March 2021


As an educator, Brisco takes her role seriously. After twenty-three years of teaching, she says the deep and meaningful relationships she has built with her students have been the best part. Watching them grow from the ages of fourteen to eighteen and become successful adults is rewarding. She enjoys seeing all of their growth and accomplishments. Brisco was honored recently to attend the wedding of a couple who met in her art class. It is stories like this which allow her to remain connected as part of her students’ lives, beyond the confines of her classroom. The bonds she creates with her students are very important and she says, “they feel like part of your family… I have ‘my children,’ but then there’s ‘my kids,’ and that’s who I have here at the high school.” That type of love is the hallmark of all great educators and the hope of every parent when they drop their children off at school each morning. Brisco sees a good educator as someone who can be flexible and adapt. She says, “I look at the way I teach differently now that I am a parent and see it from that point of view.” As the world has changed and produced a barrage of imagery through media, learning styles have changed as well. She believes someone who can look at each student as an individual, figure out how they learn and adapt to those individual needs, will be more successful. She knows that, like the uniqueness of a student’s perception of the world, each artistic creation is as individual as its creator, making personalized instruction her goal for each of her students. Brisco feels her paintings reflect what she sees around her. In every piece of art she creates, there is depth and meaning, providing insight into her view of her surroundings. For example, one special project that has become priceless in Brisco’s collection are drawings she did after her mother passed away. They related to the transition from Earth to Heaven and are very meaningful. Her personal attachment to these pieces makes them invaluable. They would not be for sale at any price. She asks her students to have purpose in their art, and she makes sure to do the same in her own. Brisco and her husband, Chris, wanted to travel and experience life before taking on the role of parents, so, for some time in



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