Miss Earth Magazine - August 2021


ME Magazine : How do you see yourself collaborating with your family's foundation in line with your advocacies as a titleholder? Michala : I definitely see a huge correlation between my advocacy as a titleholder, and my family's foundation. I can’t wait till the travel restrictions open up again, so I can once more travel to visit their school in Thailand. I'd love to teach the children English and just generally help out while I'm there. I’m in constant awe of their work ethics and sacrifices to make a difference for these young children. I've worked with children of all ages in elementary schools here in Denmark, and I’m planning on visiting elementary schools to talk about bullying and how we can prevent it by making active, hands-on programs that involve the children in a dynamic, unique and innovative way. During the competition one of my main focuses was one of UN’s 17 envision goals, which is mental health and environmental well-being for all, especially children within elementary schools. Therefore, I would say that my family's foundation and my Miss Earth advocacies correlate perfectly. ME Magazine: As an actress, do you see yourself involved in films that define your environmental and sustainable goals? Michala: That would be a dream role! I would absolutely love to play a part, or be a part of projects that are environmentally aware or highlights sustainability and different environmental problems we face today.

I've played a part before to draw attention to the shelter for abused women and children. Something there isn't enough awareness around, and it's something that's only gotten worse during the pandemic. I'll never forget the women I got to know while visiting the shelter. And I’d love to play more parts highlighting problems within our society, giving a voice to individuals or groups that are otherwise overlooked. While the world is very aware of our environment and the threats we face, it isn't often showcased in films. “ ”



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