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Advisory Group includes top executives REAP NJ provides single source for commercial RE


EW JERSEY — The competitive, cyclical world of commercial

“I chose someone that was experienced and knowledge- able in each industry group that relates to commercial real estate, and that’s how we formed REAP NJ,” said Eigen. Current members of REAP NJ and their area of expertise include: • Randy Eigen, CBRE (Bro- kerage/Property Manage- ment) • John Tran, Wells Fargo Bank (Commercial Financ- ing) • David Green, Results Advertising (Advertising/ Marketing) • Steven Fleissig, Green- berg Traurig (Legal Ser- vices) • Milton Kahn, Eisner Am- per (Accounting) • Jeff Bauman, Macro Con- sultants (Project Manage- ment) • J. Strong, Reliable Van & Storage (Moving Services) • William Chivil, USIS (Global Conferencing & Communications) • Denise Fox, Willis North America (Insurance) “We, as a group, want to

add value to anyone with any needs in commercial real es- tate,” said Eigen. “If anyone has any questions, we will answer them. If they have a particular problem, we will collectively put our heads to- gether, do some research, and come up with a solution. “We are an educational re- source and, at the same time, we can bring value to the ta- ble, not just in terms of trans- acting business for them,” he said. “That has obvious value, but so does providing informa- tion.” “We meet once a month and host events that are informa- tive and interesting for all types of commercial real estate users on both sides of the real estate equation—landlords and occupiers of space,” said David Green of ResultsAdver- tising. “Those meetings have been highly productive, and all of the members of REAP NJ have said it has been very valuable to them.” As part of its organization, REAP NJ has a membership committee, “and we are look- ing selectively for additional members,” said Eigen. n

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real estate is one in which collaboration, cooperation and knowl- edge are all key elements for success, a n d t h o s e seeking solu-

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Randy Eigen

tions in New Jersey have a sin- gle source in a new consortium of top executives. Called Real EstateAdvisory Profession- als (REAP NJ) , the group consists of high-level talent representing all the major real estate industry services. REAP NJ evolved from a conversation between Randy Eigen , first vice president of CBRE , and John Tran , vice president-business develop- ment for Wells Fargo Bank . “We had both been involved in groups previously, myself in New Jersey and John in Cali- fornia,” said Eigen, who has been involved in commercial real estate in New Jersey since 1978. “We decided that it was time to reinstitute a group.

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