an unbalanced introduction to this teaching. Too many believers have either Rheumatism or the St. Vitus Dance on the subject. They are either afraid of the wonderful power of the Spirit or else they became extremists who give the Holy Spirit a place which even He would not be pleased with. Let us avoid unscriptural extremes! I want to testify that my life and ministry was trans­ formed when I began to recognize the Holy Guest . . . for He is just that . . . A Guest who provides all that I need to live by. Though He has no body but mine and yours, Christian, in which to live, yet He is definitely a Person! He does what only a Person can do. Gal. 4:6 tells us He speaks, Romans 8:26 tells us He makes inter­ cession for us. Acts 13:2 ad Acts 20:28 indicate that He leads us. John 14:26 promised that He would teach us all things. He ministers and regenerates (John 3:6). When we believed, He baptized us into the body (1 Cor. 12:13). He sealed us as believers (Eph. 4:30) and He will fill us for service with power, if we will min’d the injunc-






Too many believers have either Rheumatism or the St. Vitus Dance on the subject of The Holy Spirit by Merv Rosell

have revival, personal and national, we must not ignore the Holy Spirit and His power and presence. The greatest sin that an unsaved man can commit is that of ignoring and rejecting Jesus Christ the Saviour. In like manner: the greatest disobedience the believer can commit is ignoring the Holy Spirit’s presence and re­ jecting His power. Many Christians don’t seem to realize Evangelist Rosell is his study

tion of Eph. 5:18! Christian, this Holy Guest, is most important to your daily life and testimony. Without Him, all service is null and void. Let me tell you why! Read with me this verse: “And when He is come, He will convict the world of sin and of righteousness, and of judgment.” (John 16:8) It is His business to complete the “ body of Christ” . . . to woo and to wm the hearts of men whom He has con­ victed of sin, righteousness and judgment. God, the Father planned our salvation. God, the Son, provided it at Cal­ vary. Now, God, the Holy Spirit presents it to men! You and I cannot save men; in fact, we cannot woo and win them apart from the power of the spirit. That is positively true. Now, this also is true! The Holy Spirit of God lives within you . . . and cannot use you to win men . . . unless you permit Him to do so. Then words spoken “ in the Spirit” are more valuable than a thousand that He does not empower! “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost (Guest) which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? . . . for ye are bought with a price; therefore, glorify God in your body, and in your body, and in your Spirit which are God’s (1 Cor. 6:19-20). You have tried to live the life of victory and power and soul winning, long enough! Now, permit (not make) Him to live it for you . . . and through you . . . to the glory of God. It will mean a really new walk for you. The result: Simply and wonderfully, real and lasting personal renewal and revival! I am not asking you to seek a strange, new emotional experience, I want you rather, to say “ Good morning” to the indwelling person of power and then permit Him to prove Himself able to exalt Christ in you and use you to win lost men and promote in your place the needed power. 11


by William Ward Ayer F o r g iv e n e s s —a magic word—one of the great words of the Christian faith. Forgiveness is the heart of the Gospel message. Forgiveness of sins was the startling offer of the apos­ tles— forgiveness of sins through faith in the crucified and risen Son of God. What a remarkable offer, an unheard o f thing in Apostolic times, that free and full forgiveness for sins should be offered by any religion. That God should be a forgiving God and not merely a stem deity who loves to hurl thunderbolts at those who transgressed His laws was a new idea, and it swept multitudes into the kingdom in tearful repentance and regeneration. God’s forgiveness broke the heart of millions of pagans and sent them forth to live and to die for so generous a Saviour. Forgiveness (literally, the remission of sin) is not a judicial word merely, but one of “ action,”— the separa­ tion of sin from the sinner. Forgiveness reveals the other side of a just and judging God. God is holy, He is just, He can never tolerate sin nor wink at evil. A ll sin must be brought into judgment somewhere either in time or in eternity. Our God, how­ ever, delights in forgiveness and, if men would permit Him, would meet all sin in mercy. Christ illustrated this in His parable of the returned prodigal. The father obviously had long waited for the return of his wandering boy. When the returning lad confessed, “ Father, I have sinned,” the father spoke no word of condemnation, nor was any penalty prescribed. Completely forgiven, the wayward one is restored to full family relationship. Christianity is the only religion that tells of divine atonement and forgiveness. Free and full forgiveness of sin is impossible in the ethnic religions for they have no atoning sacrifice. How then does a holy God forgive sin? The answer is inescapably important: He forgives through a substitu­ tionary sacrifice. The penalty of sin must be borne by someone, somewhere. Justice identifies itself with the unjust and pays the penalty of sin. God’s sinless Son

