Issue 101


Grassroots with passion


IT'S FAMILYTIME " TGIF – “Thank God It’s Family time”, every Friday evening after work is what both my wife and I look forward as weekend parents. As both my wife and I are working, our son, Dennis, is taken care of by nanny during weekday. That said, we never miss visiting and playing with him everyday after work no matter how late or tired as I am a strong believer in family bonding.

Weekend is when we do everything together as a family even though at times I have to sacrifice some time for grassroot activities. I hope one day we can join some of the community events as a family. When deciding what to do on weekends, I always take into following considerations:- Social interaction: I create opportunities to let Dennis talk, play and have fun with people instead of gadgets. That way, he can learn the healthy ways to communicate and deal with all types of people. For instance, we bring him to music classes at Kindermusik and gym classes at Little Gym. These are some very good activities that will help kids build up their listening, cognitive and social skills. Family bonding: We never fail to meet up with Dennis’ grandparents for meal every weekend. Typically, we love to go to shopping malls for dining and grocery shopping. The two malls that are our frequent haunts are Parkway Parade and Vivo City. Putien is definitely one of our favourite restaurants as it is famous for its “Lor Mee” and “Fried Heng Hwa Been Hoon”. Above all, the most important reason of having such family gatherings is to educate Dennis about filial piety ( xiao ) from young as

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