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May 2020

Why Jill Is the Rock of Our family Happy Mother’s Day, Jill!

Jill is an amazing mother to our kids, and she’s also been there for the business every step of the way. With Mother’s Day coming up, I wanted to highlight what makes her such a great mother and why she’s so important here at Quality Plus Automotive Service. First and foremost, Jill puts everyone’s needs in front of her own. Whether at the company or with the family, and regardless of the problem, she’s always there for us. If she’s not familiar with a situation, chances are she knows someone who is. And there is no task she can’t handle; she’s determined to finish anything she sets her mind to. What’s more, she’s a great listener if you just need to vent.

and is always teaching them something new.

Another time, our daughter needed something for a baby shower she was going to. Our daughter could have bought anything,

but Jill wanted to make sure she was giving her friend something with a personal touch, so she crocheted some clothes for the mother-to-be. She has a real talent for sewing and crocheting. One of our granddaughters is homeschooled along with a few other kids, and one time they wanted to learn how to crochet. After hearing this, Jill came in the next day to teach everyone! When our kids were growing up, she made their costumes for all the school plays. Nowadays, she patches stuff for the family whenever someone rips their clothing. But that’s not her only creative outlet. When Jill’s not being the rock of our family, she loves playing the piano and organ, which she’s played for our church for fifteen years. Jill even passed her gift of music onto our kids as our daughter is a piano teacher. And I really can’t stress enough how vital she is to the company. I wouldn’t have been able to handle being a one-man shop early on if it wasn’t for Jill. When I first opened the shop, I only wore two hats: dad and business owner. But Jill wore many: chauffeur for the kids, math tutor, housekeeper, chef, and mom. On top of that, she single- handedly tackled all the business finances. So Jill, thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for our family. I’m so thankful to call you my wife, the mother of our children, and my business partner. I don’t where we would be without you. -Randy Bunn

She’s always helping our family and friends without even thinking about it. For instance, whenever our daughter-in-law needs someone to pick up the grandkids, Jill is the first one to volunteer, which is not hard for her because she loves the grandkids


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The Timeless Charm of the Drive-In Movie Plus, How to Create Your Own Outdoor Cinema Summertime is synonymous with many childhood experiences: hours splashing in the pool, sleepaway camp, and snow cones, to name a few. A quintessential summer destination that isn’t as common these days is the drive-in theater, yet many childhood memories are built on this little bit of nostalgia. The first drive-in theater opened in 1933 in Camden, New Jersey. At the time, films cost 25 cents per person, plus 25 cents per car, and drive-ins usually got movies in the second run, after they’d shown at indoor theaters. The trend started off slow, but by the ‘50s, Americans had fully embraced the outdoor theater experience. The ‘80s brought a charismatic Michael J. Fox to audiences in “Back to the Future,” and shortly after, “The Sandlot” hit the big screen and gave us lines that we’d quote for the next decade (“You’re killin’me, Smalls!”). As of 2018, USA Today estimated that only about 330 drive-in theaters still exist in the United States. But if you don’t have one in your area, there’s a way you can enjoy the outdoor movie experience without having to leave your backyard. Your outdoor cinema starts with a projector. If you don’t have one, they are readily available to purchase at most big- box stores. For playing the movie, you’ll need a laptop and streaming service or a DVD or Blu-ray player. You’ll connect these devices to your projector through an HDMI port. As long as you’re not broadcasting to the whole neighborhood, stereo or computer speakers should be just fine, but you can also opt for a Bluetooth speaker that will give your audio a big boost. Next, you’ll need a flat surface to display the movie. A plain, white bedsheet makes a good screen, or you can make your own with white fabric from craft stores or online. Cushions, blankets, and outdoor hanging lights add a fun touch to your cinema. Just be sure to turn the lights off before the movie begins — and silence those cellphones! Once your setup is complete, select your movie, get the popcorn popping, and enjoy some movie magic right in your backyard.

How Well Do Y Your Used VEHI

What a Pre-Purchase Inspection Can Do for You When buying a used vehicle, you never know what’s really under the hood, and you can never fully accept what the salespeople are telling you. This can make buying a used vehicle a stress-inducing nightmare! But with Quality Plus Automotive Service’s Pre-Purchase Inspection, you’ll know what you’re dealing with before making any decisions. What is a pre-purchase inspection? A pre-purchase inspection (PPI) is a service provided by a certified automotive technician who assesses a vehicle in detail to determine its cosmetic and mechanical condition as well as its level of safety before the car is purchased. Technicians also test drive the vehicle as a part of the inspection. This service is recommended for those looking to purchase a used vehicle, a vehicle with no warranty, or a vehicle located in another city.