became a member of the human race in order to redeem us. Words seem so weak and inadequate to express the truth that Sinlessness was made Sin in order that sinners might become saints. Dr. Augustus Strong once told of a strange happening in one of the courts of his day. A young man was con­ victed of a crime and asked by the judge why the extreme penalty should not be passed upon him. At that moment the culprit’s grey-haired father stepped into the prisoner’s box unhindered, placed his hand affectionately upon his son’s shoulder, and said: “We have nothing to say; the verdict which has been found against us is just. We only ask for mercy.” W e? queries Dr. Strong. There was nothing against the old father. Yet at the moment he identified his very being with that of his wayward son. “We,” he declared, “ ask for mercy.” So God, in the person of His Son, identified Himself with the whole human family and “ bore our sins in His own body on the tree.” Jesus pleads for mercy in our behalf. “ He saw me plunged in deep distress, And flew to my relief; For me He bore the shameful cross, And carried all my grief!” The greatness of God’s forgiveness is seen in the Bibli­ cal passages which tell of it. Many and meaningful are the figures for sin’s forgiveness. God says that having forgiven our sins He puts them behind His back. That must mean that He puts them where He can’t see them. Again He says that He will bury them in the depths of the sea. That seems quite significant for the sea is five miles deep in places. If our sins are at the bottom of the sea they can never plague us. Many years ago I heard the dean of Methodist evan­ gelists of his day, Dr. L. W. Munhall, say to a group of ministers in Chicago: “ Seventy-six years ago God buried my sins in the depths of the sea, and in all the years since I’ve never wanted to put on a diver’s suit and go down



ford preacher had deeply experienced it). But when Bunyan’s hero comes to the cross and sees the three shining angels standing there, he looks up to the Cruci­ fied and the burden drops from his shoulders and rolls down the hill and disappears in the open tomb at the bottom. Once conscious of our deep sin, and then coming to the realization of God’s glorious pardon, makes for humble, rejoicing servants of God, ready to show forth the praises of Christ who brought them out of darkness into His marvelous light. As a result of this forgiveness, a blessed assurance comes to us. It is remarkable that the' heart can so react by faith to the promises of God that an unmistakable assur­ ance is created deep within the soul— the assurance of being forgiven, of acceptance with the Father. There is no thought for the sinful soul as sweet and comforting as the thought of forgiveness. Nothing is com­ parable to it. How stabilizing to know that God in reveal­ ing Himself to men has encouraged us in this blessed assurance that as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. Of great importance is the truth that having been for­ given ourselves, we more readily forgive those who offend us. Jesus coupled God’s forgiveness with our own willing­ ness to forgive and said: “ . . . if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your tres­ passes.” Paul puts it the other way about, saying that we are to forgive one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven us (Eph. 4:32). “ To have the power to forgive Is empire and prerogative; And ‘tis in crowns a nobler gem To grant a pardon than condemn.”

after them.” I remember the twinkle of satisfaction in his eye, and I thought at the time: What a blessed figure of complete forgiveness and expiation! God says He will blot them out as a thick cloud. Air­ plane travellers learn how completely thick clouds can blot out both earth and sun. Again, He says, “ . . . and I will remember their sin no more.” It is a blessed thing to know that God has a good “ forgetory.” The figure of our text is quite significant. He says, “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” I think it a sign of divine inspiration that “ east and west” is used rather than “north and south” because we know where both the north pole and south pole are, but there is no east pole or west pole, and therefore the figure reveals that having removed our sins as far as the east is from the west, the Lord has com­ pletely put them away. To me the most blessed fact of the Gospel is this com­ plete removal of sin. Modem church people do not seem to have the deep consciousness of the mighty miracle of the forgiveness of sin that our parents had. .Modem evangelism almost without exception creates little deep conviction, and as a result, the exultant joy of spiritual deliverance is little known. It was the dictum of Jesus that only those who were forgiven much will love deeply. The result of God’s forgiveness is great peace. The man who by faith knows his sins are forgiven has had a de­ pressing burden lifted from his heart and life. Bunyan had a clear conception of this experience when, in his Pilgrim’s Progress, he presents his hero coming to the cross with a bulging burden upon his back that he seeks to shed but is unable. It is the worry of his life. The burden is old-fashioned conviction for sin (the Bed­

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