Via Seating's 2022 Price Book, 1st edition

propr ietary foam technology Via Seating chairs use closed-cell, cold-cured foam that is injection-molded into strategically contoured seat molds—owned by Via Seating. This proprietary process maximizes on lasting comfort, durability and ergonomic support. Via Seating foam is fully covered under the 12 year warranty.

injection-molded foam Via Seating foam is sculpted to provide body balance technology built directly in the cushioning of the seat and back. It is injected into an engineered mold at controlled, differing rates, which creates strategic, multi-density levels within each cushion. This process builds a subtle seat contour that maximizes support exactly where it is needed—where body weight is most concentrated. The outer edges by contrast, are made softer and in a waterfall slope so that the seat does not restrict circulation where the legs extend out over the edge of the seat.

closed-cell cold-cured technology Closed-Cell refers to the fact that the foam has a smooth outer skin that is kind to fabric. It does not rasp on the upholstery from the inside. The foam does not absorb moisture. It protects the foam over time and does not break down. The comfort of Via Seating foam has the same comfort 12 years later. Cold-Cured refers to the consistency in size of the air cells within the foam. The foam is one single, contoured and resilient piece of foam. It is not layered foam.

expertly tested & durable Via Seating uses a resistance factor test and measurement of density to assess the durability and quality of its foam. Density/volume weight gives an indication of the foam’s ability to resist weight and not “bottom out”. Good foam must provide resistance in direct proportion to the amount of pressure applied. This unit of measurement does not necessarily translate into hardness but rather the feeling of support you receive when you sit on the foam. Via Seating foam has an average density or volume of 3 pounds per cubic foot (48 kg/m3). Standard flat foam, by comparison, has a single volume weight between 1.9-2.25 pounds per cubic foot (30 to 40 kg/m3). The greater density of Via Seating foam makes it best-suited for office ergonomic seating.


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