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Have You Found Your Passion?

You Know ICLE?

The Benefits of an Automotive Career

Lately, we’ve gone to a couple of career fairs, and it’s been so amazing to see how many young adults are interested in joining the automotive workforce. If you like solving

What are the benefits? By investing in the PPI before buying the vehicle, you reduce the chances of spending your money on a lemon. A few years ago, we assisted a customer who was looking to purchase a vehicle for a new driver in their home. They brought in 16 vehicles for pre- purchase inspections before finding one that was safe and reliable for their son to drive. Customers who have a PPI performed before purchasing a vehicle make a small investment that gives them peace of mind for the purchase and saves them financially down the road. Howmuch time andmoney does it take? The first pre-purchase inspection service at our shop costs $115. Should that vehicle not measure up to the buyer standards, each subsequent PPI in that buyer’s vehicle shopping experience is half-price. This service usually takes an hour to an hour and a half depending on the condition of the vehicle. So, if you find yourself worried about the condition of the vehicle you’re planning to buy, give us a call anytime at 919.453.0345 for our Wake Forest location or 919.231.6164 for our Raleigh location. You can also visit our website at QualityPlusAutomotive.com.

problems and tinkering or just love working with your hands, a career in the automotive world might be for you! The industry is full of people who are supportive and

passionate about helping the community and enjoy working with cars. That’s not the only perk, though — an automotive career has several other benefits for someone eager to learn and get their hands dirty! Salary and Bonuses

Mechanics or technicians earn an average starting salary of $30,000, but the median pay for technicians, depending on whether they work at a garage or a car dealership, is $39,000–$61,000 nationally. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many mechanics collect a commission based on the amount of work they complete each week, so the income possibilities increase as a mechanic gains experience. Efficient Education One of the best things about going into the automotive field is how efficient the training is in terms of both time and money. According to The Simple Dollar, the average price of a trade school is $33,000. Attending a trade school rather than a university, where the average bachelor’s degree costs $127,000, results in about $94,000 worth of savings. Trade school students also take on about 70% less debt (at an average of $10,000) compared to those pursuing bachelor’s degrees (who average $30,000 in loans). What’s more, trade-school attendees can enter the workforce as a qualified professional in as few as two years, where their university counterparts require four years of education or more before they can enter the professional workforce. HighTech Knowledge Many people envision mechanics working with tools like a wrench, but since car technology is changing so rapidly —modern vehicles are basically computers on wheels — there are also boundless opportunities to learn about technology. In fact, thanks to electronics like backup cameras, entertainment systems, and pedestrian detection, automotive jobs have never been more focused on advanced technology. This means that today’s mechanics are learning more about electronics and computer systems and working with advanced equipment to solve problems. A career in the automotive world is more fulfilling and exciting now than it ever has been, and the demand for automotive technicians is expected to continue to grow. To explore more about what an automotive job can do for you, visit CarCareers.org.

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How Will You Spend Memorial Day? Powerful Ways to Honor Our Veterans

Every year, Memorial Day reminds us to honor those who paid the ultimate price for their country. While Veterans Day recognizes all service members, Memorial Day is dedicated specifically to those who lost their lives during their service in the U.S. military. The holiday, celebrated on May 25 this year, also marks the unofficial start to summer. While you’re enjoying your three-day weekend, don’t forget to honor those who died while protecting your rights. Here are some ideas for how to do so. Attend a Parade Memorial Day parades are common across the nation and feature local veterans, organizations, and bands celebrating with patriotic pride. Last year, the National Memorial Day Parade, the largest of its kind in the country, celebrated its 15th anniversary in Washington, D.C., with appearances from celebrities, musicians, and veterans. The parade honors veterans from as far back as the Civil War. Check with your local municipality for updates on parade statuses, and if you can’t attend one, put on your own parade at home! Visit Memorials Many parks, public buildings, and monuments feature memorials that honor veterans who have lost their lives. Visit one of these monuments

and spend some time learning about our nation’s history and the tragic cost of war. This is a great opportunity to teach your children about our nation’s military, and it can even be a fitting moment to learn more about local military connections. If you feel like giving back more directly, consider using this opportunity to spruce up your local park or memorial. Just be sure to talk to your municipality before you get started. Volunteer Giving back to veterans through organizations that help families who have lost loved ones can be a powerful way to spend your Memorial Day. Do you have specialized skills or knowledge in health care, construction, or art? If so, check with your local Veterans Affairs office to see if you can partner with an organization to provide resources to those in need. If you can’t give up your time, try donating food, clothing, and supplies to veterans or those serving today. Find more activities and information about Memorial Day at VA.gov. Thank you to those who served and to the families of those who were lost in the line of duty.

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