March 2021


do gymnastics again. I was determined to get back into the game and not give up quite yet.” Gabe’s patience, dedication to physical therapy, and unremitting hard work led him to a full recovery and the opportunity to pursue his gymnastic dreams at the next level. After high school in 2020, Gabe chose to attend the University of Oklahoma and compete with the Oklahoma Gymnastics Club. Gabe’s schedule changed immensely when he entered college. “Before college, I practiced around 20 hours a week,” Gabe said. “Now that I am in college, it is much more intense. We have 6:00 am workouts along with normal practice.” Yet, this intense workout schedule has not dampened Gabe’s resolve to succeed in his schooling as well. “Outside of gymnastics, I’m usually doing schoolwork or attending classes. I’m majoring in Biomedical Engineering so it takes up a lot of time, but I find time to socialize with friends when I can,” Gabe said. Like most big moments in life, before Gabe gets “on the mat,” he admits that one of the most prominent emotions he feels is fear. “We push the mind and body to do things most would think to be impossible. However, getting over that fear is the most rewarding feeling I leave with while doing gymnastics.” Gabe’s ultimate goal and motivation for continuing to put in the long hours at the gym is to show people the incredible hard work and dedication the sport of gymnastics takes and that if he can do it, anyone can. Gabe says that there is not just one athlete in particular that he looks up to in the world of gymnastics because there are so many people who have dedicated their lives to gymnastics; it is just too hard to pick. Nevertheless, he says that Nile Wilson from YouTube gives light to the positive aspects of gymnastics and shows the world just how fun it can be, so if you are looking for someone to follow, he would be a good start. Gabe truly believes that everyone considering gymnastics should give it a try. He says, “They could end up loving it, or hating it. Whatever makes them happy is what I feel they should do.” Looking back, Gabe said, “If I could go back to my younger self, I would tell myself to push myself more, and not get beat down.” Gabe is dedicated to making himself a better gymnast every day, and he has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. And who knows? Maybe someday he will compete in the Olympics and motivate the next generation of remarkable athletes to pursue the same passion.



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