Poptropica Starter Level Teacher Book

My body 4 Unit overview Unit objective

• I can talk about parts of the body


Target vocabulary

Parts of the body: arms, body, feet, fingers, hands, head, legs, tail, toes, wings

I’ve got a (green) (head). I’ve got (eight) (fingers).

Target structures

Phonics: /h/ and /g/ Values : The importance of cleanliness to good health Cross-curricular: Social Science: keeping clean



• Can understand a simple story • Can understand details of a story


• Can trace some common body words • Can make a poster about being clean • Can write how many there are (Activity Book)


• Can identify parts of the body • Can follow a simple song • Can listen to and understand a simple story • Can understand clean and dirty and instructions to wash parts of my body


• Can describe and recognize parts of the body • Can use the sounds /h/ and /g/ • Can act out a story • Can talk about keeping clean



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