Oshino Lamps (UK) Ltd Corporate Brochure 7/2016


For over 85 years Oshino Lamps has been illuminating the world with innovative lighting products. From its formation in Shinagawa, Tokyo in 1931 through to today, the same high standards of quality and customer service have been maintained.

Our strength as a manufacturer of sub-miniature lamps to the global aerospace industry, market leader in the automotive interior lighting sector and being at the forefront of LED signage products, has put Oshino Lamps on a positive curve. Recognised internationally in American, Asian and European markets our “OL” trademark and impressive DIN, IEC, and JIS standards are second to none and are demonstrated in all aspects of our business. We hold NATO Code No. S3774 to certify lamps to US Military standards and meet all international lighting standard norms. Our trusted approach to business is reflected in the way we work closely with organisations both large and small to help develop, build and test lighting solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. Be it bespoke mood lighting for automotive applications, nose to tail lighting for civil and

military aircraft, designed, engineered and produced using our own manufacturing resources or carefully constructed signage lighting solutions, our quality products are respected and trusted all over the world. The Oshino Group of companies continues to be guided by the third generation of the Oshino family and is now under the capable tenure of Takeshi Oshino. Following the incorporation of Oshino Lamps GmbH in 1978, the UK office was established in Nottingham in 1979. Reliability is our strength and unrivalled innovation is our goal. By working together and sharing our specialist engineering knowledge from around the globe, we aim to strengthen our market position in the UK and continue to provide our customers quality, flexibility and speed of delivery they demand in their increasingly competitive industries.


– A driving ambition for quality

Interior mood and task lighting has become in vogue in many executive vehicles and Oshino has been at the forefront of this exciting development.

Using our in-house mechanical and electrical design expertise we have guided our customers through many challenging projects to achieve the desired output, colour and intensity to create stunning and subtle lighting for many vehicle interiors.

From concept to production Oshino can support your lighting project via our specialist engineers in Nottingham, Nuremberg and Tokyo, where our skilled designers work closely on R&D programmes with the car manufacturer and our Tier 1 & 2 customers. Our products are manufactured and carefully assembled in accordance with TS16949 at our production facilities in Estonia and Japan.

– For quality and innovation, the sky is the limit

Our sub-miniature and miniature lamps have been a worldwide favourite of the aerospace community for many decades and are listed on the IPC at Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer.

In addition to this we hold Cage Code Nos S3774 and C7177. Our attention to detail and resulting high quality products provide reassurance to the end user, knowing that it will be used in a harsh environment where reliability and durability are a prerequisite. Lamps are often referred to as a ‘commodity product’ in the aircraft aftermarket sector and with this in mind our entire range, from sub-miniatures, miniatures, fluorescent tubes, halogens and sealed beam lamps not only meet but often outperform all requirements of the industry specification (ANSI). Our specialist mechanical and lighting engineers are dedicated to ensuring that our comprehensive range of aircraft products are of the highest quality and remain durable across the entire product range.

As a demonstration of our effective working partnerships Oshino supply a complete range of Night Vision filter materials which meet the rigorous requirements of MIL- STD3009. We offer a broad range of materials suitable for many applications, such as full-colour AMLCD, switches, indicators and many types of cockpit instrumentation (incandescent and LED light sources) to achieve the required level of specification. Oshino also introduced a PMA certified aircraft lighting system for business jet interiors. These fully dimmable LED replacement lamps make the conversion from fluorescent to LED straightforward and economical with the option to utilise the existing ballasts and fixtures. The LED tubes compliment the interior by giving it a contemporary appearance and virtually maintenance free lighting system.



– Bringing your signage to life

Oshino’s comprehensive range of LED products cover the vast majority of applications where LED lighting is needed. We support the UK signage industry with specially designed LED modules for flex faced and acrylic faced sign boxes, built-up letters, edge lighting for single and double sided boxes, and flexible LED tape suitable for a multitude of applications.

Every design comprises high quality LEDs with excellent efficacy and a world renowned status. Backed by our innovative R&D, we offer competitive pricing, a comprehensive stockholding of modules and power supplies plus an unbeatable service making Oshino Lamps the ideal lighting solutions partner.

Oshino also offer a full range of high quality based industrial LED lamps designed to replace the most commonly used incandescent bulbs in the most demanding of industrial environments. These will reduce re-lamping maintenance costs and improve safety in mission critical applications such as elevators, power plants, control panels, buses, trains, trucks and industrial equipment.

- to quality, innovation and environment

For over 85 years Oshino Lamps has been illuminating the world with innovative lighting products. From its formation in Shinagawa, Tokyo in 1931 through to today, the same high standards of quality and customer service have been maintained.

We design our own production and test equipment and extensive Statistical Process Controls (SPCs) are always implemented during manufacturing. In addition, our modern environmental test equipment enables us to perform continuous research in to our materials and product designs. For many decades, Oshino Lamps has held an enviable position in the automotive and aerospace industries as a quality manufacturer and supplier of filament, gas-filled and LED illuminated products. Within the worldwide aerospace community the ‘OL’ prefix has become synonymous with a reliable market leading range of high quality and competitively priced lamps.

We have built on our extensive knowledge of lighting experience and always design and manufacture with environmental concerns in mind. Our design and development facilities in Europe and Asia are pushing the technical boundaries of innovation to create and manufacture quality components to be used in prototype and current production vehicles and aircraft alike.

- all over the world

Oshino Global Locations Oshino Lamps (UK) Ltd., Nottingham, United Kingdom www.oshino-lamps.co.uk

Oshino Lamps America #5 Waukesha,WI 5 America www.oshinolamps.com

Oshino Lamps Italia S.R.L., Tavarnelle V.D.P (Florence), Italy www.oshinoitalia.it

Oshino Lamps France SARL, Juillan, France www.oshino-lamps.fr

Oshino Lamps GmbH, Nürnberg www.oshino-lamps.de

!"#$%&'()*+'!,-.) Japan Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japan www.oshinolamps.co.jp !"#$%&'/0).12&%$." Estonia Oü, Pärnu, Estonia www.oshino.ee

Oshino Lamps Shanghai Ltd Shanghai City, 200336, China www.oshinolamps.com.cn

Oshino Lamps Hong Kong Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong www.oshinolamps.com.hk

Oshino Lamps (UK) Ltd, 1 Churchfield Court, Robey Close, Linby, Nottingham NG15 8AA

Tel. +44 (0)115 964 1305 Email: sales@oshino.co.uk www.oshino-lamps.co.uk

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