March 2021


Art Educator of the Year which she was awarded in 2018. Another of her most prized accomplishments was winning the Texas Humanities Art Educator of the Year. This award is given each year to an Art, English or History teacher and included as part of the competition is a written essay. Brisco considers this award a special honor and says, “In high school, I never considered myself a writer, and I was up against English teachers who were grammar experts. I believe my creative side allowed me to be a more confident storyteller. I was very honored to have been chosen out of hundreds of entries. Receiving recognition for an accomplishment that was outside what I naturally do, which is to draw pictures, I was incredibly proud of that award.” Every person is made up of unique talents, goals and personality traits. One cannot be separated from the other because they all are necessary for building the individual. In Nicole Brisco’s case, the artist provided the foundation for the educator

and according to her, the educator prepared the way for parenthood. “God placed me as an educator before a mom because He’s revealed so much to me in the classroom about things I want in my children… so a lot of those things are reflected in me as a parent.” Instructions she has given her twins every day since kindergarten are, “be good, be kind and be helpful.” These are values she admires in many of her students. “There are so many things that my kids teach me at the high school, and I think, ‘I want my children to be like that little girl or that little boy’ because they really have such a head on their shoulders and are so kind, polite and hard-working.” As we grow as individuals, we would be wise to do as Brisco does, allowing every individual facet of our lives to add to the whole and develop us into something better. Texarkana is a better place because of Nicole Brisco. Respect the educator, love the mother and appreciate the artist, but most of all, recognize her beautiful soul and all the blessings she brings to our great community.

Nicole’s family visiting the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.



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