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Dear Readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Members who have been supportive of our various events in the past. Last but not least, I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to the Social Committee Members.

Warmest Greetings from the Social Committee. As Chairman of the Social Committee, it was indeed a pleasure to have organised the recent Chinese New Year Celebrations. Those of us who have been visiting the Club would have seen the transformation of the Club after the completion of the upgrading works. Our recent Chinese New Year celebration saw a very vibrant evening with guests posing for photographs with different groups. They went away with memorable photos of the event. Everyone seems to know every other person making one realise how closely knit we are as Grassroots leaders. We plan to organise more events like BBQ Nites, Wine Tasting, Members’ Themed Nites, Short Getaways, Yoga & Zumba classes and programmes to cater to specific interest groups. The key challenge for any successful event is members’ participation. We have been keeping participation fees low for our events for quite a while. Going forth members will see their events heavily subsidised whereas guests will pay a premium. Membership must have its privileges!

Vice-Chairman Mr Toh Sze Wei, PBM

Ms P. Anakeley Chairman of Social Committee

Members Ms Ang Chye Suan Doreen, PBM Ms Lee Way Fong Joyce Ms Lim Soo Cheng Marie Mr See Chak Fei Edward, PBM Mr Quek Chiang Thye Arthur, PBM

Ms Dan Peck Hee Peggy Ms Wee Swee Fung Daisy Mr Philip Yuen M.L.

Mr N Balasingam Mr Ho Hong Sing Mr Lee Song Choo George Mr Chow Chee Wah James, PBM

And not forgetting support staff, Ethan Seet and Iris Teh. Wishing one and all the best of health and success.


Chairman John Lim Vice Chairman Edward See Chak Fei, PBM

Members Lim Yen Lan, PBM Marie Lim Soo Cheng Toh Sze Wei, PBM Joey Koh Eng Hwa, PBM David Seah Kah Long, PBS

Secretariat Bobby Lim Iris Teh Ethan Seet Design & Editorial Words Worth Media

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