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   x  *       Interview with Mr. Hassan Malik, Staff Council President of UNIDO

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by Tet Defensor

ME Magazine chats with Mr. Hassan Malik, the current Staff Council President of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), about the proposed partnership between Miss Earth and UNIDO and the organization’s innovative ideas and technologies versus COVID-19 and beyond. “Miss Earth is an initiative that enables women to achieve the highest level of success.” “Nowadays, the determination of women to attain their dream is met with rec- ognition and acknowledgement. Therefore, I strongly recommend henceforth, powerful women leaderships to pave the way for young women (worldwide) to attain remarkable achievements. I can see Miss Earth doing that.” “Women and fashion go hand-in-hand and lately sustainable fashion has become a serious environmental issue.” Miss Earth is raising the awareness among the young. Hence, keep up the good work. Women need to stick to each other to attain their goals because there is “Strength in Unity”. We are exploring avenues where Miss Earth and the UN can actively cooperate in real and serious partnerships.

Because of the rapid rise of environment awareness and landfill pressure all sectors are now very conscious of their footprints. Recovering old clothing and shoes for sorting and processing is the backbone of activities of the recycled materials. Oh yes, I can already see on the global market the Fair Trade initiatives and Blockchain philosophies. In UNIDO I have seen several technical projects addressing this issue. “The new pandemic brought to us the new normal – new life style and new precautionary requirements.” The world was profoundly affected by the pandemic, it threatened millions of lives, public health, caused economic and social disruptions.

As the newly elected president of the UNIDO staff council, assuming the respon- sibility of the office as of January 2020, it didn’t give me a chance to implement my annual work plan. It picked up rapidly, made us change all our plans and brought to us the new normal. We had to draw post-COVID work plans to adapt to prevailing requirements. We still do so as we strongly believe “if one is not saved we all are not saved”. The organization has lead the global call for “innovative ideas and technologies versus COVID-19 and beyond.

UNIDO is leading organization on the poverty reduction. It has initiated impressive projects, helping member state governments through this difficult times. Its nature of work is to walk through the implementation of every project in UNIDO. This project in Madagascar is very dear to Malik, as it represents the power of the women.





ECO ED was a concept Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Coffey, had while competing for Miss Earth USA. It all started as an Instagram highlight where she would share information about the climate crisis and what we can do collectively and individually to save our planet. This series went from the re-sharing of sources and images to a broadened in-depth analysis of critical aspects of the climate crisis where I chose the information to highlight.

- Lindsey Coffey, Miss Earth 2020 “All change starts with awareness.”

Topics range from key factors of the climate crisis, the effects of climate change, and informational pieces to expand one’s own thinking and relation to the climate crisis. “ECO ED is an informational toolkit to educate one another in becoming better citizens of the world. I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to speak on a cause I am truly passionate about and in partnership with VIP Pageantry to expand this project” , Lindsey added.

The channel premiered on April 20, with already six episodes: Episode 1: Climate Change Episode 2: Global Warming Episode 3: Pollution Episode 4: Biodiversity Loss Episode 5: The Water Crisis Episode 6: Littering (Fast Facts) The videos are also featured on Lindsey’s official Facebook page /LindseyMarieCoffey and on the official Miss Earth YouTube and Facebook pages /MissEarth

Subcribe to Lindsey’s official YouTube channel www.youtube.com/LindseyMarieCoffey and join the move- ment for climate action by educating ourselves on the issue. Watch now to have a better understanding of the force that is driving us into a crisis.



