Quality Products Under $300

quality products under $300

1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022

low cost, HIGH impact Items for your library



from $120


Ideal for browsing lower shelves or to add a pop of colour. Includes timber inner frame and high density foam, avai lable in a range of sizes and colour s.

From $120 each

from $290


Timber frame with high density foam ensures Pebble Ottomans keep their distinctive cur ved shape.

From $290 each


2 RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022

Mix and match

only $225


Breathable mesh back, upholstered seat, height adjustment plus ti lt mechanisms. Arm folds back for easier access to desks.


Pr iced $225.

only $180


Classic design, featur ing polypropylene seat with high density steel black frame.

Pr iced from $180.


RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022 3

no more empty bay ends


under $50

Regret not including slats on your bay end panel?

Acr yl ic self-instal l shelves are a styl ish and cost effective way to transform plain bay ends into display panels.

For ease of instal lation, they are suppl ied complete with fixing screws.

Screws suppl ied in brass, white or black to colour coordinate with your shelving.

$47.85 each

Only $191 per bay end panel (for four shelves)

Self-instal l shelves by


4 RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022



RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022 5



from $17.95

Fiction / Standard Fits a standard fiction book up to 30mm thick. $17.95 Fiction / Thick Book Fits a thick fiction book up to 60mm thick. $17.95

SERIES DVD HOLDER Designed to showcase a ser ies or col lection of DVDs, these robust acr yl ic holder s are a styl ish alternative to spine out display.

If you do not have face out shelving, we recommend 2 per shelving bay.

$19.95 each

Acr yl ics by


6 RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022

why waste face out display opportunities? Qual ity, Austral ian made, l ibrar y display acr yl ics only $17.95 each or $215 to ful ly merchandise each Bay End Panel . Look at the difference a ful l bay end panel makes! after $215 per panel before

RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022 7

enhance your face out display

only $150

browser tubs

For forward facing ver sati le display for picture books, non fiction and ser ies etc . Cl ips straight into post with integral brackets. Linea Browser TubWith Acrylic Panel **555 $150

from $132

Linea Browser Tub **550 $140

Expressions Browser Tub **89001 $132

8 RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022

display shelf Face out display of popular, new and topical items helps increase circulation. Cl ips directly to posts.

only $42

Linea Display Shelf **940 $42

AV display shelf

only $48

Face out display designed for DVD display and smal ler books.

Linea AV Display Shelf **804 $48

RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022 9

choose your style

from $255

Popular post Covid laptop tables. Austral ian designed and made.

Pr iced from $255

10 RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022

covid safe design

from $255

classic 4 leg table Square or rectangle tops. Mobi le or static , avai lable in 3 heights and 3 sizes. Select contrasting or matching edging colour s.

Pr iced from $255.


RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022 11

space saving design

STAKKI CHAIR Innovative German design and manufacture fuse with our commitment to qual ity to create a completely ver sati le seating solution.

$115 each

only $115


12 RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022

from $160

VS PANTOFLEX tm CHAIR German designed, high tensi le frame and moulded shel l , promotes correct posture. Avai lable in three sizes that fit with our three table heights.

Pr iced from $160.

from $60

RM CHAIR Lightweight and durable. Features a generous seat size with sl ight flex back for long term comfor t. Made with UV stable, 100% recyclable mater ials. Avai lable in three sizes that co-ordinate with our three table heights.

Pr iced from $60.


RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022 13

$59.95 EACH

signage By


Premium Landscape Signs compromise of two matt black plates that sit back-to-back, held together by a si lver metal foot that attaches via an al len key (key suppl ied). This makes the signage plates interchangeable. Laser cut white letter s create an impressive 3D effect.




SECTION DIVIDERS- JUNIOR NON FICTION SET 32956 Navigate the col lection with ease whi lst improving overal l image. Self-suppor ting, the base of these L-shaped Section Divider s sits under books, al lowing each to be easi ly moved as your col lection changes. Made from robust 2.5mm, environmental ly fr iendly polypropylene • Text pr inted both sides • Non Fiction Star ter Set includes15 popular topics. Dewey Star ter Set x 10

only $289



14 RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022

book ends to enhance display STANDARD ACRYLIC BOOK ENDS

from $8.95

An innovative way to reveal hundreds of book cover s and maximise loan potential . Fabr icated from 4.5mm thick aircraft grade acr yl ic with flame pol ished edges to remove dangerous sharp edges. The base features a beveled edge to assist with instal lation, A rear suppor t foot and anti-sl ip clear rubber feet.

$8.95 each


$34 10 pk

Heavy gauge steel for added suppor t. Select powder coat colour s avai lable.

$34.00 for pack of 10

Not sold separately

on steel book-ends only


RAECO $300 BUYS - 1 JANUARY - 30 JUNE 2022 15

Please note all prices exclude GST, delivery and install and may be subject to change without notice Our team of library and learning space consultants are ready to work with you to transform your space. Book your consultation today at raeco.com.au to order any item call 1300 727 231

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