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From Teacher to Attorney

Why I Chose Law

Although I have practiced various types of law throughout my life, the story of how I began my work as a lawyer is a little unusual. Before I had even considered law, I earned my bachelor’s in comparative literature from Brandeis University and my master’s in French from Columbia University. All throughout school, I was positive that I wanted to be a French undergrad professor. However, once I started teaching, I realized that the classroom was not where I wanted to be.

leaving my first firm, I joined another firm and continued to practice personal injury there for two years.

In 2005, Andres and I got married, and we moved to New Jersey for work. I was pregnant at the time we moved, and I had not taken the bar in New Jersey. So, for the first part of our life in New Jersey, I commuted to New York — pregnant, mind you — for work every day. Eventually I didn’t want to commute anymore, so I began working as a grant writer, and I finally decided to take the bar exam a couple of years later.

I realized that the skills I had perfected in school — the same ones I valued in a career — were researching and writing, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with them. I took a leave of absence from teaching to pursue my Ph.D., and I decided that I wanted to take a year off to think about my future. I visited a friend and her mom during the summer, and naturally, I told them about my predicament. My friend’s mom was also a college professor, and she suggested that I look into a career in law because, although it was much different than literature, I had already developed my foundational researching and writing skills.

I accepted my first position in New Jersey as an insurance defense attorney, and I worked for two separate firms in the span of four years. After working with insurance companies, I accepted the position at Andres Mejer Law, and the rest is history.

After processing the suggestion, I decided to study for and take the LSAT in 1997. I passed and enrolled in Brooklyn Law School the next year. After completing my studies, I took the bar test in July of 2001. After I received my results, I took the first job I could get — there were not many job openings and opportunities as a result of 9/11 — as a personal injury lawyer.

Throughout my career, I have worked in many areas including personal injury, insurance defense, family law, workers’ compensation, and immigration. Out of all of my experiences, workers’ compensation and immigration are my favorites because they are typically less stressful processes and the outcomes are the most rewarding. When I am not at work or chasing the kids around, I run a photography business on the side. Normally, I prefer to shoot small sessions like family, newborns, or engagements, but I also love having spontaneous photo shoots with my kids. As a family, we love to read books, go the movies, and spend time together.

Happy Independence Day!

– Kim

I was immediately thrown into the mix. I learned all about body parts and accident reconstruction, and it was a whirlwind of an experience. Thankfully, I had an excellent boss, and he proved himself to be a great teacher. After

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