    * Uniting the people through her initiatives

This initiative brought together the islands of the Marianas and the people that inhabit it to find a desire to make a difference by planting trees in their community. “My platform encouraged me to create initiatives that will move this planet into a pros- perous future for my generation and those after”, Maria explained. “In two months, our community was able to surpass five hundred (500) trees planted in the Marianas” , she addedd. he islands that make up the Northern Marianas are at great risk of being swallowed by the effects of climate change. Its small land space, eroding beaches, bleached coral, and many more are vulnerable because of the environmental im- pacts humans make on this planet. As a youth individual, reigning Miss Earth Northern Marianas , Maria Lael Terlaje , understands the importance of taking her future back from those who ignorantly destroyed it. T Miss Earth Northern Marianas 2020, Maria Lael Terlaje, with some #Plant500Marianas youth volunteers





On Earth Day, Maria coordinated and hosted a “roadside waving” to celebrate the event. “By reaching out to our community through flyers and social media, I was able to gather over 100 community members to take a strike for our planet. Many created signs and banners, and even brought music to keep the event purposeful” , Maria proudly said. The excitement of her community that gathered together on that day, made evident of the love that still remains for the Earth. The goal of that event was to inspire, either a volunteer member or a car that passed by. “If I was able to inspire at least one person that witnessed this road-side waving, my goal for the event would have been accomplished.” For her, people must strike and constantly educate others, especially those who are ignorant of our Earth’s situation, to join the fight for this planet together. “When we inspire at least one person, they have the ability to share their inspirations amongst their family or friends and inspire one person amongst them. Keep inspiring through kindness, education and love” .




Miss Earth gave me the platform to be seen and heard. As India’s first and only Miss Earth winner, that set me apart from the rest. I enjoy my journey as I continue to venture into the field of movies. I cannot wait to do more and be more.



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Photos: Cleimar Rivera



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ME Magazine: Venezuela and other Latin American followers are increasing mas- sively on your Instagram account. Can you share with us what made you one of the most sought after social media influencers in the pageant scene especially in this pandemic? Alyz: Social media, for me, has been changing a long time. The value of this platform is definitely something that I see as working for me. I have been focusing as an activist and environmentalist on the movement that I just started called Global Pledge that I keep working on.

Global Pledge is about unifying and supporting every organization I visit and work for in different countries.

I see that the major problem is ego. I expe- rienced separation and discrimination by some people who head some programs of non-profit organizations. I have seen how they don’t want to work with other people because in their heads they think they are not the only ones that are available to save the planet. This notion is really crazy be- cause nobody can make a big impact or change alone. I believe that working as communities and supporting each other is the only way to create real impact away from our super hero ego. We can’t do anything without love or empathy, so Global Pledge is a moment that reminds us how beautiful and helpful it is to share and help different types of organizations, and if somebody else do the same as you communicate and work together, I believe it’s the only way to keep growing, all together.

Photos: Cleimar Rivera



I really want to share with the world now how important it is to be in touch with our emotions, to filter the information that we put in our brains, to eat a balanced diet and consume mostly nourishing food, to stay connect with our higher power, with Mother Earth and how important it is to move with our body and soul.



Taking his musical advocacy from the Concerts, to Miss Earth, to Movies






 "When it comes to beauty I always prefer embracing your nat- uralness. However, those days where make up calls to me, my routine consists of using products to subtly highlight my features. My go to look is using light mascara, a bit of concealer, and some bronzer as blush; i love using earth tones. This is an ef- fortless day-to-day look adding some polish to your appear- ance. On my nights out I absolutely adore playing with a bold lip, es- pecially red. A red lip will always be a timeless and classic look. I do enjoy experimenting with some other bold colors like deep blue, maroon, and even orange, making the lip my state- ment piece. When it comes to make up, I do consider less is more. I like to accentuate my natural features while adding subtle flare with a lip or a wing. I enjoy the fresh look skipping out on full cover- age foundation and false lashes. I like for my skin to breathe while still giving me that added confidence make up gifts us." Miss Earth 2020 lindseymariecoffey


Miss Earth Fire 2020




Miss Eath Air 2020



Miss Earth Water 2020




Notable pageant bloggers, including Pageantry Norms, Missosology, Nita Van Hoorde, Miss Earth Moments, Titas of Pageantry, among others, were asked by Miss Earth magazine to nominate the most influential Miss Earth titleholders, and placing these remarkable ladies on the top of our list: MISS EARTH 0RVW,QIOXHQWLDO7L W OHKROGHUV

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